Total Drama Academy

Year One

a Total Drama fan fiction story

by Lord Akiyama

Author's Note: Just remember that this story is created under the assumption that Total Drama Action does not happen. Though I may consider throwing in elements that I like. Meaning this story should be considered alternate universe. Strange how that works, don't you think?

Total Drama and its characters are copyright © of Fresh TV, Teletoon and Cartoon Network. This story was created purely out of sheer enjoyment so please don't sue. Or throw me off a thousand-foot high cliff into a shark-infested lake. That would so smarts.

Chapter One


(Two weeks ago...)

Greetings, camper!

Bet you weren't expecting to see my handsome face again once you popped in this DVD, huh? Hope you've been enjoying whatever is left of your fifteen minutes of fame, because I got some good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that we're going to invoke a particular clause in the fine print you just oh so love. Check it, we didn't get enough applicants accepted to participate in the second season of Total Drama Island before the deadline period. We ended up receiving only seven applications and they were all very sad, believe me. Since we obviously don't have enough contestants for the next season, we're bringing the band back together. That's right, the ever lovable fine print states that we are legally allowed to drag your sorry butts back on camera under the circumstances mentioned. Awesome, isn't it?

But here is the good news. The producers were recently approached by a really swank boarding school with the proposition of making a reality show at their school for the sake of some cheap publicity. We pulled some strings and they agreed to let you guys in under a special scholarship. How swank of a school are we talking? Nine out of every ten students who have attended have gone on to study at either some Ivy League college or a major foreign university. Those same graduates would later become some of the biggest names in politics, business, entertainment, a couple even became Nobel Prize winners. You don't have to take my word for it. Just review the scholarship package provided and you'll see why Richmore Academy is a school you wouldn't dream of not attending. If anything, your parents would forbid you from declining this offer if you had the choice. But you don't, so you're coming whether you like it or not.

Your experience here will be nothing like that of Total Drama Island. For one, you'll be here for two years. Our deal with the school requires that we not do any eliminations. The only reason any of you would be kicked out is either because you haven't been following the school rules or haven't been maintaining passable grades. This is a pretty strict school and education is of the highest order here. I'll explain more about what you kids will be doing once you get here in two weeks. That's plenty of time to learn more about the school, figure out what to pack, and say good-bye to your friends and family. I can promise you that from this point on your life is about to change forever.

Welcome to Richmore Academy!

And welcome to Total... Drama... Academy!

(Cue Theme Song)

(Week 0, Day 0)

The bus came to a steady stop before the front gate of the school. The doors slid open and the twenty-two passengers began to exit one by one. Most had their bags and luggage with them in hand while the others moved swiftly to the side of the bus to remove them from the storage compartment. With everyone and their stuff accounted for, the bus quickly closed its doors and made an immediate retreat from the area. The twenty-two passengers were left behind in the dust. Once the coughing fits had subsided, they all had a chance to look about their surroundings.

"Remind me why I'm doing this all over again?" LeShawna asked sarcastically.

"The damned fine print, that's why," Gwen grumbled and followed up with a sigh. "Another reason why I'm very suspicious that this school is what Chris claims it to be. It's too good to be true."

"Then let's hope so," Noah commented aloud. "Because then we can sue him for false advertising and get out of our contracts."

"Which is why the whole thing is probably legitimate, really," Harold retorted. "Chris loves to flaunt how he can legally get away with some of things he does, so you can bet he's doing everything he can to ensure that we don't hit him with a lawsuit."

"I hate to say it, but if we are indeed studying here then I'll be indebted to him," Courtney said, seemingly rather ashamed with herself while being excited at the same time. "Just to graduate from here will guarantee me a term in public office one day."

"Well, I could care less if this is for real or not," Duncan noted with a shrug. "As long as I'm not in juvie for the next two years, I'll be perfectly content." He then managed to slip an arm around Courtney's shoulders and form a sly grin on his face. "Not to mention I get to spend more time with you, princess."

"Duncan!" Courtney whined, trying unsuccessfully to release herself from his grip. She wasn't even trying all that much to begin with as her cheeks began to turn a shade of pink.

"We don't need another couple sucking face non-stop, thank you," Noah said, jerking his thumb over toward Bridgette and Geoff. The two were in the middle a heavy make out sessions which had been going on long since before they even got on the bus earlier. Some would dare imagine they've been kissing since last night.

"Make that three," Eva noted, jerking her thumb at Lindsay and Tyler. The two had apparently followed Bridgette and Geoff's lead and engage in their own make out session, probably as early as while they were on the bus.

"I must admit, I'm rather surprised they managed to still be together," Noah noted with a raised brow.

