Haha. I feel so cheesy writing this. xD But whatever. I need to get this drabble out of my head, so I wrote a fanfic. My first one. Omgomg. Love it, hate it, llama it - think whatever you want. ;D

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"She doesn't look like any one special."

And he meant it. Every word.

Just look at her. Brown eyes always cast downward, dull hair slopping over her shoulders... (What color was it anyways? It looked almost grey. She had grey hair. That pretty much summed up his entire opinion of her.)

She was ordinary. Normal. Bland. Just another face in the crowd. No, she wasn't even a face. She just melted into the mobs of people and disappeared. She was the pavement. (He smirked at that. She certainly had the hair color for it.)

She was nothing.

Yes, that was it, he decided, the word he needed.

She had plain looks, almost dull. Absolutely no charisma. When you looked at her, it was as if you were staring right through her. She was transparent.

And yet...

No. He wouldn't think it. He wouldn't say it. She was nothing. Plain and simple and boring. Nothing like everyone else he knew. Nothing like them at all.

But maybe that's what made her so...



He couldn't stop thinking about her. And he hated it.

He had no reason to. After all, he was Haruka. The Haruka.





It wasn't as if he were conceited or anything. It was just the truth. The truth. As plain and simple as she was.

He was amazing. He was gorgeous. He was talented. And he knew it. There were few better than he. (Well, there was Q-ta. Q-ta was always there. He stalked him like a shadow. He was a knife lodged painfully between his shoulder blades, constantly cutting him, tearing him, stuck in a place he could not reach. But he didn't think about Q-ta. Q-ta didn't count.)

He could have any girl he wanted. And he knew that. Oh, he knew.

And maybe that's what bugged him so much.

That out of every single girl in the country - on the planet - it was her. Her that he had fallen for.

It wasn't love at first sight. God no. He wouldn't be able to stomach that. Come on. Him. Falling for her? At first sight. Things like that, they just... didn't happen.

Oh, but they did.

Like it or not, he was falling.

Her smile, catching him by surprise, shedding light and painting her meek shell an aria of bright colors. And she was stronger than she looked. Her passionate words, laced with something not quite hate, but just as strong an emotion as she spoke of her mother... Head held high, eyes hard... (Much different from the way she usually looked.)

She was always changing. Just when he had thought he figured her out, she did something that threw the table to the ground, scattering the puzzle pieces across the floor, so he had to go back, and pick them up, and place them one by one back onto the table and start the jigsaw all over again.

He wasn't quite sure why he had kissed her. But he was glad he had. Because that memory, her trembling lips soft beneath his...

And of course Q-ta had to ruin it. Like usual. And the way she looked at him... He had felt jealousy before. But not like this. Never like this.

He wouldn't admit it. In fact, the thought hadn't even crossed his mind yet. Because he couldn't accept that he would fall for someone so plain, so ordinary, so...


But fate is fickle and as the world spins you stumble into place you never thought you'd go, place you never wanted to go...

And he was falling.