Summary: Alice Cullen is a shopaholic. She has the urge to buy whatever she wants, whenever she wants. But what if one day, she came in the store for a pair of sunglasses and ended up coming out with a declined credit card? Her two best friends, Bella and Rosalie are to the rescue of course! Their suggestion? For Alice to go on a one on one session with a counselor whose specialty is for shopaholics like her. So who is this hot blonde counselor of hers? AH/AU

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Alice's POV

I was strutting down the runway wearing a purple deep front top which was crisscrossed at the back and had a banded bottom. The classic black mini skirt I matched it with was 12" from waist to the hem—it was fully lined. I accented the top with a black pyramid stud waist belt and a black beaded necklace dangling around my neck. ON my feet were black pleated satin peep toes.

I was walking down the runway, head up high, like I have been doing it for years.

Camera's flashed everywhere and people clapping as I passed.

I stopped in the middle of the catwalk and smiled for my audience.

"Alice! Wake up!" I heard Rosalie's voice call from the crowd.

I searched for her under these bright lights and hundreds of heads.

"Alice! Alice!" Everything was shaking, like there was an earthquake happening under me.

Then I shot back to reality.

I was breathing heavily as I looked around to who was shaking me fiercely.

"Finally!" Rosalie grunted. "We've been waking you up for hours! It's already noon!"

"Yeah thanks for waking me up in the middle of the most amazing dream ever!" I yelled at them as I got out of the bed and fixed my hair.

"Where was it this time?" Bella asked jumping on my bed.

"Milan! It was so incredible Bells! I still remember the outfit that I wore in my dream. It was deep V-neck purple and—"

"Save it Al. You seriously need help! And I'm not just saying this because you needed another room just so you can fit all your clothes!"

I sighed. I knew she was right. I needed help. Immediately.

"Then what am I supposed to do? Stop shopping altogether?" I shuddered just thinking of it. Shopping was a big part of my life. It would be as if they took 75% of me away if that happened.

"This is why your besties are to the rescue!" Bella announced.

"What are you guys thinking?" I asked nervously.

"Do you remember Rosalie's cousin? Jasper?"

"The dorky one from high school that has no taste in fashion? What about him?" I remembered him very clearly. His hair was a no-no, his clothes were always mismatched and it looked like he doesn't iron them. His choice of shoes? Blech.

"First off, he's not dorky anymore Al. You should see him. He looks rather handsome." Bella said. Pssh! Like that boy could ever possibly have taste in clothes. "And second, well, he's a counselor now—for shopaholics."

My eyes widened in surprise. "You want me to see him for counseling?"

"Yes Al! You really need it! And he's really good! 10 out of his 12 patients had successfully—" Rosalie added.

"Any other counselors but not him!" I said his name like it was curse.

"Alice! You are going to see Jasper everyday for an hour for one week. Then see what happens!" Rosalie insisted.

"Fine! But if this doesn't work out, I'm stopping these sessions!" I demanded.

"Deal." Bella said. "Now, hurry and get dressed. We're meeting him today for lunch. Just a get-to-know-you session."

"Did I mention I hate you two?" I groaned making my way towards closet number 1.

"Yes Alice, we love you too." Rosalie giggled.

I picked out a casual but fancy outfit just to show him what real fashion looks like. I walked to the bathroom to freshen up a little bit and calm my nerves down before my encounter with that… UGH!

I put on an illustrated profile tee that was jewel-studded. I wore a zippered ruffle ankle leggings with a chiffon ruffled trim for my bottoms and a mingle peeptoe pump. I finished the look with an assorted chain necklace, polished metal chain bangle and textured bangle set.

I teased my hair a little bit so it would look presentable then applied make up to my face. I first started with a light foundation, then some concealer for the dark circles under my eyes. I needed to catch on some z's. I applied brown eye shadow over my lids and dark brown eyeliner in a cat-like shape. I used some mascara on my top lashes and lip balm on my lips.

I entered my room and I saw Rosalie and Bella standing, with their arms crossed across their chests, and light tapping from their heels. I didn't like the look on their faces.

"Alice, what did you do last night after we had dinner?" Rosalie questioned, cocking her eyebrow.

"Uhm, I went home and slept." I answered, but it came out more like a question.

"Then what are…" They both held up two shopping bags from Forever 21. I gulped. "these Alice?"

"Uhm… clothes for the needy?"

"Oh yes! Good thinking Alice! We can donate these to the Salvation Army!" They suggested as I lunged for the bags, but I missed and landed on the bed on my belly. I was crying, trying to reach for the bags.

"Alice, this is the first step to changing your ways." Bella smirked.

I didn't like the look on both of their faces. I was afraid. Scared.

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