Summary: Alice Cullen is a shopaholic. She has the urge to buy whatever she wants, whenever she wants. But what if one day, she came in the store for a pair of sunglasses and ended up coming out with a declined credit card? Her two best friends, Bella and Rosalie are to the rescue of course! Their suggestion? For Alice to go on a one on one session with a counselor whose specialty is for shopaholics like her. So who is this hot blonde counselor of hers? AH/AU

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Alice's POV

OH MY GUCCI! Is that what I think it is? Forty percent off on ALL designer sunglasses!?! What am I waiting for!?! Let's start shopping my little credit cards! I thought as I patted the side of my Coach purse where my credit card filled wallet was.

I walked to the doors of the department store then slowed down for the automatic doors to open and welcome and thank me for coming in. I inhaled deeply and I could smell all the designers from Christian Dior to Versace. Signs were hanging above the ceilings and set on top of tables stating their sales on all of their designer sunglasses.

I searched around for them until my eyeballs stopped on the name Prada. I gulped. My eyes immediately traveled to the gold sequined, accented red high platform shoes, as my feet had their own minds and started walking towards where the shoes were. My fingers traced every contour and detail of this perfectly made for a goddess shoe. I picked it up, turned it over and checked the price: $375. Wow.

I took another look at it and admired the intricate design on it. It must have taken a lot of work if it was hand made.

"Good morning ma'am. I can see you have taken interest in our new Prada collection." A saleslady had approached me.

I smiled at her as I saw that she had really good taste in clothing and shoes, except for her hair that made her look twenty years older. Is it also store policy to have your hair in a bun while working in a department store that sells things as heavenly as chocolate? "Good morning," I glanced at her name plate. "Susan. Did you say new?" She was probably thinking why this little spiked black haired pale pixie asked.

"Yes ma'am. I did. They just came in last night. We just placed it in display this morning. You're the very first one to spot it this morning."

I was the very first one? That was such an honor. I mean, what if I was the very first one who would be wearing this in the entire New York City? Should I take it or leave it? This calls for a girl emergency.

"Can you hold this for a moment? Don't let anyone buy it or try it on. I'll be back before you can say Giorgio Armani." I asked the saleslady before grabbing my phone from my purse and walking away to the sunglasses.

"I'll be at the customer service desk ma'am!" She exclaimed.

I slide open my phone and composed a new message:

To: Bella, Rosalie

Message: GIRLS! EMERGENCY! You know where to find me. Hurry!!!

I stood there by the sunglasses already eyeing on a hundred pairs. The first one I spotted was the Gucci Aviator sunglasses. The plastic frame was outlined in white rhinestones. The arms were black on the inside and gold on the outside with the logo imprinted on the sides. I tried it on and checked how it looked on me. Not bad. The price? Really bad. $305. But wait, with 40% off, that would be… carry the 3… $183! Yes! After I had figured out the price, an announcement came on the speakers. As a special treat to all of our customers who have already applied for our store credit card, you will be receiving an extra 15% off on all merchandise. Thank you!

An extra 15% off!?! $183 minus 15% is… $155.55! Perfect! But then reality hit me, did I bring my store credit card? I quickly dug through my purse locating my wallet. I ran to an empty couch by the shoe section and made myself comfortable. This was going to be a long day.

Credit card after credit card, still nothing. Oh Chanel! What am I going to do? 15% off down the drain. I groaned.

I was about to cry when I realized I had another credit card wallet. I hastily searched my purse again until I found my wallet. I searched for it until… YES! I FOUND IT! I sighed in relief. Thank you Lord and Taylor. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you. I kissed the card over and over and over again.

"You never told us you were dating your credit card!" I heard a girl say from behind me.

"Oh well, we're getting married in thirty eight states. You may either bring cash or check. Whichever one is hotter." I replied as I turned around to see my two bestest friends, Bella and Rosalie.

Bella was a little bit taller than me. She has brown wavy hair that reached just about three inches down her shoulder. Her eyes were the same color as her hair. She wasn't thin, nor fat, just the right size. Her skin was a little less pale than mine.

