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Recap: During an ordinary game of Capture the Flag, I was suddenly claimed by four different gods. Chiron placed a call to Mount Olympus to find out what was happening, and it was discovered that all the gods were fighting. Over me.

"Well, like, the gods saw you from Olympus and decided that you were, like, special. Or rad. Whatever." Chiron bobbed his head in a very wise way.

"I knew that." I wiped away a perfect tear from the corner of my heavily mascaraed eye.

"Yeah, kiddo. So they decided you were so rad they all wanted you as, like, their own kid. So they were all like, 'Dude, I'm gonna claim that dude so that she can be my dude and not the dude of the other dudes.' And, like, they all happened to decide to claim you at the same time. I mean, can you say total wipeout?" The centaur sighed. "So now I think you've probably started, like, a war. Or something."

My vision started growing fuzzy. I had caused a war? Oh my goodness. I put a delicate hand to my forehead. "I...but...I never meant to cause a war! Oh, why can't everyone just live in harmony?" At that moment, it was as if the weight of the world was upon me. The Fates are such meanies.

"Yeah. Um...well...I'm just gonna go back and smoke some pot. Catch ya later!" Chiron trotted away, his hemp necklaces swinging in the wind.

Instantly, the entire camp surrounded me, exclaiming over how speshul a snowflake I was and how amazing it was that I had been claimed by four different gods. Unfortunately, since I was the most intelligent person at camp and everyone else was a bunch of dunderheads, nobody grasped the deep, tragic pain I was feeling inside at having created a...conflict. The very word made me shudder. I, the great Sapphyre Raven Beaautiful Jackson, had devoted my life to world peace as of...this very minute! Yeah. World peace was a very noble cause, and I was certainly very, very noble.

"Don't you understand, you dunderheads?!" I sobbed. "I CAUSED A WAR! People are f-f-fighting because of ME!"

The Ares cabin gave me high-fives. Everyone else looked confused.

"Well, why don't you go tell them to stop fighting?" some random kid yelled.

"Yes. Yes." I sat straight up, and took a quick glance in the river to check if my makeup was smudged. (It wasn't.) "I just had the most brilliant idea. I'll go tell them to stop fighting!"

The campers looked at me in awe. "You're so smart, Sapphyre," they all chorused in unison.

Now all I needed was some demigods to come with me. I could obviously negotiate an end to this trouble all by myself, but I needed somebody there to stoke my ego and witness my accomplishments.

"Perseus Jackson, Luke Castellan, and Annabeth Chase!" I called out, using my most commanding voice. "You three shall come with me."

The campers I had just chosen looked at each other with wonder. I knew what they were thinking—were they really smart enough to come on a quest with SAPPHYRE RAVEN BEAAUTIFUL JACKSON?

The answer was no. However, they were coming anyway.

"Pack your bags," I ordered humbly. "And pack mine, too."

They nodded, bowed—"No bowing, please; it makes me feel awkward," I told them with a smile—and ran off. The rest of the camp dispersed to whatever normal people do in their free time.

I sighed. However hard I tried, I would never be normal. "Oh, why, oh, why, did I have to be cursed with Mary Sue-ness?!" I cried to the heavens.

There was no answer. I felt so alone.

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