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This will be the last chapter of Fanfiction Meets YouTube.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm sorry. But I've got too many fics going right now, and this one just isn't top priority. If you want the full story, read my last St. Fang's Poetry Corner chapter.

Fang: We are giving you this last chapter, though. Plus... Information...

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Insane Twins

It's a late night in the Martinez household and about the worst thing possibly imaginable is happening.

Fang and Iggy are hanging out in Fang's bedroom. Just the two of them.

And they're bored.

With the history they have, this has never proven to be a good idea.

Fang, who was lying down on the bed, sighed. "Iggy, I'm hungry."

"I don't give a crap." Iggy said, not looking up from whatever computer program he'd found that had a white enough background for him to see.

Fang sat up in the bed. "Iggy, I'm horny."

Iggy finally looked up, annoyed. "I am going to light your face on fire."

"I'm a horny panda bear." Fang announced, lying back down on the bed. He began bouncing on the mattress. "I'm a horny panda bear. Yeah, I'm a horny panda-"

"Stop it!" Iggy said, wondering why he was in here putting up with Fang in the first place.

Fang stopped, just staring at Iggy.

"Now shut up before I feed one of your wings to Akila." Iggy snapped.

"Ok, Mr. Scrooge." Fang said, turning away. Suddenly, a strange cell phone ringtone was heard in the room. It was coming from the phone on the bedside table next to Fang.

"Oh my God." Fang said, quickly sitting up and grabbing the phone. He looked at the screen and grinned. "Oh my God! Iggy, it's that time!"

Iggy stared at him, not at all amused. "What are you babbling about?"

"It's something completely awesome!" Fang replied. "But I can't tell you yet." He got to his feet. "Come on! We gotta go!"

"Look." Iggy said, not moving. "The last time we did something like this, you ended up trying to pay a pizza guy in Monopoly money."


Fang answers a door to reveal a pizza guy, holding two large pizza boxes.

"Here you go." Says the pizza guy. "That'll be twenty-five sixty-seven."

Fang took the pizza boxes, placing them aside. He hands the pizza guy some paper. "Here's the money."

The pizza guy stares at the paper in his hand. "I can't take this!"

"Excuse me!" Fang says, turning. "What the Hell did you just say?!"

"It's Monopoly money!" The pizza guy replies.

"WHAT?! MY MONEY'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?!" Fang yells in response.

"No need to yell!" The pizza guy replies.

Fang rips the Monopoly money from his hands. "GET OUT! GET THE HECK OUT!" The pizza guy makes a run for it.



Fang sighs. "That was an awful experience, but I promise it's nothing like that!"

"Well, I got nothing better to do." Iggy says, shutting the laptop.

"Come on! Let's go!" Fang says, heading for the door. "We can just use one of Dr. M's cars. It'll be fine."

Of course, it wouldn't be fine, but neither boy seemed to consider the Wrath of Valencia at the time.

The two got into one of the cars, Fang driving and Iggy, of course, taking the passenger seat.

"Are you ready for an amazing adventure?" Fang asked his friend.

"Just try not to wherever we're going." Iggy replied, buckling his seatbelt.

"Just you wait." Fang said, starting the car. "This is gonna be awesome."


The car is parked in a snowy parking lot, far away from Dr. Martinez's house. Fang is sitting in the car, acting like he's looking around outside for something. Iggy, on the other hand, is fast asleep.

"Iggy, we're here." Fang says, but Iggy does not respond. Fang shakes Iggy's shoulder. "Iggy! Wake up!"

"MY SOCKS ARE SOGGY!" Iggy yells, awakened from some horrible, soggy-socked nightmare.

"It's ok." Fang says calmly. "We're here."

Iggy stretches and can already tell by being able to see at the white, snowy landscape outside, that they are in unfamiliar territory. "How long have we been driving?"

"12 hours." Fang replied cheerfully.

"WHAT?!" Iggy yelled. "WHERE THE HECK ARE WE?!"

"Kentucky!" Fang announced.

"Why the HECK are we in KENTUCKY?!"

"Because, that's where the alternate versions of us are at!" Fang replied, like this was common knowledge.

Iggy began to grab at his arms. "Please tell me I'm still dreaming..."

"For real." Fang said, killing Iggy's hopes. "Every year in this exact location, our alternate versions give us something that tells us about the future." Fang explained.

Suddenly, on a bridge near the car, two familiar-looked figures appear.

"There they are!" Fang announced excitedly.

Iggy looked out and, against the white, snowy landscape, was able to see them. "What the heck..."

"Let's go meet them!" Fang said, stepping out of the car.

Fang and Iggy walked up onto the bridge to stand face-to-face with... Themselves.

"Well, this is weird..." Iggy said.

His other self just grinned knowingly.

"Guys? What can you tell us about the future?" Fang asked the two alternate versions.

Fang's other self reached behind him and handing Fang what looked like... A sandwich.

Fang stared at it in wonder. "It's... A popcorn sandwich!"

"What?" Iggy asked, not sounding impressed.

"Iggy!" Fang said. "The future is... A popcorn sandwich!"

"You're an idiot." Iggy replied.

"Iggy!" Fang whined. "This is the meaning of life!"

"The meaning of life is NOT a FREAKING POPCORN SANDWICH!" Iggy yelled.

"Then what do you think it means?" Fang asked.

"Nothing. This day makes absolutely no sense. It literally feels like I am screwing a freaking TIM BURTON MOVIE!" Iggy yelled.

"Try living our lives."

Fang and Iggy turned to look at their alternate selves, mainly at alternate Fang, who had spoken.

"Yeah." Said alternate Iggy. "But since Fang here broke me out of the therapy center, things should get a lot better."

"Nice meeting you." Said alternate Fang, giving the two before them a sly grin. "And hold onto that popcorn sandwich. You may need something to eat. And watch out for crazy fangirls named Saint and Skits!"

Suddenly, their two alternate selves disappeared.

Then reappeared in Dr. Martinez's car, laughing.

Then they, and the car, disappeared.

Fang and Iggy just stared.

"Did they just steal the car?" Iggy asked, after a pause.

"Those sneaky jerks!" Fang exclaimed. He looked down at the food in his hands, sighing. "Oh well." He held out the sandwich to Iggy. "Popcorn sandwich?"

Iggy took one look at the item Fang was holding.

And knocked it out of his hands.

"Get the heck outta my face."

Fang: Took a little creative license with the end there, huh?

Me: Had to. :P

Fang: So, we said we had information for you. Coming to you straight from... New Hampshire. Where Saint lives.

Me: Rebecca St. Marie. To be exact. Sorta.

Fang: Not her real last name.

Me: But 'Rebecca Marie' is my real first and middle names. Something so many of you have always wanted to know. So there. (But this doesn't mean you stop calling me Saint, by the way. GOT IT?!)

Fang: Once again, see the Poetry Corner for details on why we're releasing this info.

Me: But now that that's over with... Our goodbyes.

It's been fun doing this fic, it really has. Converting these awesome videos into story format, casting the Flock in... Been a blast. But the time has come.

Fang: If you miss it that much, you could always get permission from Saint to continue it. I doubt she's mind.

Me: Not in the least.

Anyway, thank you, though. I've read and apprieciated every review I've gotten for this fic. Your awesome comments have helped to keep me going and brightened some of my darker days. I'm grateful for each of you.

Fang: Except for that thing where you guys were bidding on my underwear.

Me: That was great!

Fang: That was humilating...

Me: But we're rambling, and no one wants that.

Fang: So, for the last time, here in Fanfiction Meets YouTube...