"This is going to be so cool," Izzy proclaimed as she perched herself upon Owen's shoulder. "I can't wait to check out some of the clubs they got. I wonder if they have an adventure club. Do you think they'll allow me to bring my pet snake on campus?"

"You have a pet snake?" DJ asked in horror, using his hands to try and shield his pet rabbit Bunny away from Izzy's line of sight.

"Oh yeah, it's really awesome," Owen answered for his crazy girlfriend with a chuckle. "It's a big one and one time it tried to swallow me whole. But it could only go as far up as my stomach." Hearing this did little to comfort DJ.

"I can't believe I have to spend another two years with you dweebs," Heather muttered aloud. "And there's no prize money to be gained out of this. It's completely unfair." She brushed her now shoulder-length hair behind the back of her head.

"Keep up that attitude and I'll shave off all the hair that managed to grow back," LeShawna threatened. She engaged in a glaring contest with Heather that would last the entire day if they allowed for it to.

"Speaking of changes," Cody said, clearing his throat in an effort to dissolve the tension in the air. He then turned to Beth, smiling nervously. "Beth, I noticed you got your braces removed. You look great."

"Really?" Beth asked then turned her head shyly while smiling. "Thanks. It just feels so good being able to talk normally now without having to deal with the stupid lisp any more."

"Beth looks really cute without her braces, doesn't she Sadie?" Katie asked her BFFFL.

"Totally!" Sadie agreed. "Her teeth are so white and perfect. Just like Justin!" The two girls then began to squeal as they turned their eyes to the hunk in question.

"And my contract with Glutius Maximus Modeling will make absolutely sure that I stay that way," Justin mused to himself aloud as he admired his reflection in the mirror he held.

Trent noticed that this goth girlfriend hadn't quite relaxed about the situation despite the earlier conversation. Wanting to be the ever faithful boyfriend, he wrapped his arms around her for comfort. "At least there's one good thing about all this, beautiful," he whispered to her. "Neither one of us have to drive two hours to see each other now."

Gwen managed to give out a gentle sigh and curve her lips enough to form a small smile. "You're right, handsome," she whispered back. "That is one good thing."

Cody looked around at everyone in the group, as though to make sure all were once again accounted for. He then noticed Ezekiel sitting alone, seemingly looking as though he was completely separated from the group. "Hey, Ezekiel," the techno-geek called out to the other. "Looking forward to actually going to a school now?"

The home-schooled prairie boy flinched upon hearing his name called. He looked up quite nervously, instinctively looking to pull his toque down over his eyes. His eyes darted quickly from one body to another, looking to see just what kind of faces they were making at him. Most appeared rather indifferent while others, mainly the girls, glared at him. As if daring him to say something sexist so that they would be given all the reason in the world to pummel him into a bloody pulp.

"I... I..." he stammered to begin, failing miserably. He swallowed hard, becoming increasingly more nervous by the second. "I... don't kn'oo... eh..." He finally managed to pull his toque down over his eyes in embarrassment.

Barely a second later, a golf cart rolled out from beyond the front gate and stopped before the group. At the driver's side was the ever familiar frame of Chef Hatchet. Sitting in the passenger side and holding a megaphone in hand is the handsome face of the man most everyone present hated. Their host, Chris McLean.

"Welcome back, campers!" Chris called out to them through the megaphone despite being a couple short feet away from them. "Or should I say students! Welcome back for another glorious season, two more in fact, of your run on Total Drama! For the next two years, we will be filming your every step and breath you take here in Kitchener, Ontario. Now let's get a move on here, people. We're on a tight schedule today and we want to delay the horrifying inevitable for as long as possible."

"The pain and suffering you'll be torturing us with?" Noah sarcastically asked aloud.

"Close," Chris replied. "You forget that you're all celebrities. And were the students here not in the middle of class, you would all be swarmed by a sea of fans from which you couldn't escape from. So we better get going to your assigned dormitory before they get out of class any time soon."

"Aren't you gonna provide us with a ride?" LeShawna asked.

"No," Chris answered. "Besides, no motorized vehicle bigger than this cart is allowed on campus. So you're all walking no matter what. Time's a wasting!"

"I hate that man..." Heather muttered in a low voice before begrudgingly grabbing all of her bags and luggage and joining the others in following the cart through the front gate. Fortunately for them, Chef was driving slow enough for them to keep pace.

"This is Richmore Academy!" Chris announced to the students through the megaphone. "A highly prestigious and private boarding school that is among the elite in all of Canada. You have to be really smart to even consider wanting to study here. And those who managed to even hear about it know that this is the kind of school your parents want you to go to. I wasn't kidding when I said that graduates here have been set for life almost immediately. So you should all be thankful that our show is giving you this opportunity of a life-time here."

