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Withered Butterfly


Something covered her mouth and nose, startling her out of her sleep. Immediately her hands went to the thing over her face, trying to pull it away as panic filled her small body. Her small nails scratched at the warm rough hand, trying to break free, as whimpers escaped her throat.

"Hush, little coral, it will be alright…. Don't make a noise now…" She gasped in a breath as the hand was removed, tears leaking out of the corner of her eyes. The fear filling her heart receded slightly as she saw a familiar face close to her. He was her favourite uncle. Unlike her father, he had always been very nice to her, giving her fruits and ribbons and showing a lot of affection towards her.

"Uncle, where's mommy…." The hand that had been stopping her from breathing was now touching her ankle. She could feel the man's thumb brushing back and forth against the curve of her feet, meant to be comforting. She looked up at the man with thrust shinning in her eyes. He smiled at her and touched the tip of her nose with his fingertip, making her smile back slightly. She reached up to catch the offending finger with her tiny hands, taking on a look of concentration.

"Like a true demon slayer…" He gave her a kind smile and opened up his arms to her. She had always marvelled at the life of a demon slayer. She knew her father had been disappointed at his first born being a girl. However, he tried to not let it show, putting his hopes into the growing being in his wife's womb. He wanted a boy, one that would become a strong demon slayer and one day take the head of the village and the demon slayers.

Her heart soared as she heard her uncle's words, happy that he would recognise her worthy of such a title, even though she was a girl. She moved to her knees and crawled on her uncle's lap happily, hugging his neck with her little arms. She felt a strong hand rub her back tenderly and relaxed against the man, soothed by the lulling touch.

"Where's mommy and daddy?" She looked up at him with huge eyes, tightening her hold on him.

"Mommy is with the midwife and daddy is gone slaying." Slaying being killing a demon for another village. The adults didn't hide the truth to the children, instead doing their best to prepare the young ones for the truth of what they were doing, of what reality awaited them. The next generation could not be protected from the harsh world. They had to embrace it.

The little girl nodded and smiled up at her uncle, whose hand continued moving over her back.

"I'm gonna take care of you for now." He ran his hand lower down her back, his fingers trailing over her bottom. She did not react to the touch, only burrowed her head deeper in his neck, happy her uncle was showing attention to her and that she would get to spend some time with him. She loved him. She imagined when she was older that she'd marry a man like him, kind, affectionate and playful.

His hand went to the back of her thigh and moved up under her yukata. He brushed his fingers between her thighs, caressing the skin there with gentle fingers. She stiffened in his hold, her heart hammering in her chest. What was uncle doing? His finger touched her labia briefly and she whimpered. She heard her uncle's breathing quickening near her ear, his chest moving faster under her small body. A small tendril of fear curled in her stomach and she tried to push against the older man's chest with her palms but he tightened his hold around her small body. Her mother and father had often held her, but never had they touched her this way, unless bathing.

"Hush now, little coral, let me show you how much I love you." He looked down at her with soft eyes and something she had always noticed in her uncle's eyes that she had not feared before. It was a look she had seen her father give her mother sometimes. It was normal then for her uncle to look at her that way, since her daddy loved her mommy too. She clenched her fingers in his shirt, unsure what to do. It felt wrong.

"Don't you love me too?" The question brought tears to her eyes. She loved her uncle very much, she didn't want him to think she didn't. He wanted to show her he loved her. She nodded her head with a soft sniffle. He tilted her head up with his fingertips, looking down into teary red tinted eyes.

"I'll show you how much I love you, and you'll show me too, okay?" He slowly leaned down, kissing her on the lips. She felt warm pressure on her mouth, but didn't move, too scared to do anything. Something wet and slimy pushed pass her lips, making her whimper in fear. She didn't want to do this with uncle; she didn't like the thing moving into her mouth.

The man pulled away from the child slowly, watching her with lust, one a child her age could not understand and roughly pulled at her yukata, baring her to his eyes. The young girl shivered in the cold, soft whimpers escaping her throat as tears trailed down her cheeks. He leaned forward, licking away the salty trails. The young child struggled in herself not to move, even though she could feel her tiny body shaking in fear, even though she didn't want to do this. But she loved uncle. He would not hurt her. He wanted to show her how much he loved her. She clinched her eyes shut at the feeling of a warm slightly rough tongue on her cheek, hugging her body with her arms. She opened them a few minutes later, brushing away the drying saliva on her cheek with a trembling hand and looked up at her uncle.

His eyes had darkened, and the fear and uncertainty in her belly only intensified, stiffening her whole body until she could not move anymore. He pushed her back on the sleeping mat, lying down next to her and propping himself up on one arm. He pressed one hand firmly against her chest, stroking his fingers lightly over her nipples.

She took hold of his arm weakly, unsure of the sensation filtering through her heart and body. She felt warm breath in her ear, making her dig her nails in the older man's forearm.

"Now I'll show you how much I love you…" The little girl closed her eyes.


Sango sat up with a weak cry, sweat pouring down her forehead as she hit at an invisible opponent with her fists. Her heart was hammering in her chest, the frantic tempo throbbing in her whole body. With each thump, it felt as if her whole body would lurch forwards, propelled by the blood pumping through her veins. She let herself fall back down on the cool earth, looking up blindly at the sky.


She rolled her eyes up, craning her neck at an odd angle to look at the shape of her companion, sitting in a tree as always. Two golden eyes peered at her in the darkness, their shine indicating the presence of a predator. Those eyes were not menacing, however. While his usual uncaring look was in place, she could detect hints of concern in the hanyou's eyes. She smiled slightly, and hoping he would not see through her lie, she rolled to her side, coming face to face with big slanted eyes. She offered the same smile to her demon friend Kilala, even though she knew the neko would see through it. The cat demon moved to her mistress' side and transformed in her bigger form, before curling up against Sango's back, offering the comfort she could.

She knew.

She knew of the shadows lurking in her dreams.


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