Chapter 8a: Which to Bury: Us or the Hatchet?

Red and yellow tennis shoes walked down the hall to be greeted by purple and white ones. They looked at one another and then they quickly looked down.



She tried to walk back to her seat, but he grabbed her arm.

"...What is it Takuya?"

I think you know what I'm getting at
I find it so upsetting that
The memories that you select
You keep the bad but the good you just forget

"I don't know...that's what I want to talk to you about."

"Takuya...we already promised each other that until...the situation is resolved we wouldn't even think about going out."

"Well I'm not thinking about it, I'm trying to talk about it."

He gave her his usual smile, but his eyes were full of sadness.

" This was your idea wasn't it?!"

"Yeah but...I only did that because I thought it would be too much...and now we're not even talking. That's not what I wanted Z..."

"...I didn't want this either Takuya but..."

Zoe shook her head yanked her arm free from Takuya. She looked like she was about to cry so his smile was replaced by a frown.


She walked to her seat quickly and didn't say another word. He was going to say something but their teacher walked in so he just walked to his seat and sighed heavily. He put his hand through his unruly brown hair and glared out the window. Their situation was growing more and more upsetting by the day.

And even though I'm angry I can still say
I know my heart will break the day
When you peel out and drive away
I can't believe this happened

Jeri said goodbye to Mrs. Matsuki and left the bakery without saying a word to Takato. He just sighed in the corner and looked after her gloomily. He didn't get it. The other day...he thought things were almost back to normal. He sighed a bit louder prompting his mother to ask:

"Is something wrong Takato?"

"...Not really. Just thinking."

And all this time I never thought
That all we had would be all for not

No, I don't hate you
Don't want to fight you
Know I'll always love you
But right now I just don't like you

Know I don't hate you
Don't want to fight you
Know I'll always love you
But right now I just don't like you
'Cause you took this too far, too far

"Now Takato, if you have a problem you know you can always talk to me about it."

"I know Mom. I just..."

He blinked rapidly for a split second and then smiled.

" a great idea! Thanks Mom!"

He ran upstairs leaving his mother thoroughly confused.

He called asking for advice. I gave a little more. I gave him experience. It wasn't exactly pleasant—but it's what he needed to hear. I think he's used to that...or at least getting used to it. With Henry there as wasn't the most ideal situation, but he could benefit from this too.

"Soo...where's the fire?" Avy asked with a hint of irritation in her voice.

Takato fidgeted while he set two glasses of lemonade down.

"Um...well...I called you both here because I need your help."

"We figured as much. Jeri?" Henry said a bit more curt than he intended.


Make your decision and don't you dare think twice
Go with your instincts along with some bad advice

Avy's eyes immediately perked up.

"Ohhh. So that's it. I've been wondering why you two weren't having secret make-out sessions yet..."

Despite knowing she was only joking Henry raised an eyebrow and Takato just turned dark red.

"So...go on." Avy waved her hand towards Takato.

" Henry already knows she's not too happy with me. I don't really know why...I thought things were getting better but now I'm starting to think that's...not...true. She came She bought some cream puffs...She didn't greet me. She didn't even look at me even though I was right in the corner. And—"

A loud crash interrupted him. He sighed again and smacked his head on the table. Gigimon bounced over to him.


Takato didn't even bother to look at him. Another muffled sigh and he slowly got up. A few minutes later he returned after the loud banging of hotel pans and muffin tins. Gigimon looked down guiltily, and only then did Takato look down at him. He placed him on his lap and stroked his head with his index finger.

"So...what I was saying before Gigimon started redecorating was that I don't know what to do anymore. I can't fix the problem if she won't talk to me..."

This didn't turn out the way I thought it would at all
You blame me but some of this is still your fault

I tried to move you, but you just wouldn't budge
I tried to hold your hand but you'd rather hold your grudge

Avy stirred her lemonade around with her blue straw while her countenance changed from slightly amused to thoughtful. She looked over at Henry who just shook his head. She had anticipated something of the sort.

"I'm guessing the 'Love Doctor' over here has better advice than what I've already told you."

Avy rolled her eyes but she gave a slight nod.

"Well...You know Jeri and I have been talking a lot. I'm not entirely sure what her deal is but...even if I did it wouldn't be my place to say. That's something you would have to ask her. However since she's going down the childish route I'd be more than happy to drop some hints."

