Freefall-gypsy: "I was reading Bleach Manga online at , and got to a bit that just made me crack up laughing, it inspired this Fanfic so enjoy."

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Summary: this occurs during chapter 58 of the bleach manga. After Ichigo arrives at Urahara's shop after school has been let out for the summer vacation; and Rukia has been taken back to soul society.


Urahara looked up as Tessai welcomed someone. It was Ichigo.

"Oh" Urahara said looking at the Orange haired teen.

"How are your wounds?" Then asked Urahara.

Ichigo replied by ripping open his shirt showing the scars that had nearly faded away.

"Uhhh…. Why did you do that?" Asked Urahara sweat-dropping. "A simple fine would have been okay."

Ichigo looked down at his ripped shirt and replied with "Damn."

Urahara shook his head.

Ichigo was still looking at the remains of the shirt. "That was my favourite shirt too."


Freefall-gypsy: "Well that's it, it's not much but oh well. Oh and here's a quick rant Why do People insist on calling Ichigo strawberry blonde when he's on orange haired, strawberry blonde is a white blonde with a pink tint to it in the sunlight, I should know I was a strawberry blonde for seven years of my life. Ahhhh I feel a lot better. Review and flames will be sent to my online arson cult."