Most wanted to give a retort to the last statement he had made. Instead, they were in awe of the campus they were walking through. The buildings were quite majestic, very classical looking. Everything was clean and professionally maintained. It certainly looked like an elite-level school. Much better looking than the public high schools virtually all had previously attended. Ezekiel was in awe of seeing a school for the first time.

"Now, you're all wondering how the hell we managed to pull this off," Chirs continued to speak through the megaphone. "As noted before, the school came to us. Total Drama Island was such a huge success that they went to the producers to pull another winning reality show based around the school. We liked the idea, but we liked it even better when we thought about bringing you all back for another go around. It took some convincing, but we managed to strike a deal with them so that you all would be able to attend. Given the academic scores most of you get on average, consider yourselves very lucky to even set foot on this campus. They generally only accept those with the highest of grades."

"Meaning neither Lindsay or Owen could possibly have gone here without having been on the show," Heather muttered to herself quietly. Unfortunately, she wasn't quiet enough as she was nailed in the back of the head with a slap from LeShawna.

"As part of the deal, you will be taking classes that will separate you from the students who actually belong here," Chris continued, seemingly uninterrupted. "However, we understand that there are a couple of you who feel you deserve to be a true Richmore student. So you will all be taking the entrance exam Sunday afternoon. Those who pass will be allowed to study with the rest of the student body. Everyone else will be sticking together whether you like it or not."

"Aww, that's too bad," Duncan mused quietly to Courtney. He still managed to maintain a grin on his face. "I'll probably never get the chance to see just how much of an overachiever you are, princess."

Courtney appeared as though she wanted to lash out verbally at him for making such a comment. Instead, the statement caused her to feel differently as evident by the blushing of her cheeks. Moments later, the students were led to a dormitory building that appeared to be isolated from the rest of the school on campus. This was where Chef brought the cart to a stop. Chris immediately leaped onto the top of cart, megaphone still in hand.

"This is Riker Hall, boys and girls," the handsome host announced. "It is here where you will be staying for two years. Because this whole building was empty when we made the deal with the school, this place became just right for us to set up shop. You will be rooming on the west end of the hall while the east end will house the production crew and our equipment. Making this place even more wicked is the cool amphitheater we have. Which is where we will be heading straight into right this second."

"What about our stuff, man?" Geoff asked, having taken a moment to stop making out with Bridgette.

"We need to lay down some rules of the school before you guys can settle in," Chris answered, hoping off the cart. "And trust me when I say that you guys would want to get through all that is scheduled as quickly as possible. So move, people!"

The twenty-two students begrudgingly followed the host and Chef Hatchet into Riker Hall. Upon entering, they noticed that the living space looked rather plain. Practically empty, in fact. Just a couple chairs and a couch that could barely fit four bodies.

"In case you're wondering, you will get a chance to decorate the living space later on," Chris said, answering the unvoiced question everyone had. "The question you should be asking yourselves is how we will decide for you to decorate." This statement didn't make any of the students comfortable. But before they could ask him to elaborate, he jerked his thumb over to a door on the east end of the room. "Behind that door will be the confessional cam. That room you can litter with decorations to your heart's content any time you wish."

(Confession Cam)

Owen - "Ho-oh wow! This is going to be awesome! It'll be like practice for when I go to college."

Harold - "This is rather plain looking. Maybe I can spruce it up a little with some pictures and stuff. Make it more homely."

Ezekiel - "It actually doesn't look all that bad, eh? Then again, I barely have anythin' at home as it is so what do I kn'oo."

Courtney - "I think everyone is forgetting that Chris just opened the flood gates in terms of how this place will be decorated. I'm betting that this place will just be horrible looking by the end of the month with all the clashing going on in here. It's going to be just absolutely vile."

The amphitheater was quite large. Certainly enough to seat maybe a thousand people easy. The students scattered about on the main floor seats while Chris and Chef stepped up onto the stage. Also on the stage was a young woman, roughly the same age as the students, sitting near the podium the handsome host made his way toward.

The woman wore what appeared to be the school's uniform. A magenta long-sleeved shirt with a navy blue ruffle scarf popping out over her chest. The navy blue also coloring the shirt she wore while the magenta colored the long shin-high socks that were covered by a pair of fancy black heel shoes. She had her brunette hair tied into a bun with a few loose bangs hanging over her blue eyes, which were covered by a plain looking pair of glasses.