Rosalie was a lot taller than me. Her hair was blonde that reached just below her shoulder. Her eyes were the color of the ocean. She was as pale as I am. Let's just say, Rosalie was the girl every guy ever wanted.

"Sorry Al, I've got a monkey man and Bella has a… boy." Rosalie joked earning a slight smack from Bella.

"That's not very nice! Edward is a very hunky man just to let you know!" Bella replied.

"Anyway… Girls… I have an emergency." I interrupted dragging them towards the customer service where I had spotted Susan. Or was it Sue? I can't recall.

"Alice, please tell us you are not buying another Juicy Couture socks and you can't decide whether or not to get the 75% or 100% cotton!" Rosalie cried.

"No! This time it's different. And by the way, 100% cotton is way better!" I pointed out. "Hi! I'm back for the Prada shoes."

"PRADA!?!" Alice and Rosalie both exclaimed earning stares from everyone around us.

"Sorry, they skipped breakfast. Most important meal of the day! Carry on." I explained. "Would you guys hush it up?"

She handed me the shoes and we walked over to the couches again.

"Alice. How much exactly are these?" Bella questioned me.

I tried on the shoes and they fit perfectly. I walked to the mirror and admired my foot fitting perfectly. "Isn't it lovely?"



"How much are those I ask nervously."

"Uhm… $375? Plus 15% discount which leads us to…" I did some mental math. "About $319?"

"Are you kidding me? No way in hell!" Bella retort.

"You just bought a $200 purse last night!" I'm guessing Rosalie agrees to the 'No way in hell' girl.

"But you guys! It's new! Absolutely no one in New York has them yet! I wanna be the first!"
"Alice! No! You are not going to buy that!"

"Why not!?! We could share it! I buy it, and then you guys can borrow it!"

"That's lovely Alice but we prefer if you don't buy those!"

"But Bells!"

They just raised their eyebrows at me, crossing their arms at their chests. "You know what! It's my money I'm using so I'm going to buy them!" I made a run for the register and they ran after me. "I'd like to purchase these please."

"No she won't. We'll return it at the rack. Sorry for the inconvenience." Rosalie said at the cashier.

"No, I will buy it. I have the credit card so scan that bar code now and we'll be leaving as soon as possible."

"No! Give that to me please." Rosalie insisted.

"No! I will buy it! Scan it now!!!" I demanded glaring at the poor girl as she scanned the code in terror.

"That would be $341. Card?" The cashier asked as I handed her my card. I stuck my tongue out at the girls. Looks of disappointment appeared on their faces.

"Ma'am, your card has been declined." What?

"What? I didn't hear you. Can you say that again?" I leaned in closer.

"Your card has been declined."

"How's that possible? Can you check again?"

She swiped my card again. "It's really declined."

"How am I being declined? Alice Cullen never gets declined."

"It appears to me that your credit line has been reached. You have to pay the minimum balance at least, in order to use your card again. I'm sorry but unless you have another way to pay for these without the discount I'm afraid I'm going to have to take these back."

"Take it…" I gulped. "back?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Alice, it's alright. Let it go. We'll come back ok honey?" Rosalie tried to calm me down.

"But, my shoes. They'll be lonely tonight." I cried.

"It's ok Al. It's ok. Come on." Bella said dragging me out of the store, away from my shoes.

"Goodbye Prada." I blew it a goodbye kiss.

We sat at the bench outside store sipping Starbucks.

"Didn't you pay your bills, Al?" Bella asked me.

"I thought I did. I probably forgot to mail it in." Ugh! Why am I so stupid! I shook my head burying my head in my hands.

"Shh… It's ok honey. You can mail it in tonight." Rosalie tried to relax me drawing circles on my back.

"I came in there to buy sunglasses and I came out with a declined card! And I don't even have the shoes!" I cried.



"I'm sorry Alice, but you need help." Bella stated.

"What?" I asked curiously.


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