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Epilogue: The Future

It had been a year and half since the day Joyce had accepted Spike and Buffy into her family. Buffy smiled letting Anya fix her hair as she looked out over the white gazebo in the backyard that Xander had built for this occasion. The white chairs were all lined up and people were already arriving. Buffy didn't feel nervous at all and she felt her mate think towards her, 'Xander is driving me bonkers in here. Can't he go up there and help you, Willow and Anya?'

Buffy laughed, 'No. I'm only half dressed and besides isn't Oz playing referee?'

Spike chuckled, 'Wolf boy is trying his hardest but Xander is really nervous. He's thinking of proposing to Anya and this is reminding him of what the big day would be like for him. I'll leave you to get ready though. Love you Buffy. Soon you will be legally mine.'

Buffy sent back, 'Love you too Spike. Just under an hour or so left. See you soon.'

Willow gasped at Buffy, "You can't be talking to Spike. It's your wedding day! Isn't that taboo? It's like seeing the bride or something. It's totally bad luck!"

Buffy laughed rationalizing her taboo action, "He's not seeing me. He was only complaining that Xander was driving him bonkers with nerves."

Anya smiled curling the last of Buffy's hair, "I think he just needs more orgasms. Perhaps he plans to ask to spend forever having them. Imagine sex every day for the rest of your life with the man you love." Anya sighed happily, "No wonder you mortals get so happy around weddings."

Buffy and Willow shook their heads. Buffy thought back over the last year or so of her life. Less than 2 years ago she was crying bitterly over killing Angel thinking her life was over and now she was sitting down in her wedding dress in her bedroom surrounded by her bridesmaids and getting married in less than an hour. Life was perfect.

Buffy walked home holding Spike's hand after graduating from high school all happy and chipper. Xander and Anya were holding hands as well.

Anya was a vengeance demon who had granted a spell for Cordelia when Xander and Cordy had broken up. Xander had fallen in love with the girl when she lost her powers. Xander had come around shortly after that point realizing that if he could fall in love with an ex-vengeance demon then perhaps Spike and Buffy's relationship wasn't so bad after all.

Oz had his arm swung around Willow's neck and Willow was carrying both of their diplomas. Willow and Oz had mated a few months after Buffy's return to Sunnydale. Willow and Oz's bond was just as strong as Buffy and she felt amazingly happy. Joyce and Giles followed behind them chattering away. They had recently started seeing each other since Buffy had spent so much time training with Giles. This meant that Buffy could spend time with both important parental figures at the same time. It made the most sense plus Giles and Joyce got along great.

As they entered the door, Spike rushed to Buffy's side, "Close your eyes, love."

Buffy didn't question and closed her eyes. Spike took her hands in his and everyone else ran downstairs in the basement knowing what Spike was going to show her. He lifted her into his arms and carried her down the stairs to the basement for the surprise. Buffy didn't say anything and kept her eyes closed as asked. Finally he reached the bottom of the stairs and whispered, "Open your eyes, Buffy."

She did and saw an amazing apartment instead of just her normal basement. There was a living room set up with leather furniture. The walls were paneled and it led into a small kitchenette. Then along the back wall were a large closet and a bathroom, which was fit under the stairs perfectly. On the other side of the stairs was a large bedroom with a king size bed, two dressers, two big closets and a trunk for her weapons. Then it had a solid wooden door that lead into the laundry area that was shared with Joyce. Buffy's jaw dropped open and she smothered Spike with kisses repeating over and over again, "It's perfect!"

She then turned to her friends, "Did you guys help?"

Xander stood proudly, "Spike and I mostly built it, Oz painted it. Willow and Anya decorated it. Giles helped make a few pieces of the furniture and your mom did the details such as pictures on the walls, bedding on the bed and stuff like that. It was a total team effort."

Spike stood Buffy up and she gave each friend a hug overwhelmed as she whispered, "But when did you guys have time?"

Xander grinned proudly, "Little by little. We actually started it about 9 months ago when you first returned. While you patrolled, we would all come down here and work. Then Spike would work with Joyce during the day while we were at school. Then sometimes while you would train, Spike would work with the rest of us. It was really a joint effort."

Buffy cried tears of joy because they really belonged.

Anya stood back with Willow to look at their work and saw before them someone beautiful. Buffy's hair cascaded around her face framing her tan face that had just a touch of makeup. She had a white ribbon in her hair to hold back some of it from her face. She had on a simple white silk dress that was a-line. It showed off her curves and had no silly frilly things on it. It was long and covered even her feet but her toes poked out that had been painted white like her finger nails with a touch of pearling that Anya had done. Anya had picked up tons of ways to do hair, nails and to pamper herself over her years as a vengeance demon. She was very helpful in times such as these. On Buffy's feet were little white-heeled sandals. They were comfortable and perfect.

The door opened and Willow and Anya stepped in front of it before realizing it was just Joyce. She snapped a picture of Willow and Anya in their purple dresses. Their dresses were the color of irises, which was the flower that Buffy had chosen. They were a simple silk as well and showed off their figures nicely. Anya had curled Willow's hair and the red really brought out her eyes that were sparkling with happiness for Buffy. Anya had curled her own hair but pulled it up off her neck saying that it would bother her if she left it down. She had tiny irises in her hair and she reached over and lifted one off the bouquets Spike had left for her to make her smile since he had to leave her bed at midnight last night before Joyce dusted him for breaking the traditions. Anya placed a white iris in Buffy's hair then shared a purple with Willow so they all had irises in their hair.

Joyce cooed over their outfits. She looked perfect herself and Anya put a pink iris in her hair to match her pink dress. Joyce said, "Pose for a group picture!"

She took a picture of the three of them standing together and wiped her eyes as tears fell.

Buffy smiled and hugged her mom tight, "We aren't moving away. We are still living in the basement. We are only leaving for a week to visit the house we used to live in. Ted and Cara said it was all ready for us. I can't wait to see their kids!"

Willow smiled seeing how happy her best friend was and Anya smiled informing the others, "I think it's time girls."

With that they went downstairs for the ceremony.

*}-'--, --'--, --'--, -{*

The ceremony was short and sweet. It was held at nighttime in the moonlight spotlighted by candlelight. Spike and Buffy were declared husband and wife and were immediately kissing.

They had to be pried apart by their friends to even start the reception part of the wedding. The cake was cut and Spike had carefully fed it to his Buffy and she did the same determined not to ruin their outfits. Willow gave the most beautiful of speeches, "Buffy and Spike returned to us together and we tried to break them apart. Since their love was so strong, we couldn't. I hope that Oz and I are as strong as they are and I wish them all the happiness in the world. You are my best friend Buffy and always will be. Good luck in the future."

Oz gave a simpler speech, "Thanks for asking me to be your best man, mate. We have to stick together. I wish you happiness but I won't wish you luck, because you two don't need luck. Luck brought you together and love will keep you together."

Now Buffy lay in bed next to her husband and mate. He was her life and her soul mate. Spike leaned over and gave her a kiss whispering, "How do you feel, wife?"

Buffy replied, "I was lost but now I'm found. Thank you for finding me Spike."

Spike smiled and kissed her again then promised gently, "I'll always find you my love. Always. You will never be lost again."

The End!