"Before you get briefed on the school rules, I need to tell you one thing about how we're going to work things out on our end," Chris spoke in the microphone at the podium. Fortunately for the students, not with the assistance of the megaphone he still had in his hand. "Education is of the highest order here at Richmore, which leaves us with having to do our challenges on the weekend. Friday night should work just fine for you folks, don't you think? And hey, today is Friday. Meaning we're going to have a challenge on your first day again. Awesome, huh?"

The students began to groan in frustration. It did, though, let them know why Chris said it would be in their best interest to get through their schedule quickly. So they could get the day's challenge out of the way as soon as possible.

"I will say that part of the deal we have with the school is that we are not allowed to have elimination challenges," Chris added, causing some of the students to sigh in relief. "It is felt that taking you out of the school just because you did bad in a challenge that had nothing to do with your academics would be unfair to your education. We'll just bank on you troublemakers getting booted out through official school means. But we need to ensure that you folks perform in our challenges. So the school has agreed to apply that you must be here to attend our challenges, or else your GPA will be affected."

(Confession Cam)

Noah - "I'm not surprised Chris managed to pull such a stunt. Doesn't make me any happier. My GPA will take a hit if I don't participate? And he wonders why we're not appreciative toward him and the show."

"We also expect you to perform well in these challenges despite the fact that you don't get the boot if you fail," Chris continued. "So we're throwing in a number of incentives. Those who perform the poorest or gives the weakest effort in the challenge will be nailed with a disadvantage or handicap in the following week's challenge. Forcing you to have to work that much harder to avoid having to go through it twice in a row. Those who win challenges will be rewarded with some swank prizes."

A curtain behind Chris began to raise. It revealed a large pile of prizes that were indeed, in Chris' words, swank. Some of the students were quite impressed, a couple actually giving out long whistles to voice their approval.

"Most of the prizes will come from the pile you see before you," the handsome host added. "And some challenges will be rewarded with other cool prizes that we won't tell you about until you win. Don't worry, they're all really good. All the more reason we want you to bring your A-game. In addition, we'll randomly throw in the bonus of not having to participate in the next week's challenge. Attendance is mandatory, but you get to sit back and enjoy watching your fellow students being tortured. Just remember that these are being offered randomly, so you won't know if you will be able to sit out the next week until we tell you."

(Confession Cam)

Gwen - "Knowing Chris, my guess is that we will rarely see that bonus be given out. I actually wouldn't be surprised if he only gives it out once throughout our entire stay here."

"Now then, it's time to rundown the school's rules," Chris said. "And here to do that is the young lady who will be your Resident Assistant, Jessica."

(Confession Cam)

Chris - "Of the hundreds who applied to be the R.A. for our group, we liked Jessica the best. Primarily because she honestly wasn't qualified to be an R.A. anywhere else. She knows the score and is more than willing to help us create some extra drama up in here. This is going to be awesome!"

"Good day, everyone," Jessica said as she now stood behind the podium. "I'm Jessica and I'll be your R.A. during your two year stay here at Richmore. The school applies a three strike policy when it comes to the rules of conduct around here. You can obviously tell that receiving three strikes means you're out of the school. Since education is valued the most, here is what you need to know in order to graduate from here.

"Because you will all be separated from the students who truly belong here, your average for a passing grade will be different. It will be based off the country's grading standards. You will receive a strike if your GPA is below the acceptable passing score at the end of a quarter. This obviously means that you need to maintain grades that are general passing level in this country through at least six quarters if you expect to graduate from here.

"As Chris mentioned, you will be taking the school's entrance exam on Sunday to see if any of you actually qualify to study with the student body here. If you happen to pass the exam, you must then maintain the school's acceptable passing level in order to avoid getting a strike. And you are expected to maintain a GPA no greater than 3.7 in order to do so. If you receive two strikes, you will be knocked out of learning with the privileged students. In addition, the two strikes will remain so you will want to avoid dropping below the accepted general passing level for the sake of your dignity."

(Confession Cam)

Bridgette - "To be perfectly honest, I can only see Courtney and Noah possibly passing the entrance exam and studying with the student body. I don't think anyone else in our group would be smart enough. Izzy claims she has an IQ of 188, but I have to say that I'm pretty doubtful about that."

"When it comes to rule breaking, the three strike policy is broken up into two stages," Jessica further explained. "Minor rule breaking and major rule breaking. Three minor rule breaking strikes are the equivalent of one major rule breaking strike. Obviously three major rule breaking strikes result in you getting the boot. So watch yourselves. If I don't report something, then it didn't happen. Try to avoid attracting the attention of other staff members and you should be fine.

