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Prologue: Christmas, Year 200X

Remember the end of season two of Digimon? Newsflash, It didn't happen. How would I know you ask? Well I wouldn't exist if it did. My parents are Kari and T.K. from the first season. I don't get to see them often because they work a lot. Through my family's encouragement I've become a pop-star with some harrowing consequences. My name's Avy, by the way. Avy Cartere. My parents, when they were younger, decided they wanted a change. Something fresh, something new and changed our last name. Or at least, that's how I've always explained it.

For some my existence is a good thing. For others, it's a nightmare. That's why I'm still here though. My existence is both a necessary good and evil. It doesn't matter how much I wish it wasn't so. Oh, for the record, I'm not suicidal-just honest. My existence and experiences interactions with these Tamers and these...these Frontier warriors has shaped me for the better. I've shaped them for the better, but at the same time I've shaken someone to the core and broken him down. Made him a shell of his former self. I didn't mean to. I really didn't. At this point in time, I'm still regretting what transpired but it happened, and I don't regret the end result. As foolish as it may be, I still love him somewhere deep down in my heart.

Looking back on everything now, I realized how much we've all changed in these past months. As it snows on this "lonely" Christmas I can't help but wonder what will come next. The near year brings many challenges and surprises, but hopefully we can face them all together. We can't get there though without proper reflection and introduction. So, while you're here I'll tell you. It's a bit of everything, and it's a tale I've compiled through the help of everyone, but you need to know. So sit back, and relax as I unfold the events of this year.

Chapter 1:The Beginning

It all began on a clear day. I decided to take everyone with me for gymnastics practice, but it wasn't too long before I spotted my "prey". They were quite entertaining and I decided it was finally time to make my move. Fate seemed to be on my side to bring them all together like that. I purposefully let them see me (although it wasn't at the place I wanted) and lead them to the gymnastics building. After all, I've got to keep in shape. Plus, the anger of that day had subsided. There was no need to be the villain. We were all on the same side, and today was the day to prove it.

Also...if we were all together like this, and things went well, it was only a matter of time before the new enemies would appear. I could feel it.

Takato walked down the sidewalk. He put his hands in his pockets and stared at the ground, lost in thought. A voice called out to him. He turned around to find a tan boy with blue hair and eyes across the way. He waved and ran over.

"Henry! What are you doing here?" He asked curiously.

"Oh, we're just out shopping." he said with a smile.

He turned to yell at a little girl with brown hair tied up in two pigtails.

"Hey, Suz!" He yelled. The girl turned around and walked over. She smiled when she saw Takato.

"Hey Takato. What is it Henwie?" She asked rather bored.

"Tell bro and sis I'll be gone for awhile. I'll meet you guys back at the house." He said.

Suzie nodded.

"Alright, but are you sure you wanna walk home?" Suzie said.

Henry nodded.

"It's good exercise after doing nothing for two weeks..." Henry said.

Suzie didn't say anything more and turned to walk away.

"Bye Suzie. Nice seeing you." Takato called after her.

Suzie turned around again to wave at him. Although she was smiling Takato noticed that her eyes looked sad. He turned back to Henry.

"Is she alright?" Takato asked curiously.

Henry nodded again.

"Yeah. She's been like that for awhile now. We've tried to snap her out of it but..." Henry trailed off.

Takato nodded understandingly.

"Yeah. That happened to me too..I didn't talk for a week. My parents finally snapped me out of it though..." Takato said.

"Yeah, I was sad for awhile myself. I didn't do anything for three days." Henry said.

"Just like the past two weeks." Takato said. Henry laughed.

"No, not like that. I actually did do something last week. For those three days, I literally did nothing. I scared the living daylights out of my parents." he said.

Takato nodded as the boys continued to walk in silence. Takato was surprised that the loss of their digimon had caused Henry to act that way. He thought for sure his friend was...well stronger than he was. They stopped suddenly when Takato noticed a girl with light brown hair wearing a yellow dress.

"Hey, you!" Takato called out.

The girl swung around. Her hair flung around beautifully with the breeze.

"Hey, you!" The girl said.

She tried to hide her happiness, but she couldn't contain it. She ran over and hugged the two of them. The boys were taken aback for a second but hugged her back.

"Nice to see you too Rika." The boys said in unison.

After Rika told her mom and grandmother that she was going out for awhile, the three of them walked to a local cafe. It was one of their old meeting spots. The three sat in a refreshing silence sipping their beverages. Rika finally broke the silence by asking:

"So, what have you two knuckleheads been doing lately?" Takato smiled.

"I knew you'd ask that. Not much." he said with a grin.

Henry smiled too.

"It wouldn't be Rika if she didn't ask that. And nothing much myself. How about you?" He asked.

Rika took a quick swig of her lemonade before saying:

"Not much. My mom's trying to force me to be a model again...but it's not working. At least it's not as bad as last time."

"So that's whats with the outfit." Takato said.

