Kitsa paced around the room. Why did he leave like that. Gran-Gran and Katara wouldn't tell me anything. All they would say is talk to Sokka. HA! It's obvious he hates me, but why? She looked around and found a parka to wear. She slipped it on and left the hut. Outside she found Katara trying to water bend. "You're a bender?"

Katara smiled. "Yes. But I'm not very good. There are no masters in our village."

Kitsa frowned. "Why is that?"

"About sixty years ago, the fire nation stated constant raids on our village. They struck and took out water benders. Eventually the raids stopped and we where safe, until about three years ago. We where attacked again. The raid only lasted about ten minuets, but in that time, me and Sokka lost our mother. Nobody knows why they killed her. After that, Sokka has hated all fire benders." Katara looked towards the horizon and sighed.

Kitsa looked away. "So that 's why he hates me. Maybe I should leave then."

Katara walked over to Kitsa and hugged her. "No you shouldn't. Sokka will get over it. You are not like the fire benders of our world."

Kitsa smiled weakly. "You're right. Do you know where Sokka is?"

Katara nodded and pointed south. "He went to hunt in that direction. You should find him pretty easily, he's not very quiet."

Kitsa smiled and walked south. Soon she was out of the small village and in the endless white of the tundra. She found some tracks to the south, and followed them to a small cave. She went in and found Sokka meditating at the back of the cave. He noticed her enter. "What do you want, fire bitch?"

"Why do you hate me? I have done nothing to you." Kitsa asked, hurt.

Sokka stood up and faced her, with a look of pure malice on his face. "You are a fire bender, that is all the reason I need."

Kitsa stepped back as a tear made it's way down her cheek. "I am not like the fire benders of your realm. I don't attack innocent people." she turned to leave the cave. "But it seems like you share the same thought process as them."

Sokka took a step back in shock at her words. He glared at her a drew his boomerang. He rushed forward and threw it. Kitsa herd the swooshing noise and turned to try and counter the attack. But she was too late. It hit her in the stomach and slit it open. She fell to her knees, clutching her stomach, her vision swimming from pain. "Why...Sokka? I...just live in...peace...with" she passed out from the pain.

Sokka looked down at her and spit. "Impossible for a fire bender." he turned and left.


Jun and Kalo where riding Nyla through a large field when they came across a large battle. A small earth kingdom militia was fighting a huge fire army, and losing badly. Kalo sighs. "Should we help?"

Jun shrugs. "I guess we could. It's not right how the fire nation is bullying all these small armies."

Kalo frowns at the comment. Memories of Mai that fateful day came to him.


Kalo had just finished training with his men, when a maid told him Mai was waiting in his room. She left, and Kalo noticed a look of pity on her face. He shrugged the look off and went to his room. When he entered his room, the sight shocked him. Mai was on his bed, crying. Her clothes where torn up, and she had bruises along her arms and on her eyes. "What happened?" he asked, as he rushed to her side.

Mai felt Kalo's arms wrap around her and she huddled as close to him as possible. "I was raped." she whispered. She felt Kalo stiffen in her arms and she knew he was angry.

"Who?" ha asked calmly.

"I can't say. He told me he would kill all of my family if I told anyone."

Kalo held Mai out and looked her in the eyes. "Tell me now."

Mai cringed at the hate in his eyes and she sighed. "Ozai."

Kalo's eyes widened and he stood up. "Mai, go home. Tell mom and dad that you want to go to Ember Island. Ge there and stay hidden until I came and get you, do you understand?"

Mai nodded and she left. Kalo paced his room, trying to figure out what to do. If I kill Ozai, I will be sent to the Boiling Rock for regicide. Uncle Doma should be able to get me out, since his promotion to warden of the place. But to actually assassinate the fire lord would take a miracle, his guard is infamous for stopping every assassination attempt. Of course I could challenge him to an Agni Kai. Yes that will work. Kalo smiled and left his room, ready to kill Ozai.

End Flashback

Jun looked over at Kalo and noticed a pained look on his face. "What's wrong, love?"

"Nothing." Kalo smiled. "Came on, we need to help the earth kingdom." Jun nodded and Nyla rushed down into the middle of the fight. Kalo jumped off of Nyla and started attacking the fire army. The earth army general halted his men, and they watched as the mysterious man with green fire destroyed their enemies. The fire nation general was furious.

"Men, destroy the traitor of Agni!" he yelled out. The fire benders all started firing at Kalo and he grinned as he absorbed the fire blasts.

Jun walked up to the earth general and smiled down at him. "What is your name, old man?"

He smiled up at her. "I am General Tyro. I thank you for the aid. We would have surly lost this fight, and we would have been imprisoned like many other villages around us."

Jun smiled. "No problem. My name is Jun, and the fire bender that is destroying the enemy is my boyfriend Kalo. We are here to create an army to oppose the fire nation."

Tyro turned to watch Kalo. "Why doesn't he just go there himself?" he asked with a laugh.

Jun's face hardened. "He tried before. Ozai put him in a coma for ten months."

Tyro frowned. "Oh, well come with us. We will give you shelter for as long as you need."

Jun smiled. "OK, and then we can help you free the rest of your army."

Tyro smiled. "Sounds like a plan." the two turned and watches as Kalo finished the enemies off.


Yugoda stepped out of the healing hut and signaled for Jecht to follow him. Jecht entered the hut and saw Ursa sitting up drinking tea. She smiled at him. "You are the one that saved me, right?"

Jecht bowed to her. "Yes, Lady Ursa."

She laughed gently. "Don't bow to me. And please don't call me 'Lady'. I left that title behind years ago."

Jecht stood up and smiled. "Why where you in that little boat, anyway?"

Ursa frowned slightly. "I was banished from my home years ago. I lived in the earth kingdom for many years. About a month ago, I was invited to returned back home, so I took a ship and started the journey. Unfortunately, it was a trap. A large war ship waiting to ambush and sink my ship. We where unprepared to fight back, so they put me and one of my guards on a life boat. We got lost in a storm and ended up on your shore." she sighed a looked away.

"So, where are you from?"

She looked back up at Jecht and smiled. "I am Fire lady Ursa, banished ex-wife of Fire Lord Ozai, the currupt."

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