"Let me say one more thing before we move on. Chris forgot to mention the cameras in your rooms. The school does respect personal privacy of the students, so the cameras will be deactivated from midnight to six in the morning every night. The school has no curfew regarding staying out, quiet hours, when lights should be off, or anything of the such. But noise does play a factor and you will be issued a strike if you get too loud. Whether you get a minor or major rule breaking strike will be determined by school officials. I recommend just keeping the noise at a sensible level and not getting caught doing anything stupid."

(Confession Cam)

Duncan - "Hmmm... Sounds awfully vague as to whether the rule breaking I do will be considered minor or major. It's all up to the school officials, and it appears they don't have some sort of standard by which to recognize a minor over a major rule break. Better choose my battles carefully, because I'm not going back to juvie. Would keep me away from Courtney."

"Alright, let's move on to the next item on the agenda," Jessica announced. "Your rooms. Given some of the things Chris and company have planned for you in future challenges, there is one hallway in the west end open to you guys to room in. And there are only twelve rooms. So twenty of you will be sharing your sleeping space with someone else. Follow me so we can figure out who is in which room so you can put your stuff down."

The twenty-two students followed Jessica out of the amphitheater and into the west wing of Riker Hall. They went up one flight of stairs to the second floor before entering the hallway that no doubt would be the location of their rooms.

"The south side of the hall are the odd numbered rooms," Jessica began to explain. "That side will also be where the boys will stay in. The north side will be the even numbered rooms and where the girls are at. At the far end of the hallway are two bathrooms, one per side and each containing five shower stalls and five toilets. The furthest end is the laundry room, which contains five washers and five dryers. It's not necessary, but I highly recommend setting up a timetable sheet so that you all won't be butting heads over who gets to do their laundry load first."

"So, how do we determine who gets what room?" Cody asked.

"It's already been arranged," Jessica said, revealing a clipboard in hand that she had apparently been keeping concealed under her left arm. "By Chef Hatchet." She ignored the groans that responded to her revelation and merely walked over to the first room. "Let's just get you into your rooms so we can quickly move through the schedule for today, shall we? Room one will be occupied by Owen. All by his lonesome self."

"I get a room to myself?" Owen exclaimed with excitement. "Woo hoo! This is going to be awesome!" He pumped his hands in the air in victory before rushing into his room with all of his belongings.

"How the hell does Owen get a room to himself?" Heather asked in frustration.

"He did win Total Drama Island," Cody answered. Though the answer was perfectly reasonable, it didn't give Heather any sort of comfort as she just scowled and rolled her eyes.

"In room two will be Bridgette and Courtney," Jessica announced, reading from the clipboard.

Courtney let out a sigh of relief. "At least I get to room with a friend," she commented aloud. "Right, Bridgette?" There was no immediate response. "Bridgette?" She turned to find her roommate still in the midst of a heavy make out session with her boyfriend. "I hope this doesn't end up becoming too much of a problem."

"I'm sure you'll figure something out to let her know which room she's in," Jessica noted. She hadn't removed her eyes from the clipboard the entire time. "In room three will be Duncan and Ezekiel."

All Duncan had to do was glance over at the boy assigned to be his roommate and it was more than enough to cause Ezekiel to flinch in utter fear. Duncan shrugged and let out a light chuckle. "Just don't insult princess whenever she's in the room and we'll be perfectly peachy, home school," Duncan said.

"Who said I would ever go into your room, Duncan?" Courtney complained, though it was perfectly obvious the blush on her cheeks were not out of anger.

"Moving on," Jessica interrupted. "Room four will be Lindsay and Sadie."

Sadie and Katie looked quite horrified upon hearing that they wouldn't be rooming together. "But... But why am I being separated from Katie?" Sadie cried. "Doesn't he know by now that we're BFFFL's?"

"You're more than welcome to plead your case to Chef Hatchet," Jessica noted aloud. "Though I highly doubt any one of you could come up with a good enough reason for him to change the assignments. Consider them final, boys and girls. Whether you like it or not. Any way, room five will be Geoff and Noah."

"Great," Noah sighed sarcastically. "I have to room with the party animal. How joyous." He managed to catch sight of his roommate still in the middle of making out with his girlfriend and just rolled his eyes.

"Since your his roommate, you can help me separate them long enough for them to put their stuff away," Courtney said to Noah.

"And I should exert any effort to do so because..." Noah said with a raised brow, caring less about what he was just about to get himself into with such a cynical attitude.

"Because I'm going to make you help her," Duncan said, immediately stepping behind the know-it-all.

Noah didn't seem to care all that much. "Like you physically threatening me is going to do that much of a difference," he said. "I'm the youngest of eight, pal. I've experienced every trick in the book."

