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Ch. 1 Everyday Life

2: 45. I sighed, five more minutes. It was so close, yet so far away. I tapped my pen on my desk and shook my foot in anticipation. I could have been working on homework, but I couldn't concentrate. There were still four more days of school until spring break and I could hardly wait. Paying attention was hard enough, but doing the actual work? I surprised that I even got anything done that day.

I looked back at the clock 2:49. I smiled, stood up, and put my chair on my desk. Other students followed suit and we all crowded by the door. Everyone began talking to their friends as we waited for the bell to ring. I stayed silent since none of my close friends were in my class.


The door flew open, and we all surged through it. I was able to squeeze through with getting crushed, and I made a sharp right turn to get to my locker. I barely took five steps before I heard someone behind me running. Over my left shoulder I saw my friend Carrie running up to me. She slowed to a stop. "Hello," she said in her happy tone, "How are you?"

I rolled my eyes before responding. "You asked me that before school, at nutrition, and at lunch and I was fine all of those times too."

"Oh, ok, sorry," she replied. I sighed. 'Sorry' had to be her favorite word. She said it all the time, even when she didn't do anything wrong. We got to our lockers and began to get our stuff out.

As I started to put stuff in my bag, I felt a slight shove on my right. I looked up to see Jenny at her locker, which was to the right of mine. "Hey," I said to her.

"Hi," she answered, without looking up from her lock. I looked past her and saw Rebecca struggling to get her own lock open. Her lock just didn't like to cooperate. I looked around for Samantha, but didn't see her.

Frowning I asked, "Where's Samantha?"

"I'm right here!" I looked down and saw Samantha on the ground next to Rebecca. She was zipping up her backpack. Man she's fast.

Scanning my own locker, I didn't see anything else I needed, so I slammed it before turning around. "Hey," I gained my friends' attention, "is we all still having a sleepover on Friday?"

Rebecca nodded her head, "It's gonna be at my house. So come over around… five-ish?"

"Yeah, sounds good to me."

"Yup, I'm free."

"Me too."

"I can't come." We all looked at Samantha. "I'm visiting my grandparents for most of spring break, and we're leaving on Friday."

I frowned, but didn't say anything.

We all started walking towards the front of the school in silence, because there was really nothing to talk about. Guess we all had a pretty boring day.

"OH!" Jenny shouted suddenly. I winced slightly at how loud she was. Although, I could be wrong… "I think the school has a stalker now!"

I gave Jenny one of my Paris-looks, as Rebecca calls them. "What the heck does that mean?" I asked her.

"It means that I saw this car circle the school like a bazillion times during PE."

Samantha asked her what it looked like. "It was yellow, with a black stripe on the hood."

Rebecca frowned, "Should we report them?"

"Pssh, no," I said while readjusting my bag's strap, "We'll just wait 'til someone gets kidnapped and then report them."

My friends all stared at me, probably not knowing if I was kidding or not. I sighed, "They were probably just lost, I mean, the roads in some places here can get confusing."

At the school gate, we said bye to Rebecca and Samantha, because they were picked up right there. Jenny, Carrie, and I walked a little ways longer before breaking off. Carrie and Jenny crossed the street, while I continued down the sidewalk.

As I approached my car, I saw a certain yellow go speeding past. There were honks at it, but it didn't slow down. It made a sharp right up a street that I never saw anyone use except to park on. And today, my mom was parked on it.

I saw my dog, Lassie, stick her head out one of the back windows. She yapped happily as I got closer to the car. I opened the passenger door and climbed in, throwing my bag on the ground in front of me.

Instead of the usual 'Hello, how was school today?' I got from my mom, she decided to rant to me. "Did you see how fast that car was going?"

I mumbled a hello to her, but was clearly ignored as she kept going. "Honestly! They could've killed someone!"

"The key word here is could have."

My mom sighed, "I just wish people would think before they do something stupid."

"Me too," I replied. Before my mom could start telling me tales of her day, I slipped on my headphones and turned my iPod on. The song 'So Believe' began to play, as I looked out my window as we drove home.

That night, I was having trouble concentrating on my math homework. The yellow car from earlier was on my mind. There was something different about that car, but I didn't know what. I tried to shake the feeling, but it came back as I was trying to fall asleep. I was able to distract myself, though, by worrying about the next day at school.

Morning was a rush as I ate breakfast, got dressed, and gathered my schoolwork. During the drive to school, I willed the lights to stay green, hoping to get to school at least a few minutes before the bell rang.

As my mom got into the drop off lane, I scanned the main road for any unusual cars. To my surprise, I saw the yellow car, but this time it was accompanied by an identical red one. Upon closer inspection, however, I noticed that it was not the same build as the car from yesterday. And it didn't have a black stripe.

I didn't know if I should be glad or disappointed. I didn't have time to choose, though, because the five-minute bell rang as I got out of the car. I said a quick 'Bye', and walked into the school. I grumbled as I unlocked my locker, put my stuff away, and got my things for PE. Ugh. How I hated PE. And then I have math, and after that, science with the classmates from Hell. Today was gonna be a long day.

By the time lunch rolled around, I was tired physically and mentally. We had had to run for 22 minutes straight in PE. With the teacher, Mr. S, right there, no one dared stop for fear of being yelled at. Math wasn't very enjoyable, because we did a new section and had a test that Thursday. I sat down out our usual table, with Rebecca and Jenny to my left. Samantha and Carrie came a few minutes later, as we ended up getting out earlier than they did. As I began to eat, a flash of red caught my eye. Looking up, I saw the two cars from that morning go by. Ok, maybe they know the person from yesterday. I decided to count how many times they came around.

After watching the two cars for a few minutes, I was interrupted by Carrie. "Paris? Did you hear what I said?"

I blinked a few times before looking at her, "Huh? Oh, you said something?" Carrie nodded, but the turned to talk to Samantha. I felt kinda bad, but I felt that this was important. Now where was I? Oh yeah, four times.

At around the seventh time I saw the two cars, we were done eating. We went to our English class from the previous year and fooled around in there. The dreaded bell rang, signaling that we had ten minutes to get to our class and begin our daily SSR.

It was hard for me to read, which was very unusual. All of those strange cars were on my mind. I wanted to tell my friends, but didn't want to get them worked up over nothing. By the time SSR was over I had barely read a page of my book. I sighed and went to my next class. Science. Oh, the class I dreaded most. It wasn't because it was hard. No, it was because I had the worst classmates ever.

C'mon, c'mon, only three more minutes. Time seemed to move slower the closer it got to 2:50. I opened my book and attempted to read, but it was no use. I heard people getting, and did so myself. I put my chair on the desk and waited by the door for the bell to ring.

Once outside, I jogged to my locker. I stuffed my things into my bag and started to walk off without waiting for my friends. I wanted to try to get a glimpse of those two cars.

"Hey!" I turned around to see Jenny calling after me. "Where are ya going?" she asked.

"Uh," I racked my brain for an excuse. "I, uh, have to go somewhere." Before the others noticed what I was doing, I started walking to the gates of the school. My eyes searched the road and I almost bumped into a few people while doing so. Then I spotted them. They came down the road I was walking by and turned up the same street as the yellow car did the day before. Granted, these ones didn't go as fast.

It was then that I decided that I needed to investigate. Something about these cars wasn't sitting right with me. As I continued walking to my car, I formulated a plan.

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