Two hearts beats as one.


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As for now…… BRING ON THE VAMPIRES!!!!!


I have had the time of my life, Edward and I have been together for a year and we are so happy. There have been ups and downs in our relationship but that can be expected in any relationship or can it? But we've had more happy times than sad times even though I have been caught in some very bad experiences such as almost being run over, almost being raped and almost dying from a vampire biting me (his name was James… and I never want to see him again) but Edward saved me all three times, and every time he saved me he said he loved me, a girl couldn't be happier with a boy like him in their lives.

Oh that's right I completely forgot to introduce myself…. Where are my manners? Well my name is Bella and I am 17 turning 18 in September. I live with my father Charlie, he and my mother split up when I was little and my mother, Renee, and her husband, Phil, wanted to go on the road to Jacksonville so that Phil could get a 'once in a lifetime opportunity' to be a baseball coach. So I left Phoenix to let them go off to Jacksonville and I went to live with Charlie in Forks. I thought that Forks would be dull and uninteresting. How wrong was I…. my first day I met a lot of very nice people who I made friends with, even though people stared at me like I was a shiny new toy. I always thought it was because I looked weird but in reality it was just because they had got word that I was from Phoenix (one of the most sunniest places in the whole continent of America, where there are supposed to be girls who are cheerleaders or volleyball players, with platinum blonde hair and very tanned bodies.) Well I am the complete opposite, with brown hair, brown eyes; I am part albino which means that my skin is a very pale colour (which looked more like I was from Forks than Phoenix) and not very sporty at all (I was a kind of death trap when it came to sports.) but only one person understood that, his name was Edward Cullen, he was the same age as me (technically), he was my boyfriend and he entrusted me with his deepest, darkest secret, he was a Vampire!


Hi, my name is Edward Cullen, I am 17 (technically), I have bronze coloured hair, and my eyes change colour depending on how long ago I had eaten, I changes from coal black, to liquid topaz…. My girlfriend Bella had this crazy theory about my eyes which was when I was upset my eyes were coal black and when I was happy my eyes were liquid topaz. The thought almost made me piss myself laughing just thinking about it, she was even further away from the truth than she thought she was. I had a deep, dark secret which I told her once I knew that I could trust her with it, when I was positive I could trust her with my family's secret I took her aside to my own personal meadow and told her. She had her own suspicions about what I was, she thought about radioactive spiders and kryptonite, but she was so far off it wasn't possible. I said she 'couldn't outrun me and couldn't fight me off' seeing as I was the fastest in my family and I may not have been the strongest in my family but I was stronger than her.

My deep, dark secret was that I was a vampire. When I told her she gave a small gasp. 'Crap' I thought to myself, 'I've fucking scared her, well done Edward' I scolded myself mentally. Not only was I the fastest vampire in my family but I had an extra talent, I could read minds, that was the rule for every person I had ever met, except for one and that was miss Bella Swans. Seeing as I couldn't hear her thoughts to see if she was telling the truth I had to trust my instincts, so I asked her 'are you afraid' I caught her out on that so she stumbled a bit 'N…N…No!' I said to her 'don't you want to ask me the most important question' that also caught her out as she just looked confused 'what do you eat…' I prompted her, but she still looked confused 'well we do suck blood like normal vampires although my family and I have a personal joke and like to say that we are vegetarian vampires and we suck the blood of animals instead of humans' she had a serious face on as she said 'Edward, I really don't care, you're a wonderful person, you could be a fucking murderer and I wouldn't care' okay I thought that's going a bit too far, even though it was kind of true, but at least I know that she wont spread my secret around I know it will be safe with her. So I started to go back to school, I knew my family would be worried.