"I don't have to get physical to make you squeal, smart mouth," Duncan noted confidently.

"While that's happening, let's find the rest of you your assigned rooms," Jessica said, her attention still remaining upon the clipboard in hand. "Room six will be Beth and Izzy."

"I'm not rooming with Heather, so I think I'll be fine," Beth said after a seemingly hesitant shrug. The reason for her hesitation became apparent when her roommate glomped her from behind.

"We're going to be the best, roomie!" Izzy cheered. "I think you'll get along fine with my pet snake!"

"S-Snake...?" Beth whimpered.

"No snakes allowed on campus, Izzy," Jessica announced.

"Aww," Izzy whined. "Why not?"

"School officials consider it too dangerous of a pet to have here," their R.A. replied, her eyes still fixed upon the clipboard. "A few years back, a student got permission to have his pet cat on campus. Turned out to be a tiger. The officials had to draw the line on what kind of pets would be allowed after that."

"Pet tiger, huh," Izzy said with a curious smirk on her face. "I'd like to meet him."

"Moving along," Jessica said, not wanting to continue conversing with Izzy any further at the moment. "In room seven, it will be DJ and Justin. I've been informed that you have a pet rabbit, DJ. Yes, officials will allow pet rabbits on campus."

"Good to know," DJ said happily, stroking Bunny with a free hand. He then turned to his assigned roommate. "Hope you don't mind that Bunny rooms with us, bro."

"Sounds fantastic," Justin said, apparently oblivious to whatever DJ had just said. His attention was fixed upon the room they would be sharing. "Listen, do you mind if I have the room to myself a couple times a week? My modeling contract requires I send in stills every month and there's enough space for a number of photo shoots I have in mind."

"Over in room eight will be Katie and LeShawna," Jessica stated.

Katie sniffled. "N-Now I'm farther away from Sadie..." she whimpered.

"Girl, don't you fret," LeShawna said, wrapping an arm around her roommate's shoulders. "I know you and I are going to be good friends and Sadie's allowed to come to our room any time she wants."

"Y-You mean that?" Katie asked.

"Absolutely," LeShawna replied. "So long as you two keep the noise down." Unfortunately for her, it seemed that her roommate didn't quite get the last sentence as the would-be twins began squealing and hugging upon hearing the good news for them. "Think I'm gonna need some work on getting them to turn that noise down."

"In room nine will be Trent and Tyler," Jessica announced.

Trent looked at his roommate and shrugged. "I'm cool with that," he said.

"Same here, dude," Tyler nodded.

"So if there's only one room left for the boys, does that mean Cody and I are sharing room eleven?" Harold asked upon figuring in all of the deductions he made in his head.

"That would be correct," Jessica answered.

"Yes!" Harold said, pumping his fist.

"I know you and I are going to make great roommates, buddy," Cody said with an equal share of enthusiasm.

"So that leaves me, weird goth girl and the rage-aholic without rooms," Heather summarized. "And there's only two rooms left. Chef had better given me a room to myself for what he did to my hair."

Gwen rolled her eyes to the queen bee's statement. "As long as I don't room with her, I'll be fine," she muttered.

"Just tell me what my room is already," Eva growled in frustration. "I got a lot of weights to put down."

"Very well," Jessica responded. This time, she looked away from the clipboard and smiled at the three remaining girls. "Room ten will be Eva and Heather. Room twelve will be Gwen all to herself."

"What?" Heather cried in horror. "Why the hell does weird goth girl get the room to herself and I have to room with the rage-aholic? What's the reasoning behind that?"

"Gwen was the finalist on Total Drama Island," Trent replied, placing an arm around his happy goth girlfriend. "If you ask me, that's a fair enough reason for her to get a room to herself."

"Fair to you because you're dating her!" Heather roared in retort. "How does it explain me having to room with Eva?"

"You sure you want to be venting your anger this loudly?" Tyler asked curiously.

Heather was about to respond with great frustration and anger when she realized why Tyler asked the question. The reason for it was seething down the back of her neck. She swallowed nervously and then turned slowly to face the furious eyes of her roommate. And she didn't look too happy.

"You have a problem rooming with me?" Eva asked with a huff.

"Need I remind you people that we are on a tight schedule for today," Jessica said after clearing her throat, tapping her right foot in the process. "So will you all please drop your things in your rooms quickly so we can make our way to the tailor shop and get you boys and girls your uniforms. Those who don't like their roommates can pummel each other later."

At that second, a very loud and rather wet sounding pop was heard. Virtually all heads turned to see Courtney and Noah successfully separating Bridgette and Geoff from their lip lock. Both looked quite confused that they were now being stared at by everyone in the hallway.

