Author Notes: Wrote this up really quickly (like, in ten minutes with my foot halfway out the door, lol). Not sure if I like it yet, but eh. For LJ's ouran_contest's drabble theme "unbelievable."

Pairings or Characters: Kaoru, Haruhi, Hikaru
Word Count:
Haruhi destroys the twins' way of life, and Kaoru can't decide if he cares.


The nerve of her, Kaoru thinks at first.

This world is for the two of them alone, and she comes right by and rips straight through their walls and sees past their games into what they've always kept hidden. She invades like she has every right to, and though they are experts at forcing others away, when it comes to her they are defeated time and time again.

And then she's in and they can't get rid of her. They can't let her go now that she's seen the inside. And worse, they crave her. But it's more than that. Both of them have lost their hearts to her, as well.

It's upsetting, impossible, frightening, unbelievable and so incredibly wonderful all at once that it easily makes Kaoru's head spin in awe. And the fact that she hardly realizes any of what she has done makes him laugh softly at the irony.

But their world was not meant for three. It cracks and falls away quite quickly and leaves them naked and exposed. And she is there to protect them from what they've always been hiding from, and shows she knows far more about them than perhaps they did themselves.

Kaoru laughs again.

The nerve of her, he thinks at last, and pretends that he misses the days without her.