Rika shook her head.

"Actually, my mom went out and got this for me...plus I ran out of things to wear." Rika said disgustedly.

"Darn, I thought you had chosen to wear that yourself." Henry said jokingly.

"Please! Don't even joke Henry!" Rika said angrily.

Takato looked up from the table and saw a girl with short brown hair.

"Hey guys. Isn't that the girl we saw that day?" Takato said. Henry and Rika looked up instantly. They nodded silently.

"Should we-" Takato started but then he stopped as soon as Rika and Henry got the message. They got up quickly and ran after the girl. She saw them and smirked while she ran away.

"Hey, come back here!" Takato yelled.

The girl quickly ducked into a crowd unnoticed. Everyone slowed down. They had been chasing the girl for a while now. Takato put his back on a nearby tree and leaned against it.

Man...this girl has been trouble since day one.

"No! Terrlormon! Salamon! You're not supposed to leave me. You're NEVER SUPPOSED TO LEAVE ME!"

There was a girl. A girl they had never seen. She had short brown hair, reddish brown eyes-and what appeared to be a digi-vice from the television series. As they all watched in agony as their digimon floated away, it seemed a newcomer had been invited to their pity fest. It seemed she had been unaware of their presence due to her running after her digimon. When she saw all of them, her eyes were filled with such uncontrollable rage, it struck their souls. Her image stuck with them and as they went to call out to her, to question her, she was gone. Like she had never existed. Like this was all one big, terrible nightmare. Her eyes didn't leave them though, and they felt like she had blamed them for their shared misfortune.

Henry was the only one different. The only one who felt differently about that girl. Her eyes were filled with hate, but they were beautiful and mystifying as well. He wanted to know the secret that lied behind him. In the midst of their tragedy he had forgotten those thoughts and succumbed to grief over his friend.

"Hey, are you guys looking for someone?" A voice said from above.

The Tamers were snapped back to the present. They all looked up to see a girl in a tight green leotard-like suit. It had little patterns all over it, reminiscent of triangles. Henry stared at her for a good second.

"Yeah, did you see her?" Takato asked.

"Was she about yea-high, with brown hair like mine?" The girl said.

"Yeah, that's her." Takato said quickly.

"I've seen her, but not around here." the girl said.

"Okay, tha-." Takato started but the girl had disappeared.

"Wasn't that.." Henry said.

"I think so..." Rika said surprised.

"Come on guys, we have to catch up to that girl." Takato said determinedly. Rika and Henry nodded.

They ran a little ways before they spotted her duck into an old gym.

"Ha, we've got you now!" Rika shouted as they sped into the gym.

When they entered they saw the girls locker room door close.

"Good luck Rika." Henry said as he patted her on the back.

"What do you mean?! Do you think that I'm going in there?" Rika said.

"Um, yeah. We can't go in there, no matter how much we want to." Takato said.

"Come on, do we look like girls Rika?!" Henry said.

"Um...please don't make me answer that." Rika said putting her hand on her head.

"HEY!" Takato and Henry yelled at her.

"Okay, okay I'm going!" Rika said mockingly as she headed in the locker room.

It was apparent that there were other girls there. Most of them were in the back or changing in the rooms. However, two girls were in the front waiting for her. One was short, with brown curly hair. She seemed to have some sort of radiant air about her. The other girl was slightly taller with glistening raven black hair. They both looked like they could be models, of some sort, and Rika couldn't shake the feeling that she had seen them before.

"Oh, hey. You must be the girl A was talking about. But you don't seem..." The black haired girl trailed off as the brunette stepped on her foot.

"What my cousin means to say is that Avy will be out in a minute so please wait." The brunette said with a sweet smile.

Rika nodded and headed back out.

So that's her name, I guess. Sounds familiar.

"So...what happened?" Takato asked anxiously.

"Relax, Gogglehead. She'll be out in a minute." Rika said. Just then the brunette girl they had chased stepped out in a blue leotard. Her short, straight, light brown hair was up in a ponytail.

"Hey guys, what's up?" The girl said.


Avy/Avon-The main character who is the only daughter of Hikari "Kari" Kamiya and Takeru "TK" Taikashi. They changed their last name after getting married hence Avy's unusual surname. She might not be in all of the chapters/"episodes".

Cartere (Car-tair)-The correct pronunciation of Avy's last name.

A/N:So after much debate I decided to combine the prologue and the first chapter. I think it looks a little bit better this way, don't you agree? I'm glad after all of these years people are finally getting more and more into this story and I can't thank you enough. The only true complaint I have is that there's only so much I can tell at one time, and people are getting kind of impatient. It is imperative that you hang tight for a little while with me on some things. Everything I do is for a reason, like most authors, and I would never just write something or delay something to be straight up obnoxious. I'm not asking you this to be selfish, I'm asking this to benefit you and to give you the awesome, amazing, explosive, romantic, etc. Digimon story you all want.

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