"What?" Geoff asked in a clueless state.

(Confession Cam)

Bridgette - "Geoff is so wonderful and handsome that it doesn't take much for him to do something that would make me want to kiss him. He's much more romantic than I had ever thought. Even just thinking about him makes me want to kiss him." /Gives out a blissful sigh./ "... I hope it's not too much of a distraction..."

Courtney - "I really like Bridgette. And I guess I like Geoff, too. But they can't be making out every second of every day. They won't be able to focus on their studies. And if they don't focus on their studies, they're gonna get booted for their low scores. And if Bridgette gets booted, it might mean I'll get a different roommate. And to be honest, I don't think I'd be comfortable with any of the other girls as my roommate."

Ezekiel - "I... I'm really scared, eh. Scared a'boot bein' here an' all. Never b'in to a s'kool before. Havin' to be with girls I insulted the first day I met 'em. ... Now I have to share a room with Duncan. Who c'ood snap me like a toothpick if he wanted to. He w'oodn't need a reason to do it, eh. He w'ood just do it. ... Oh, why did I sign up to be on the show, eh?" /Begins to cry in sorrow./

Gwen - "I'm still awfully suspicious about the whole thing. But... I guess I could enjoy a little of what's happened so far. I get a room to myself. I only have to deal with challenges once a week instead of every three days." /Begins to slightly blush./ "And I get spend a lot of time with Trent without one of us having to drive two hours to see the other."

Cody - "So after we put our stuff down in our rooms, we have to go to a tailor shop to get fitted into school uniforms. I was pretty excited because I think the uniforms look good. Well... at least the girls' uniforms..." /Starts to swoon./

DJ - "I have to say, I was a little concerned about going to the tailor shop. Mostly because I could only imagine just how long it was going to take to get Owen fitted in a uniform his size."

"You're probably the second biggest boy to ever get fitted in my shop, young man," the ancient looking tailor commented aloud as he finished measuring Owen. "Fortunately for you, I managed to work on customizing sizes for folks as big as you in my spare time. Probably need to make snippets on the sleeve here and there."

While the tailor worked on getting Owen properly fitted in his uniform, the other students were getting finished putting their uniforms on. The girls were wearing similar uniforms to the one their R.A. was wearing. The boys wore a magenta coat over their white buttoned up shirt. Their pants were navy blue and their tie were stripes of magenta and navy blue.

Lindsay checked herself out in the nearest mirror and began to slightly pout. "This doesn't show enough of my belly," she whined. "You could barely see my naval in this. Don't you think so too, Tyson?"

Her focus was more upon her reflection rather than what her boyfriend thought. Otherwise, she would have noticed how Tyler probably didn't mind that not enough of her belly was showing. Not when he was too busy drooling uncontrollably at just how apparently sexy she looked in her uniform.

"All your nit-picking about the uniforms will fall on deaf ears, people," Jessica said, watching over all the students from one side of the shop. "You must wear your uniforms during all class hours. Don't even think about trying accidentally walk into a lecture wearing casual clothing. You should rather turn up late and in uniform than on time and in a shirt and jeans. Your footwear must be black and must cover your entire foot."

"Does this mean we can't wear hats either?" Geoff asked rather nervously. He wasn't the only one as Ezekiel clutched his toque as if his life depended upon it.

"The only ones who would mind about headgear would be the professors," Jessica answered with a shrug. "Some will want you to take them off, but frankly they don't care. The school is strict enough that you have to wear the uniforms so they figured you should be allowed at least a little personal flare."

"Excellent!" Geoff cheered. As if in victory, he swooped Bridgette into his arms and began to passionately kiss her.

"Not again!" Noah groaned. "Courtney, I think this is going to be a daily routine for us."

"Huh, wha?" Courtney replied, looking as though she had been momentarily distracted. "Oh, right! I'll be right there!" The pink on her cheeks were glowing brighter after catching one last glance of Duncan, who merely returned it with a smirk.

(Confession Cam)

Courtney - "Oh dear... Oh dear, oh dear... Duncan actually looking nice by wearing that uniform... Oh dear... I can't believe how turned on I am just thinking about it... I feel so ashamed..." /Starts stroking her collarbone unconsciously./

Duncan - "I hate uniforms in general. Reminds me too much of the crap I have to wear in juvie. Feels like I'm wearing something meant to be uncomfortable. But ever since I caught sight of Courtney checking me out, I think it's starting to grow on me. Feeling more comfortable wearing it by the minute. I'm liking this school more and more."

