Edward's POV

"Bella's coming back I cant believe it"

"I thought she was seapoose to leave for good"

"I wonder if she's change any?

"Wonder when she'll get here"

"I wonder if she's single"

"I bet she's hot or at lease has a great body, come on military school don't they like make you supper fit."

"I don't see what's the fuss about Bella coming back, it's not like she was important. She should just stay away for good. God knows she needs it. I hope she's still the way she use to be quit and trying to stay out of the spot light, they way she should."

I cant stand the thought's of my fellow class mates around me anymore, they make me sick they just found out 2 hours ago that this Bella girl would be returning. Half of Fork's high population was think how fast they could bed her while the other half was hopping that she wouldn't steal there spot light.

Thanks to Alice we knew 5 days before every one that this Bella chick would be coming to Forks. We also knew that she went to military school, but not why she was sent there. As it turns out freshman year she left, and that's also the year that we moved here to the wonderful rainy town of Forks.

A/N I know short right but longer chapter is on the way.