Mobile Suit Gundam: The White Base Rebellion

Authors Notes

Age Calculations

These calculations are based off of information obtained at .

There is a line in the first episode of Gundam that happens in a conversation between Bright and Amuro's father, Tem Rey. This places Bright at age 19 and as having been in uniform for six months. Since the One Year War started right there in January of 0079, and the attack on White Base at Side Seven has been placed in September, we can place Bright as having joined Federal Forces in March, probably just after Zeon's first Drop Operation.
I've placed the birth date of Bright's father at 0037, which would have made him 23 when Bright was born, about two years after construction on Side Three is begun. I figured that would be a good age at which to have kids. No other reason. By this point about 40% of Earth's population have migrated to the colonies. By the time Bright is born, there are only about 2 billion people living on Earth itself, with about 9 billion in the colonies.
Let's face it, folks, Bright's a member of the elite.
From the age of Bright's son, Hathaway, in Zeta Gundam, which is seven, and from the UC year that Zeta Gundam takes place in, 0087, we can tell that Hathaway was born in UC 0080. This to me seems strange, since by the end of the One Year War in 0079, it was obvious (at least to me) that Mirai wasn't ready to pursue relationships with anyone after her breakup with Cameron and the death of Sleggar, unless of course certain things happened aboard White Base that we just don't talk about (wink wink, nudge nudge).
Now, since we all know that Bright is WAY too straight-laced, uptight, and just generally British to do something like that, I've chosen to ignore this in favor of something slightly more reasonable. So, yes, I'm doing something that's oh-so-painfully radical and saying Bright and Mirai get married in 0081. Oh, the Humanity! Feel the sarcasm hereā€¦
Bright's sister, Clarisse, is three years younger than him. She was born in 0063 and in the context of this fanfic is 17 years old, while Bright is now 20, it being June of 0080 and all. If anyone knows an exact birth date for Bright (i.e., month, day), I would be most appreciative.

Character Considerations

The name of Bright's former academy roommate, Jean Carnot, is pronounced "Jhaan Karno." It's French, people, not a mix-up of the whole Jean/Gene thing. As a little bit of background on Carnot, during the war he was a fighter pilot who ended up piloting a GM once they were mass produced.
Now we move on to Bright and the rest of the Noah family. It always struck me as interesting that Bright seemed to be so violently against the stereotype of the "Elite of Earth." He obviously didn't think of himself as a member of any kind of privileged family. From the animosity of many colonists against the "Elite," we can guess that a great many families that remained on Earth paid their way into doing so through underhanded dealings. But, with 11 million Human beings now living in the Earth sphere, there is one thing that needs to be considered, no matter what; food, how are all those people going to be fed? It is in the best interests of the Federation to keep as many well-established farms running as long as possible. Since Bright himself rather looks down on families who pay their way into staying on Earth, we can infer that his family never did. I'm not suggesting that anyone who managed to stay on Earth without having to pay to do so would be a farmer, there are other situations. However, most of those just wouldn't fit the character (it's a farmer versus peasant thought process thing). While many people have this vision of the straight-laced, hierarchy-bound type being stereotypically British, this really isn't the case. It's a farmer thing, not a British thing. So, that's my take on it. Like it or hate it, deal with it.

Now. Since the grit and nit-pick is over with, go thee and read fic! And remember that fanfic authors LOVE feedback!