She paused to sip at her lemonade while both Henry and Takato watched her intently.

"Well...I know people say the opposite gender is weird...but that's not the problem here. Well not really."

Takato glanced at Henry for a second who sipped on his lemonade guiltily.

"You and Jeri had gotten pretty close right? She told me a few things...including some of the more reckless things you did. She also told me about some of the research you were doing Henry—although I should apologize since I've kinda made things hard for you. Buuut back on track. Jeri...has certain...expectations of you I think. Certain things she's become accustomed to. Everyone does when they've finally found a good friend or someone they care for. So...when that someone does something unexpected in a bad way...well people respond differently. They're hurt. They're confused. They're conflicted in general. All the blame isn't entirely on that someone...but sometimes it's easier to cope that way. Do you get what I'm saying Takato?"

"Um...yeah. Sort of. So...did I do something different and offend Jeri in the process?"

"Well...close. I think you should dig a little deeper."

Takato thought a bit and then a slight blush creeped across his face causing him to bang his head against the table again. The roof. Lunch. What almost transpired. He wished he hadn't remembered it just then. It only made him more confused.

"You're not going to have any brain cells left to think about this if you keep banging your head on the table like that." Avy said trying to suppress a small chuckle.

Henry looked at her disapprovingly but Avy just shrugged. She wasn't laughing at his pain just his reactions. She had to admit they were fairly comical. He was entertaining. She liked entertaining.

"What did you just think of Takato?" Henry asked.

Takato gave a muffled answer.

"What?" Henry asked confused.

Takato raised his head:

"Something I'd rather not say out loud."

"Well is that something it?" Henry prodded.

Takato shook his head. His blush wasn't fading any. Avy thought she needed to move this along a little faster.

"You carried her out of the D-Reaper, correct?"

Takato nodded.

" after that day...what happened? What was the relationship between you guys?"

"Well...we talked less I guess. I was...too busy being 'reckless' as you just put it."

"Annnd what were you like before?"

"Well...we talked more. We were friends. We still are friends I think..."

"Are you happy with that?"

"Of course I-"

Takato blushed when her gaze met his.

"...I don't know. I haven't given it much thought..."

Avy shot Henry a "go on" look before going back to her lemonade. He got the message...he was just wondering how to drive it home to Takato. He cleared his throat before saying:

"Maybe if you came up with an answer Jeri would be more willing to talk."

"That's kinda hard to do Henry when I already confessed once—"

He immediately bit his lip and looked down. He had really said too much that time. His face was redder than Guilmon's body. Henry and Avy were sure his face was gonna explode from the blood rush.

"You what?" Avy asked in shock.

Henry was just staring in disbelief.

"When was this?!" Henry said sounding just as shocked as Avy.

"Ummm...I'd rather not talk about that either...It's not exactly easy to explain..." Takato mumbled.

"What's hard about to explain. You did confess right?"

Avy was getting annoyed again and Takato could only nod sheepishly. Henry was about to repeat his question when it hit him. He understood...and he couldn't believe what Takato had done.

"Avy...don't press him anymore."

"Why not?!"

She was going to protest some more, but the look in his eyes prompted her to remain silent. She had given that look to many people in the past. He nodded towards her now empty cup and she sighed.

"Alright well...I've gotta get going."

"Taka-chan?" Takato repeated unamused.

"Taka-chan for now...until you do some more growing up. The D-Reaper earned you some major man points and you're not getting them back until you take the time to think about everything...and ask yourself are you happy. It's okay to be a little selfish about these things from time to time..."

Avy got up and gave him a wink before walking out of the store waving her right hand just before she was out of sight. Henry watched her go a bit longer than he should have before turning back to Takato.

"...Don't tell me you confessed to one of the D-Reaper's agents..."

Takato stayed silent.

"...Is anybody home?"

"You told me not to tell you that, so I won't."

The blush hadn't faded any...he still looked like a tomato. Henry sighed deeply and shook his head.

"Don't quote Terriermon!...Still Avy's right in a way. You're never going to accomplish what you want if you don't take the proper time to think about it. Your relationship will never be the same if you don't figure out what you want from it. I know after what might be hard me you losing Jeri would be harder."