All twenty-two students were now back in the Riker Hall amphitheater, sitting in randomly scattered seats throughout the main floor, still in their school uniforms. Jessica was standing behind the podium with Chris and Chef Hatchet to her left.

"I think we managed to make good time, boys and girls," their R.A. stated rather proudly. "I think we're all going to get along just fine. Since Chris will only see you every Friday for your challenges, I'll be the person to talk to if you have any general questions during and about your stay here at Richmore. Now then, time to turn it back over to Chris." Jessica took a few steps back as Chris stepped over to be directly behind the podium.

"Thank you, Jessica," Chris spoke through the microphone before taking a good look at the students. "Wow. I have to say, you guys look rather spiffy in your school uniforms. Owen my man, I'm surprised they managed to find one in your size. But enough about your clothes, it's time for your first challenge."

The students began to groan. It just made Chris smile wider and chuckle at their misery.

"Don't worry, this week's challenge will be relatively painless," he announced. "All you have to do is decorate your room in a way that will impress myself, Chef Hatchet, Jessica, and a special jury for tonight. In a moment, you will have thirty minutes to formulate a plan of how to decorate your room. Those with roommates, you'll want to consider figuring how to sproose up the room in a way that will make you both comfortable."

Some of the students began to nervously glance over at their respective roommates, knowing their personalities would be a detriment to the challenge. In particular Heather and Eva, Duncan and Ezekiel, and Beth and Izzy. More so Beth than Izzy.

"When the thirty minutes are up, Jessica will take you to the nearest department store where you'll have an hour to shop," the handsome host continued. "Each room, and I do mean room, will have a budget of $100 for this challenge. We're not going to give you any more, but we can't stop you from dipping into your own money if you think it will help make your room that much better. We could care less what you do with your cash. Upon returning here from the department store, you'll have five hours to get your room all decorated before judging. The amount of time you have to decorate was determined by how quickly you managed to get through our schedule for today.

"Now here's where the fun part really begins. Myself, Chef Hatchet and Jessica will each make personal picks for which room we liked the best and which room we liked the least. The occupants of the three losing rooms will have a disadvantage or handicap of sorts in next week's challenge. The three favorite rooms will then be voted on by our special jury, who will determine which is the winning room. The occupant, or occupants, of the room will be rewarded from our prize pile here on the stage. The occupants of the favorite rooms will also get to decorate the living space just outside the amphitheater with the winning room getting to spear-head the whole deal. That project you'll have plenty of time to do as well as all the money you need."

(Confession Cam)

Harold - "The winning prize may not seem like it would be worth the effort, but I think in a few weeks time everyone will wish they had tried their best in the challenge. I mean, these are going to be decorations we have to live with for two years. That goes for the living space, too. Since Cody and I know this, I think we'll be able to pull it off successfully so that even if we don't win we'll be quite happy with how our room looks."

Ezekiel - "Now I'm really scared, eh. I'm perfectly fine with the room lookin' so plain an' all, but I bet Duncan will wanna dress it up to his likin'. I dunno if I'm gonna like it, eh. I bet he w'ood hurt me worse than Eva if I had to tell 'em."

Gwen - "I'm betting some of the others are thinking that Owen and I will have it easy since we both don't have to deal with roommates. I keep reminding myself that Chris and Chef are judging in this challenge. They have no taste, so I'm concerned they're going to unfairly pick someone as a loser just because they don't like them despite how great of an effort they put into their decorations. Although... there is a wild card in all this. I'm not quite certain which side Jessica is on."

Jessica - "Chris said I'm allowed to use the confession cam since I'm the group's R.A. While I agreed to help create some extra drama for the show if need be, I just want to state that I'm not one of Chris' minions. I'll be pulling the strings my way."

Here is a recap of who is assigned to which room:

Room One - Owen

Room Two - Bridgette and Courtney

Room Three - Duncan and Ezekiel

Room Four - Lindsay and Sadie

Room Five - Geoff and Noah

Room Six - Beth and Izzy

Room Seven - DJ and Justin

Room Eight - Katie and LeShawna

Room Nine - Trent and Tyler

Room Ten - Eva and Heather

Room Eleven - Cody and Harold

Room Twelve - Gwen

Special thanks to the following folks:

Just Another Fanatic - I borrowed a number of ideas from her story Total Drama School. Don't worry, I'm going in a completely different direction with mine.

The Kobold Necromancer - Author of a fantastic story in Total Drama Comeback and whose ability to write the characters I aspire to achieve.

GoblinQueeen - For introducing me to Total Drama, the series which is responsible for ending my life as I know it.


Next Up: Chris, Chef, Jessica, and a special jury pick the winner of the first challenge.