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My life was now perfect as can be.

I have the most caring family. My daughter was happy with my best friend, though that needed some getting used to. And I had the most perfect, loving husband any woman would be lucky to have.

My family was living near the Denali coven. Tanya and her coven were really very welcoming. They were like family.

Yes, my life was at its peak and I really hope it would stay that way forever.


While Edward and I were in his music room, I liked it when he played for me especially when he would play my lullaby, Alice called everyone to the living room.

Huh? Weird.

"Edward, what's going on? Is something wrong?" I asked him, worried that trouble might be coming again.

It has been fifteen years since Nessie was born and the Volturi had come and made their visit. But since then, no one has come to bother us or even planned to harm anyone in our family. This was strange, having Alice call everyone like something bad was going to happen.

Edward just shrugged his shoulders and gestured that we should just head down stairs to find out for ourselves.

When all of us were in the living room, Alice told us to sit down. I sat beside Edward. Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie sat on the large sofa. Carlisle and Esme sat across Edward and I. Nessie and Jake were sitting on the floor beside the couch that Edward and I were sitting in.

Alice began to speak, "Guys, we have a problem. Someone is coming to visit us."

Shock registered to everyone's faces. Who could that person be? Why would he or she ruin the perfect life we had been living.


As Bella and I were heading down stairs, I was very confused as to what had Alice seen. She was blocking her thoughts and therefore I could not see her vision. What was she hiding from me, from us?

When we were all settled in the living room, Alice told us what she had seen.

She spoke, "Guys, we have a problem. Someone is coming to visit us."

Those words were very hard to register. I was in shock and fearing for what my family had to face when our visitor would come.

After how many minutes or it felt like hours of silence I then spoke, "Alice who is this visitor you are talking about?"

We couldn't be sure if our visitor would be trouble for us or not.

Alice was still blocking her thoughts from me and that's why I had to ask her.

She just answered me, "I don't know why she is here. I don't know how she knew where we lived. All I know is that she is here for Bella."


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