Dragonball Z: - The tale of Frieza's final transformation

"I can't believe it! The fool Vegeta was right! A super saiyan!" Frieza exclaimed.

Goku stood there, his hair glowing, power surging through his body.

Frieza smiled smugly "No matter, I am only at fifty percent of my total power!" He pointed dramatically at Goku "And if I have the power to defeat an opponent like Dende then I have the power to defeat you!!!!!!!!!!!"

Goku scratched his head "You think that because you defeated Dende, a weak little Namekian child, that you will beat me? A super saiyan? Who is FAR superior to a Namekian child, have I got that right?"

Frieza laughed in that kind of old woman way that he does "Even if you believe that your top dog now, you are wrong! Because I have held back my final transformation!"

Goku did that anime look of shock "What?! You've held back?!"

Frieza grinned like a fuckbitch "That's right! Now give me time so I can transform!"

Goku raised an eyebrow "Why would I give you time?"

"Oh pleeeeeeeeeaaaasssssseeeeeeeee!" Frieza whined.

"Ah go on then you cheeky little munchkin," Goku agreed.

Frieza readied himself. He started making weird noises like he was trying to a poo but it just wasn't coming out. He groaned and whined. Energy covered him until Goku couldn't make out the little runt anymore.

After a while (Ten hours to be exact because Frieza didn't blow the world's core yet so shut up) A figure appeared in front of Goku.

Goku recoiled "Oh my god!"

Frieza nodded "Yes, now you know you have no chance of winning!"

"You've…. You've transformed into….into….into…."

Frieza laughed "YES I'VE TRANSFORMED INTO BIG BIRD!!!!!!!!!!"

Frieza landed a punch onto Goku. And Goku fell back, but then he stood up completely unharmed.

Goku shook his head "You're an idiot."

"What?! No! You're the idiot!" Frieza retorted.

Goku laughed "You actually weakened your power to one!"

Frieza did that anime look of shock "No!"

"Yes!" Goku shouted rather unnecessarily.

Goku punched Frieza lightly and Frieza fell to the ground dramatically injured.

"You're reign of evil is over Frieza," Goku said "Now go you scum of the universe,"

Frieza skulked off "Ah you're a poo anyway,"

Cue theme music:

Yeah yeah yeah why not?

Who knows? Coz it can come true!

When you use some dragon balls! Be careful what you do!

Coz you never want to mess with a dragon's balls!