A/U: Themes based on what I found interesting in my dictionary. If you would like to see ANY pairing, feel free to ask… heck, might even be a fan of that pairing!

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A cappella – For Pell, having a melody to accompany his singing makes it all the more fun; for Chaka, listening to Pell and his voice alone is so much better than listening to music.

A deux – During one of their earlier days of going on a mission together; the lady handling the service table of the motel would sneak a few glances on the pale man, although oblivious to the woman's stare, Pell happily orders one room and a double bed, and Chaka can't help but laugh at the way the woman face vaulted.

A fortiori –Robin asks Zoro as to why he would want to be the best swordsman; Zoro cradles her face in his hands and replies with a smile that he would love to keep her forever close to him and not lose anyone else.

A gogo – During the celebration after Crocodile's defeat, Kohza was too busy being interrogated by Cobra-sama to notice Vivi looking at him with a smile on her face.

A la mode – Luffy notices his first mate slightly looking flushed in the heat, without much thought he grabs an ice-cream bucket in the freezer and dumps it on Zoro; Zoro in turn screams obscenities at him and he merely smiles and says that he is now cooled down and good enough to eat.

A posteriori – While Kaku learns that Lucci likes his coffee black during one of their missions, Lucci learns that Kaku prefers orange juice over alcoholic beverages and finds it somewhat appealing.

A priori – When Usopp sees Luffy cuddling to a sleeping Zoro he points a finger at them and screams; Zoro opens and eye and tells him to quiet it down and unconsciously scoots closer to his captain.

A tempo – Teaching Robin on the ways of the violin, Brooke can't help but stare at the way Robin's lips would tug upwards while playing that he didn't notice that the song was over; giving an embarrassed laugh, the skeleton asks her to play it again.

Abaddon – Robin stares out into the ocean on their new ship, the Thousand Sunny, and smiles as she listens to the different voices on the background, and smiles; as long as she's with them, there is no way hell can take its claws upon her.

Abaft – Sometimes when the noise becomes to much, and everybody's too preoccupied at the front of the ship, Usopp would silently sneak out of the scene to sit quietly on the rear of the ship; he would remember the days that he sat on another ship, the ship that saved them from a barrage of cannonballs, and came from beneath the waves to see them again; tears would start spilling and he would wipe them off and smile and stares into the blue horizon.