I think you know what I'm getting at
You said goodbye and I just don't want you regretting that

Henry stood up and bid him farewell before dashing after the brunette. He was hoping she wasn't too far ahead of him. She was stuck trying to cross the street close. He just barely managed to catch up, but that was in part to her seeing him and slowing down. She raised an eyebrow and he began talking.

"When the D-Reaper first appeared there was already an agent out watching all of us. Takato confessed to the agent thinking it was Jeri..."

Avy's eyes grew wide before there was a sort of deep sadness and understanding that engulfed them afterward. She was silent for a bit before saying:

"Well...that sucks...but I guess he can think of it as practice for this time. I really can't think of anything positive than that for this situation."

Henry nodded understandingly.

" you think that-"

"Jeri's mad because Takato hasn't confessed, yep. Anyone can see those two are into each other and they seem to be painfully aware of it now. It's just...I think Takato missed his window of opportunity for some things and Jeri's being a bit of a stubborn I don't even know if this can be fixed."

Henry remained silent as Avy waved goodbye and ran across the street.

After all dealing with Takato...I made a resolve of my own. I didn't know exactly why but I had to try again. Standing there in the red slicker...roses in my hand. Honestly...I must have looked like a child. A meddlesome...meddlesome child. If only I had known what was going to transpire that night...maybe I would have made it home without tears flooding down my face.


"Hey. I'm surprised to see you here."

"Your mom home?"

"No...she's working late again."

"Ah. No surprise there. Can I come in? I brought him roses...I don't know why."

"Yeah, yeah. Sorry."

Kouichi moved aside for me. I pulled down the hood of my slicker and handed him the roses.

" finally wanted to see for yourself."

"...I wanted to try."

"...Alright then. Here goes."

Kouichi went around the corner and knocked on the door at the end of the hall. The house wasn't that big. There really wasn't anywhere for him to hide. I heard some yelling and a slam. He wasn't long as he came back and gravely shook his head. I looked down firmly and clenched my fists. Koichi walked a little closer but drew back. I walked past him and around the corner myself. I kicked the door. Hard. No response. I put my head against the door. I knew he was there. I could hear him breathing. It sucked. It sucked so much.

No, I don't hate you
Don't want to fight you
Know I'll always love you

"Koji...won't you just try talking to me?"


But right now I just don't like you


I banged the door with my fists. Koichi appeared behind me and pulled me back. I didn't put up as much of a fight as I should have. I knew it wasn't worth it. He led me to the couch. We sat down together. He was still holding my left wrist.

Know I don't hate you
Don't want to fight you
Know I'll always love you
But right now I just don't like you
'Cause you took this too far, too far

"...I think you should go. Thanks for trying."

"...It's not just for him."

He looked at me quizzically.

"Koichi...can you honestly look me in the eyes and tell me that you don't love me? If you can...I won't prod anymore. I woke push or poke. I won't make fun of you. Our relationship is just strictly Digital World and school. That's it."

I had a few tears dripping down my face. At this point I don't know if they were because of Koji or him. It didn't matter.

"...You're like a boomerang you know that? Each and every time I throw you away you come back—whether you mean to or not. It's beyond frustrating..."

He paused.

"You know as well as I do that I can't do that. I can't not do that either."

"Are you sure...?"


"Well then...I guess it's time for me to leave."

And wisdom always chooses
These black eyes and these bruises
Over the heartache that they say
Never completely goes away
(I just can't believe this happened)

I stood up but he yanked me back down.


He kissed me passionately. It was short but sweet.

"With Koji being like this...and me trying to keep Mom and Dad up and running well...I'm tired. I'm lonely."

He squeezed my hand.


"Sorry for being so weak. I just...was hoping we'd get our happy ending with you. Whichever one it was. Mom misses you too...she talks about you a lot. She's...not upset with you. She slapped Koji when she found out what he said."

"...That's disturbing."

Kouichi laughed a bit.

"I thought so too...but I'm serious."

"I miss her too...but I always thought it was for the best that I didn't come see her."

"What were you going to do tonight if she was here."

"I figured she wouldn't. She's always working late nights."

"Humor me."

"I would have dealt with it..."

"She's not the only one..."


"She's not the only one who misses you y'know...I did say 'she misses you too'."

His eyes. They were full of emotions I'd never thought I'd see from him. Pain. Pleasure. Tears. Lust. Loneliness. I knew them well. He kissed my neck...and then hunched over and held his head. He was always internally conflicted and now his true feelings were surfacing. I never realized just how tormented he was.

