"I… love you Bella…" I was shocked by his words. "I-I… love… you to, Edward" Was all I could say then he lightly placed his lips on mine. I don't even need see this scene to know that it's beautiful. Kissing in the middle of a forest while raining… Yes, lovely indeed…

"Edward, you need to know something about me." I grimaced. "What is it Love?" I felt worry upon his face. "Edward… I'm a…" Before I could say the last words I fainted in tiredness.

"Edward, I told you, I don't love you anymore, okay!?! Leave, now!!!" I yelled my lie. I need him to be safe… safe from us… safe from me… I need him to leave for his own good. God help me… help him… help Edward.

"No Bella, Don't! Please! Please Bella don't do this! Please… I love you!" He begged while dry sobbing. I shook my head while crying harder. "I'm… so sorry Edward… I… love you to and… goodbye"

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