Anyone else around here a YouTube addict?

Well, I happened to be thinking about this video made by my favorite YouTube star, makemebad35, while I was brushing my teeth today. (Why do I keep having these random thoughts in the bathroom?) He made this awesomely funny video called 'The Banana Mishap'. It suddenly occured to me, as I was thinking about this video and laughing my butt off about it (causing me to choke on toothpaste) that it would be so funny if someone made it into a fanfiction somehow. And, since I came up with the idea, why not make it your's truly?

So this story was born. Once again, why are so many of my messed-up stories (The Story of Justin and Ninja Fang) thought up while in the bathroom?

Anyway, let's see how this works....

Oh, and I'd suggest that either before or after you read this fanfiction, you go check out the actual video! They're hilarious!

Just Disclaimer Off!: I do not own Maximum Ride. Enough said.

I am also not makemebad35, AKA Damien, so do not own any of his extremely funny videos. Therefore, most all hilariousness is his, not mine. Makemebad35 is the bomb!!!!!

Dear makemebad35,

I hope you do not take offense to me making your videos into fanfiction. I think you are freaking hilarious, which is why I was inspired to write this. I thank you for the hours of laughs you have given me and for such memorable phrases as 'Just Jerk Off!' Jimmy is betterer than Fred and your Grandpa is the awesomest.

-St. Fang

A Note: In an attempt to keep this story as T rated as possible, without bordering on M, I've tried to clean up some of the phrases from the actual videos. Plus, by changing some of the phrasing, I can make it fit better as an MR parody. Plus, I just have something against having Iggy say "I have a hard (insert what you think the word is here. I know you know what it is...)"

OOC Alert!!!: Before everyone informs me and/or complains about it, I'm saying it right now. Everyone is completely OOC. It's a parody, people! What do you expect?

The Banana Mishap

Iggy, Nudge, and Ella werejust coming back into the house after a walk outside. The two girls were laughing and giggling about some story Ella was telling about some guy at school. The decided to head over to the kitchen to grab a drink. As they walked into the kitchen, Iggy randomly announced, "I have a bomb in my pants!"

Before anyone could reply to the random outburst, however, the lights flicked on, revealing Fang sitting at the kitchen table. He had a pile of banana peels lying in front of him, and he didn't look particularily happy...

"Fang?" Ella asked.

"Who ate my mother-flipping bananas?!"

"What's up?" Ella asked again, confused.


"Damn, Fang must love his bananas." Nudge said.


"I have a bomb in my pants." Iggy announced. Again.

"What are you talking about?" Ella asked. "What bananas?"

Suddenly, Fang turned to a corner of the room. "STOP DOING FLIPPING PUSH-UPS, GAZ!"

"Nooooo!" Gazzy, who was doing push-ups in the corner, answered.

Fang stood up and turned back to answer Ella. "The bananas I brought into the room! The bananas I was gonna eat!"

"Then why are you saying someone ate them?" Ella asked.

"Because the banana peels were everywhere! There was one in the microwave, there was one placed in the air conditioning, there was one in the shower, and someone even had the audacity to put macaroni and cheese inside the banana peel! What kind of sick son of a whitecoat, from the fifth layer of hell DOES THAT?!?!"

"Some banana-loving bird kids." Nudge answered, laughing.

" 'SCUSE ME?" Fang yelled back at her.

"Hey, man." said Iggy, "We can just get you some new bananas. It's not that big of a deal."

"But that's the thing!" Fang exclaimed. "It is, because it takes me an hour just to get a few! And the banana peels are everywhere! And it's banana hour!"

"What the flip is 'banana hour'?" Nudge asked.

"It's the time when I eat my pink bananas!!!!!"


"Now, " Fang said, pointing. "Which one of you was it?" He pointed to Nudge. "Was it you, Cracker?"

"Did he just call me a cracker?" Nudge asked.

Fang turned to Ella. "How about you, Rice and Beans?"

Ella glared. She exclaimed something in spanish that sounded vaguely inapropriate.

Fang glared at Iggy next. "What about you, Dr. Pepper?"

Iggy stared. "That doesn't even make sense..."

"Well, it had to have been one of you! WHO ATE MY BANANAS?!"

Suddenly, the front door opened and Max walked in. "What are you guys doing in here? Playing hide and go scream?"

"Apparently, someone ate Fang's bananas." Ella answered. "And he's not happy about it."

Max rolled her eyes. "Fang, no one ate your bananas! You ate them all last night when you were high of too much Nyquil, playing banana puppets."


Fang was sitting on the couch, banana in each hand and a banana peel on his head.

"So, how's it feel to be a monkey's favorite food?" One banana asked the other

"SHUT UP!!!!"

Fang began to rub the bananas all over his face. "I've got banana make-up! I've got banana make-up on my face!"

He squished the bananas into his face. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"Oh my God." Fang said, shocked at his sudden flashback. "I can't live with myself like this! I need to go!"

He began running to the door, screaming madly every time he ran into someone. As he stormed out of the house, everyone yelled after him, "Just Fly Off!"


I just read that. That is messed up........

I wish I could make it into an actual video. It'd be funnier...

Oh well....