Me: :) lol i love u guys :) xD I finally went over 200 reviews! Thank you everyone :)

I want to make this story really good for you since the long wait, unfortunately I have a writer's block for this story.

Im very sorry and I hope to continue very soon.

I want to say Thank you so much for all the support and favorites,alerts, and reviews. Without them I don't think I would have made it this far.

I will have a shout out page to all my reviewers :D Since you deserve the best.

I will try to update soon when I come up with something good, but for the time being I posted another story, "Fated to Love You."

That one I know I will be updating it more often about every week or two since I already planned the whole story :)

Check it out if you want. xD

I love you!

Thank you for understanding and Here's HUGE COOKIE FOR ALL MY READERS :D