Here is the second chapter of Arranged Marriage, it's short because I wasn't planning on writing one, but I realized that my other summary does say twoshot so here it is. Again, there isn't much thought in to this, plus I have writer's block.

Hinata doesn't love Itachi….as of yet. She did not want to spend the night with him on the day of their honeymoon, but knew her duty as a wife (A.N" That's still PG rated right o_o) While she was waiting for her husband, Hinata thought about what her life would've been like if she wasn't weak.

If I wasn't weak, then I wouldn't be as shy as I am now, I would've spoken up to the man I loved and he would've accepted me. The marriage would be at a beautiful sunsight in a tropical paradise and I will enjoy my honeymoon with him……

"Hinata-hime? Are you okay?" Hinata was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard her husband's voice. "sumimasen, I-itachi, I was just thinking, ok I'm ready."

"No, obviously you're not, and I won't make you until you feel like you're ready. Everyone thinks just because I'm a ninja, that I'm a cold-hearted killer. I am on the field of battle, but I hate war, hate it to my very soul. But being a shinobi, you have to follow orders no matter how much you hate it. You can have the bed, I'm going to sleep on the floor, it's fine by me"

Hinata, shocked by his words, were at a loss of words. She couldn't think of anything better to say but "A-a-riga-t-o, I-itahci-san"

Itachi slept on the floor for about a year before Hinata's feelings finally turned toward Itachi. Throughout the year, Itachi never made her do anything she didn't want to do and always treated her well. She would get up early to make him breakfast of her own free will and will try not to wake him up after a hard night's mission. Itachi protested at first but was silenced after her insistence toward it.

Hinata slowly grew to love the man after how's he been treating her. She starts worrying about him when he comes home late after an Aor B-rank mission and pretty soon realized that she couldn't live without him. She would stay up until he comes home, worrying about what has happened to him, when she hears the doors unlock, she would fake sleep until she really does so he doesn't worry.

After the year of getting used to living with the Uchiha, she told him one night, as he came home "Sleep on the bed tonight Itachi-kun, I don't feel shy around you anymore." (A/N:Would put more, but this is a K+)

Well that's the end of this story, I hoped you enjoy reading it.