"Zuzu, Sephy, hurry up. I want to talk to you two alone." an eager young girl with cropped, black hair yells at her two brothers.

"Calm down, Zula. We're coming." the older boy with long white hair tells his younger sister. He turns to his younger brother with short balck hair. "Come on Zuko."

"Why do we have to go Sephiroth. I don't want to hang out with Azula today, I want to go play with Lu Ten." Zuko complains.

"We'll go meet with our cousin later. But for now Azula needs us." Sephiroth explains calmly.

"Fine, but only for a little bit." Zuko says, pouting. "I don't like playing with her, she is demented for a six year old."

Sephiroth laughs. "No kidding." The brothers walk on and meet an irritated Azula in her room.

"Finally, what took you so long." she asks, looking very irritated.

"Just talking." Sephiroth replies. "So what is so urgent that you needed to call us to your room?"

"I have been thinking a lot lately, and I realized something. You two spend too much time with Lu Ten. I want you two too stop hanging out with him and start hanging out with me, Ty Lee, and Mai."

Zuko looked shocked. "Why?"

"Because I am your sister, and he is only your cousin. I should be more important than him."

Sephiroth frowned. "You can't control us, Azula. We will not stop hanging out with Lu Ten."

"If that is your choice, the so be it. I was my hands of you two. Get out." Azula points at the door and the brothers leave.

"This isn't good, is it Seph?" Zuko asks.

"No it isn't. She is father's favorite after all. We just need to watch our backs."

"At least we still have mom."

"Ya, that is a good thing, isn't it?" Sephiroth says smiling.


An auburn haired girl was running threw her village, trying desperately to find her sister. "Hey, Suki, what's the rush?" an older man in the village asks.

"I can't find Rydia. Have you seen her?"

"Yup, she went to Avatar Kyoshi's temple about ten minuets ago."

Suki smiles and rushes off. "Thank you." she yells over her shoulder. She runs up to the temple and finds the young, green haired girl standing at the entrance. Suki walks up behind her and whispers, "Where have you been, young lady?"

Rydia turns around and smiles. "I was just talking to Avatar Kyoshi."

Suki sighed. "You had me worried. You need to tell me when you leave. I was searching for over an hour. I was afraid you where hurt."

"I'm sorry sister." Rydia says, hugging her sister. "I just forgot to tell you."

"It's okay, little one."

"I told you to stop calling me that. I'm only two years younger than you."

"I know, but I am still your older sister, and your guardian. Now come on, it's lunch time."


A teenage boy was running for his life from the fast approaching fire nation army. He looked back and saw three men chasing him and he drew the spear resting on his back. "Why did you destroy my village? We had a peace treaty with you." he shouted at the men.

The men stopped and on stepped forward, he was obviously the leader. "Fire Lord Ozai has decided you are too much of a risk to let live." the general smiled and shot a large fireball at the boy.

The boy stood his ground and swung the spear, creating a gust of wind that destroyed the fire and took the men down. He then jumped about ten feet into the and landed on top of one of the soldiers, spear tip first, and killed the man. "So the rumors where true, you are air benders."

"Yes we are, and we also have some dangerous friends." the boy replies smiling. "Rosa, come!" he shout into the air. The general stands and charges at the boy, when suddenly the forest around them catches fire. He finally got a good look at the boy. He was about 5' 5 and had shoulder length blond hair. He wore an armor made of a strange blue material.

"What just happened and what are you wearing?" he asks the boy.

"My friend just set the forest on fire, their she is now." he says pointing at a large blue dragon. She was about 100 feet head to tail, with a 50 foot wingspan. She was large and muscular, a dragon clearly from the west. Unlike the dragons from the fire nation, who where long and snake-like, she was huge, with four legs. Her head was a medium size, tapering down into a blunt point at her mouth. Her eyes where a deep purple, and she had two horns just above the eyes. "And I wear an armor made of her scales." he replies donning a helmet shaped like the dragons head. He leaps onto her back and the two take off.

"What happened Kain, we where hunting when suddenly the dragons started dropping like flies?" Rosa asks the boy.

"The fire nation has decided the dragoons where too dangerous and they attacked while we slept. I was training, so I was able to escape, but everyone else was killed. I failed them."

"No you didn't. Because you survived, we can rebuild the dragoons." Kain smiles and lays his head down onto Rosa's back. "Now sleep little one, I will fly us to safety." Kain nods and falls asleep.


"Yue, get your ass back here." an older, brown haired man yells at the young watre princess, who was standing on the wall seperating the city from the ocean.

"No." the young, white haired girl shouts back.

"Get back here now." He shouts at the top of his lungs. Yue just stares at him and smiles. He sighs and clibs up after her. "Get back here, before I come and get you."

"I don't want to, Jecht. I want to watch the sunset from up here."

Jecht sighs and glares at the girl. "Fine, but I'm still coming up. And we will talk with your father about your behavior when we get back to the palace."

"Yay, thank you Jecht." the young girl squeals with joy. She help Jecht to the top of the wall and the two sit their and watch the sunset.

"OK, time to go." Jecht says looking down. He sighs as he sees the girl fast asleep at his side. "Guess I'll carry you down." He carefully picks the girl up and bends platform at the edge of the wall. He steps forward and lowers himself to the ground. He carries the girl back to the palace, and meets Chief Arnook at the palace entrance.

"What took you so long?" he asks.

"She wanted to watch the sunset."

Arnook smiles. "Amazing how an eight year old girl can force her guardian to do whatever she wants."

Jecht glares at the chief. "Shut up and let me pass, old man." Arnook laugs again and steps out of the way. Jecht carries the young girl back to her room and lays her down. He smiles as he watches her sleep for a fw minuets, and he leaves.

Here it is. The official sequal to Phoenix Sun, Dragon Moon. This will be the first book in a long running series I will be writing. PLease review. And a big shoutout to my Beta and Co-Writer Doctor Anthony.

Here is a basic layout of character ages in this chapter. (Roughly, since the show never states birthdays)

Sephiroth - 10

Zuko - 9

Azula - 7

Mai -8

Ty Lee - 7

Kalo - 23

Suki - 8 (Just beginning Kyoshi Training)

Rydia - 6

Sokka - 8

Katara - 7

Toph - 5 (One year after Learning from Badgermoles started)

Kain & Rosa - 14

Jecht - 29

Yue - 8