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Fly By Twilight: The Pack!

Sequel to Fly By Twilight: The Coven.

So, if you haven't read The Coven, you need to get over there and read that first! Unless you're one of those people who reads book series out of order. I don't get you people...

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Fang: We get it. Story time now!

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Me: For all of you who may have forgotten, this takes place after Breaking Dawn and School's Out: Forever. Just a reminder.

Fang: Ok, good. Chapter 1!

Me: No, prologue!

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Me: Just have to add in the quick little prologue, or this story will make no sense to its readers! Trust me, the story needs this.

Fang: Flock?

Me: They're in chapter 1.

Fang: This is a quick prologue, right?

Me: -sighs- I'll try to make this as painless as possible, ok?

Fang: Fine...

"Well, Ephraim, do you have a solution for this little problem yet?"

Ephraim Black sighed. "Quil, what would you have me do?"

Quil Ateara was about to answer, when the screen door leading out back slammed.

Ephraim didn't even need to turn around. "Billy, how about you turn around and close that door instead of slamming it?"

"Come on, Grandpa." 24 year old Billy said, rolling his eyes. He threw a bag into his grandfather's lap. "That's the stuff you wanted from the store."

Ephraim sighed. Billy's temper could be too much sometimes. Ephraim could only be glad that the wolf genes seemed to have skipped his generation. He didn't have the temper to handle it. "Billy, are you trying to beat up my house and everything in it? What's eating you up?"

Billy glared at his grandfather. "Oh, like you don't know! What was Linda thinking? Running off with that...that-"

"Scoundrel?" Levi Uley offered.


"I know what you mean, Billy." Ephraim answered. And he did. It was the whole reason that he, Levi, and Quil had met in his house. Ephraim's grandaughter, Billy's younger sister, Linda, had run off with a young boy from Forks. No one knew where they were or what they were up to. They'd even alerted the police to the problem, since Linda was only 17, but it didn't seem to be a top priority to them. Of course, the fact that she was a runaway minor was only a small problem to the three tribal elders.

Linda, being the grandaughter of Ephraim, could possibly produce another Quileute Wolf. Of course, Linda had no idea this could happen. Or, at least, she didn't believe in the tribe's legends strongly enough to think it was possible.

"I know you're angry with your sister, Billy." Levi told the young man. "But I don't think you need to take it out on your Grandfather's home."

"What am I supposed to do?" Billy yelled. "All of you won't let me go after her!"

"You will respect your elders and cease this yelling, William Black." Ephraim ordered his grandson. "Why don't you go somewhere and cool your temper? I have some wood in the back that could use someone with your strength and anger to chop it."

"Whatever, Grandpa..." He started to leave.


Billy turned to his Grandfather's voice.

Ephraim grinned. "I only pray that, someday, you may have a son who is just as....impossible as you are."

Billy glared, but a small smirk was playing at his lips. "Then I will have only girls." He stormed out.

"It is a blessing that he is not....like us." Levi said.

Ephraim nodded. "A blessing indeed."

Quil cleared his throat. "If we may get back to the situation at hand, Ephraim..."

"Oh, I don't know why we're bothering!" Levi said. "Face it, the three old men in this room are the last of the Quileute's Wolves. The legend dies with us."

"Ahhh, now don't be so sure, Levi." Ephraim answered. "If the cold ones return, the wolves may also."

"Yes." Quil added. "And if your grandaughter and this....boy have any sons, and the cold ones come to them, our secret will be a secret no longer."

"You two are just itching for another adventure." Levi said, stretching. "As for me and my old bones, we are ready for retirement. Let the legend die, my friends. Let us live what is left of our lives in peace."

But Ephraim could not let it die. He continued to search for his grandaughter in any way he could. Billy joined him after he began teaching him the old ways, teaching him the truth of the Quileute legends. Unfortunately, it was to no avail. No one heard from Linda until long after Ephraim Black's soul had passed on.

Billy nearly dropped the groceries he was carrying when he saw the name on the envelope he had just pulled out of his mailbox. He ran into the house, where his pregnant wife, Sarah, was playing with his two young daughters, Rachel and Rebecca. He began trying to madly open the envelope.

"Billy, what is it?" Sarah asked her husband.

"A letter. From my sister."

It was a short letter, but one that would have wise Ephraim Black and strong Levi Uley rolling in their graves. Linda and her husband had become the parents of a healthy baby boy. Linda was more than happy to announce that the little boy was already a spitting image of his father, sharing none of her Quileute traits. Linda had tried so hard to throw away all of her heritage as a Quileute. Her skin had always been lighter than was average for a Quileute, and she had done everything she could enhance her lighter skin. She dyed her hair blonde. She wore blue contacts. She'd do everything she could to look like the boy she ran away with, the one who was now her husband and the father of her son. Having a boy who had none of her hated Quileute traits was, to her, just another stand against her own heritage.

Billy crushed the letter in his fist.

"A boy." He whispered. "Oh, Grandfather, it's a boy."

After consulting old Quil Ateara, Billy had started to reluntantly make plans to go see his sister where she lived now, practically on the other side of the country. He didn't want to leave Sarah, pregnant, to take care of his two daughters alone, but he had to at least try to get Linda and her husband to return to La Push with their young son, before something bad happened. Before the cold ones came to him.

Billy never did have to make that trip.

It wasn't long before he recieved a tearfull call from his estranged sister, whom he had sent a letter a couple weeks ago, telling her he was coming. Their baby had been kidnapped. Billy, his heart breaking for his sister and worrying about his baby nephew, offered to come anyway, but Linda told him to stay. There was nothing he could do. Besides, he had a wife and three kids, one yet to be born, whom he needed to care for. She'd keep him updated.

Weeks went by, then months. The police told Linda and her husband that the chances were slim they'd find their son alive.

When Billy heard this, his heart broke for his sister, and even the man she'd run off with. And, of course, he felt terrible about his baby nephew. But in a way, he was relieved. Relieved that the secret was safe. That his nephew would never have to go through the confusing Quileute legend.

In the meantime, Tom and Linda Griffiths went home to mourn their lost son.

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