This is something I came up with while watching "The Lake House", which was a remake of the Korean movie, "Il Mare." It's a crossover. AU/AH and OOC.

I realize this prologue is very short. I have the first (longer!) chapter pretty much finished and will post it tomorrow.

I do not own Twilight nor do I own "Il Mare" or "The Lake House"

Across the Years - Prologue

Bella raced, in a panic, towards the mailbox. Once there she quickly pulled out a notepad and began scrawling on it, nearly ripping the paper in the process.

Tears dropped from her eyes as she wrote frantically, stopping at intervals to impatiently wipe at her face.

Desperately, she continued to write, her breath coming in gasps. Finally finished, Bella clumsily folded the note and thrust it inside the mailbox. She pushed the flag up.

Please, let it not be too late. She chanted silently. Please, please, let him get my note.

With her eyes fixed on the flag, Bella waited. The flag stayed stubbornly up. Bella felt more tears fall down her cheeks. Every moment that passed caused her more anxiety. This had to work. It was all she could do.

Please Edward, don't let it be too late.

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