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About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward Cullen was a fairy. Second, there was a part of him that desired to turn my hair into Fairy Dust, and third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with the poof.


Chapter One

It was my first day at Forks High school. I drove my rugged red truck into the school parking lot, trying to ignore all the faces turning to see where all the noise was coming from. I parked my noisy vehicle and got out to enter my new school.

I walked into the office where the kind office lady gave me a map of the school and my time table, and told me everyone was very excited at my arrival.

So everyone knew I was coming. Great. Thanks Charlie, I thought to myself.

My dad, Charlie was the police chief here in the small town of Forks, I knew he was the one responsible for everyone knowing.

I went to my first class, Science.

Many people introduced themselves to me before first period, so I didn't have to worry about where to sit at lunch, at least. That was some weight off my shoulders. Little did I know, the weight would come back down on my shoulders, even heavier than before, when I found my seat in Science.

My science partner was beautiful. That was the only word to describe him. He had bronze hair that fell lazily into his eyes, those eyes. They were so dark. Dark as night.

I sat down beside him, trying not to stare too much at him. As soon as I sat down however, he put a hand over his nose and mouth and edged his chair away from me.

Embarrassed, I smelt my hair. It was strawberry scented, like my favourite shampoo. Was I sweaty or something?

That was unlikely, seeing as Forks is the coldest town in the whole of America.

Me and my science partner, Edward was his name, I found out after the teacher praised him for his excellent homework, ignored each other till the end of the lesson. And he leapt out of his seat in the exact moment the bell rang and was out of the room before anyone else had even packed their things away.

Edward wasn't in any of my other classes, to my relief and yet, disappointment, but I saw him at lunch. His lunch mates were also beautiful, like him. They must be related. I soon learned from one of my new friends, Jessica, that they were all adopted my Dr Carlisle Cullen and his wife, Esme Cullen. And they were all together, like partners, except for Edward. There was Alice, small with dark hair, who was with Jasper, tall with casual, yet beautiful, brown hair. Then there was Rosalie, blonde, and the most beautiful person I had ever seen, who was with Emmet, big and bear like, with black hair.

The rest of my day passed with nothing unusual happening. I went home and told my dad school was great, before cooking us dinner. I don't know how Charlie survived before I came, he couldn't cook to save his life!


Edward didn't turn up to school the next day, to my disappointment and confusion. He didn't come the next day either, or the next day.

But on Friday, when I walked into Science, expecting another lonely lesson, I saw him there, smiling at me.

I wanted to return the smile but I was too shocked. I thought he hated me?

I sat down next to him, ignoring him like I did on that first day.

"Hello. My name is Edward. I didn't get a chance to introduce myself the other day."

"Er.. I'm Bella." I said, looking at him. "Your eyes…"

Edward raised a perfect eyebrow.

"They were.. almost black yesterday. Now they're a topaz colour…" I said, looking at him curiously.

Edward looked away and busied himself with the microscope we were supposed to be looking through. So I avoided the topic of his eyes.

We talked for the rest of the lesson, I told him why I had moved to Forks to live with Charlie. About how Renee's, my mum's, new boyfriend Phil traveled a lot for his career and how she was going with him, but I wanted to stay. And he told me of his hiking trip. So that was where he was those previous days. Apparently, the Cullen's always go out somewhere when the weather's nice.

Over the next week, I noticed things about Edward Cullen. Strange things. First, his skin was cold and hard as marble, as I discovered when our hands touched during Science when we passed the microscope over. Second, his eyes always seemed to change colour. And when his eyes were dark, he was moody, but when they were that beautiful topaz colour, like liquid gold, he was cheery. And third, sometimes he spoke as though he came from a century ago. And fourth, he was so intelligent, more than your normal top-of-the-class student, it was as if he had been to high school already!

And I was about to find out his fifth abnormality this morning.

I was a little early to school, so I lent against my truck, listening to my iPod to pass the time. More people were starting to arrive, and soon it was time for homeroom, so I took my iPod out of my ears and turned around to make sure I had everything in my bag, when I felt as though I was being watched.

I looked up and saw Edward Cullen, about 7 cars away, watching me as he lent against his flash car. Then I was distracted from him by the loud screech of car wheels, I spun around and looked in horror at what was happening.

Tyler, another friend, was in his van, and it was spinning out of control over the icy road – towards me. I hardly had time to cover my head with my arms as I was knocked down, but not by the van.

Edward was holding me, his arm stretched out to stop the van hitting me. He swung my legs out of harms way as the wheels of the van came to a stop. His arm, which was against Tyler's van, had left a dint in the metal.

With wide eyes, I looked at him. He had got to me, from 7 cars away, in less than a second!

When the shock subsided, I was able to notice the blinding pain in my head. Obviously I had hit it, I put my hand up to where it hurt the most, and found blood there.

Blood always made me feel feint, I took one look at the smear of blood on my hand and passed out, not hearing Edward saying my name again and again…


So as well as being like a marble statue, his eyes having the ability to change colour, his amazing intelligence and speaking as though he came from a century ago, Edward Cullen was also extremely fast and strong.

It had been a week since the "Tyler's van" incident. Tyler had apologized again and again, and I had questioned Edward again and again.

I wanted to know the truth. The truth about his abnormalities.

I came up with many theories, each one more stupid than the next. I was trying to come up with more theories at lunch while I was putting food on my tray at the cafeteria.

Being distracted, I fumbled and dropped my apple.

Shoot, I thought to my self. I bent down to pick up the apple, but someone else got there first. It was none other than Edward Cullen.

"Thanks." I said, taking the apple and turning away.

"You haven't been speaking to me lately." Edward noted.

"You haven't been answering my questions lately." I said, glaring at him. "I have another one. Why don't you ever eat?"

In response, Edward took an apple from the cafeteria and bit into it, smiling at me.

"You still haven't answered any of my other questions. I've been making up theories for what you are all week! I just want to know the truth." I demanded.

"I'd prefer to hear your theories. Sit with me?" He asked, leading me to a table.

I glanced over at my friends who were all whispering and looking at me and Edward. I turned my back to them and sat across from him.

"I've considered… radioactive spider?"

Edward chuckled. "You must have better than that?"

"Vampire?" I asked, knowing I would never be correct.

"Nope." He chucked again.

"Let's talk about something else." I said, tired of being laughed at.

So we did.


When I got home, I did some research on my computer. My very slow computer. It took me a whole two hours to finally find out what Edward Cullen was.

"Edward Cullen is a fairy." I whispered to myself, shocked.