A/N: I don't own anything. I couldn't sleep and thought I'd try my hand at a random drabble. Who doesn't love a heart breaking drabble when they can't sleep right?

"Do you ever think about what our future would've been like?" He asked slowing taking a seat next to her.

"Of course, for the first year that's all I could think about. And when I found out about you and her, I wished for a while, and even now sometimes I wonder. And there are the occasional days where I wish things were different. That I wasn't who I am, that I never said some of the things I said that I used to be someone other than the bitter-harpy bitch. I used to wonder about what would have happened. I wished we could have actually ridden off into the sunset and had that life we planned. Settled down and had the family we always imagined."

"I dreamt that these past two years never happened, that we had gotten married, traveled the world, then came back here to start a family. We had two little girls and a boy, we were down there in that exact spot," He pointed to a little secluded area down the beach "just teaching them how to build sandcastles, then you decided to stick sand down my shirt and they giggled and we had a sand fight, they were beautiful Leah, it was so real I woke up wondering around my house looking for them, for you." He finally finishes closing his eyes, wondering if she actually heard him, but he knows she hears, she always hears she's just choosing the right words to say.

"Two girls and a boy huh?" She finally asks after ten minutes of not saying anything, just staring into the clouds as if he hadn't said anything of importance, but just commented on the weather.

"Yep." He states, and he stares at her, waiting for anything, maybe anger, or resentment. Something of the Leah he's used to. But instead he gets something completely different.

"That's nice, at least that dream can still come true." She turns and smiles at him without any malice and gets up and walks away.

No. he thinks to himself, as the sky turns pink, and the sun slowly comes up showing a new day. No that dream, it will never happen he sighs deeply as he stares at the exact spot he dreamt about an hour ago, and wishes for the life he would've had.