"Damn it A. I'm not a pervert...That's Koji. I don't curse. I try to look on the brighter side of things. But somehow whenever you show up...all of that goes out the window. I can't stop the flood of thoughts in my head about you... about us..."

"So I'm the devil?"

"No! You're an angel in devil's clothing...filled with absolute grace and poise and so beautiful—yet I want to act the complete opposite. I don't understand. I hate...being hopelessly in love with you."

He unzipped my slicker and yanked it off revealing my my slightly wet purple shirt. He stared at my chest for a second before staring deep into my eyes. I blushed.

"Not enough cleavage for you?"

"No...nothing like that. Just contemplating something."

"Sorry I'm not in a tube top today. It was a bit chilly."

"I told you it's not like that. You look good with more clothes on. Honest."

We sat in a lust filled silence for a minute.

"The powers right? You said before that powers affect puberty and libido...right?"

"Oh so you were paying attention back then. Yeah...the powers can do it alright. They have certain side effects but they very well can cause things like that. You and your brother are the same it seems..."

"So...if I take them out now...?"

"It won't help you at this point."

"Well damn."

We were both thoroughly red in the face.

"Is the couch the best place for this?"

"I share the room with Koji."

"Ahh. Still..."

I got up and walked over to the tiny closet. I yanked out a dark red sleeping bag. I knew whose it was. I rolled it out. I found myself on my back and Kouichi on me in less than thirty seconds. This whole trip had gone wrong. The roses were for Koji. I came to talk to Koji. Not to get back together—just to talk. His favorite flowers were roses. He had found out on Valentine's Day. He gave them to me so gingerly and looked at me with such love in his eyes—despite his usual slightly tsundere attitude he was giving me. Now his twin's eyes were the same. Looking at me with such love—a love he had longed to have all to himself. Something he craved for more than I ever thought. I never realized how deep we were all in...

I could have sworn I heard a door in between my gasps and his sinful kisses. It must have been my imagination. Kouichi stopping wasn't. He looked away remorsefully.

"I'm sorry...I can't continue. I can't continue what I started. I really...wanted an 'us'. I really wanted you all to myself at the very least...and even though he told me he didn't care what I did with you...I can't betray him any more than I already have. I waited too long to meet him. I love him too much. I'm all he's got when it comes to all of this...I just can't Avy. You're such an amazing person. You deserve better than this bullshit. I wish...all of us hadn't fallen for one another. Even if it weren't for McKenzie all of this would have ended painfully still."

The usual him had returned—slicing me to pieces with every word he said—which I knew would happen. He had even more self control than Koji, I just threw him off temporarily. I thought we'd make longer than five minutes but still. I got up. I redressed. I put on my slicker and I walked out the door. I heard him call my name but I didn't turn around. He had his convictions—I had mine. No more games. No more weakness. No more love.

Know I don't hate you
Don't want to fight you
Know I'll always love you
But right now I just don't like you
'Cause you took this too far

What happened to us?
I heard that it's me we should blame
What happened to us
Why didn't you stop me from turnin' out this way
And know that I don't hate you
And know that I don't want to fight you
And know I'll always love you
But right now I just don't...

Jason nodded in approval as Jay finished the song. He thought he heard someone approach the door and opened it just in time to greet Avy.

"...Do I need to scratch his eyes out?"


"...Did you fuck Kouichi?"

"...Not quite."

"Good. You don't need anymore kids."

A/N: So this is a racier chapter but I wanted to show more relationships. Digimon isn't just about "nakama speeches", Avy slamming Piedmon into trees, and digimon blowing one another to pieces. It's...arguably most about relationships but people don't seem to realize it. I don't care if it's people arguing Sorato versus Taiora or people having an intellectual discussion about the Tamers and their respective relationships with their parents-that's talking about relationships. To me it's those conversations and things of that sort that made me realize relationships are probably one of the main things that makes Digimon so enticing, so I always want to make sure I get those across as best I can.

This chapter was written a bit differently, but I hope you guys still enjoyed it. There's a part two coming soon (and probably a part three) but this chapter is essentially the aftermath of the next part. I wrote it in "reverse" because I want everyone going into the chapter fully aware of this "aftermath" and I hope you'll all stick around to see how it does (or doesn't) get solved.

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