Just thinking about the past year brought a smile to my face, and I couldn't wait for what the next year would have in store for us. I had just come out of hospital, after almost being killed by James, he was an evil, rogue Vampire, and luckily Edward was nothing like him. I had such severe injuries, I had a broken leg, 3 broken ribs, I had been bitten so I had venom pulsing through my body, racing time to get to my heart, all while this was happening I was screaming and cursing 'FUCKING HELL, IT FEELS LIKE A FIRE, EDWARD STOP IT PLEASE!!!!!' at this moment Edward was sitting next to me, and he was scared stiff 'please Edward, I trust you, you wont kill me, I know you wont , I love you Edward, BUT PLEASE JUST STOP THE FIRE, FUCK…FUCK..FUCK!!!!' I was slipping into unconsciousness and Edward was still worrying about killing me even though I trusted him with my life, he would never purposefully hurt me. It seemed Edward made up his mind when Carlisle said 'do it now Edward before it's too late otherwise she'll die.' That seemed to do the trick as his ice cold teeth clamped onto the exact place where the bite mark was. I wondered how he could get his teeth onto the exact place where James had bit me. That has and most probably always be a mystery to me, but even though he had almost not stopped but he did, he had saved me.

The fire in my arm started to fade and the blood was slowly stopping thanks to Carlisle and his wonderful surgery skills. The pain in my leg and my chest was almost unbearable but somehow seeing Edwards face before I slipped into unconsciousness seemed to make everything better. Before I did slip into unconsciousness I whispered 'don't leave me Edward, never' and he said to me 'I won't now go to sleep' and I slipped into a perfect sleep. When I woke up I was in a brilliant white room, and it wasn't a familiar room either. I had just regained consciousness when I heard my father and my mother arguing about something or other, the nurse came in and saw I was awake and called my mom and dad into the room and as per usual my mom came in took one look at me and started crying, my dad looked so calm it was like he had no emotions, but I knew better than that. My mom started talking through her tears 'OhMyGod! What-happened-Bella-…' Charlie cut her off 'what you're mom means is what happened to you, why didn't you just stay at my house until we sorted this whole mess out' he sounded worried even though he didn't show it on his face. 'well I don't remember much of what happened after I left Forks, I think I went back to Phoenix, and stayed in a hotel but apart from that I don't remember much of what happened…' my mother cut in at this point… 'well the doctor's said you had a pretty nasty fall by the sounds of it, apparently some boy called Edward found you and tried to get you to come home to forks, and he was there with his father and sister, you were on you're way over to their hotel when you tripped over your own shoelace, fell-down-two-flights-of-stairs-and-fell-out-of-a-window' she was almost hysterical by this point. 'well that definitely sound like me… where's Edward now then?' I probably sounded worried because my mom said 'don't worry, he's over there' she pointed at a chair against the far side of the wall 'he's never far away, he's always in the room, he sleeps here, eats here, everything-you-can-think-of here' that made me laugh, even when I was ill mom always had a strange sense of humour.

After that mom left me to get some "rest" but as soon as she left it seemed Edward was by my side, I was confused, I mean I was no-where near the hotel when my 'accident' happened, so as soon as he come over I said 'how did that story work out, about the hotel, I was no-where near the hotel so how does that work out' I sounded paranoid I mean they obviously worked out their story about what happened to me before they brought me into the hospital. 'well Alice had a little too much fun fabricating the evidence, she smashed a window that you 'supposedly' fell out of, and left you're shoe by the window, you could probably sue the hotel if you wanted to, but right now you look like you're in a lot of pain so I'm going to get the nurse to come and give you you're antibiotics.' He reached over to the microphone on the wall and spoke fluidly 'Nurse, we're ready for our med's' she came quickly and silently Bella whispered to me 'don't leave me' so I said I wouldn't and I would be sitting on the chair if she needed me. And she went into a perfect dreamless slumber.


Well seeing as I as already going to the deep pits of hell I thought it wouldn't matter if anyone saw us together and thought we were girlfriend and boyfriend and seeing as that is happening I thought I should take Bella to meet my family at school. At lunch I took her over to my family's table even though I had no intention of us sitting there, and I introduced her to my family, I pointed to each one as I said their names, 'Bella, this is Jasper, the newest member of our family, that's Alice, their a couple, then there is Rosalie and Emmett, and they are a couple. I will take you to meet my parents at a later date' but as for now we are going to sit over there' as I said this I lead Bella to an empty table. 'So… how do you like my family then' I asked casually trying to pick up on simple conversation. 'I think their very nice, but Rosalie doesn't seem to like me very much, judging by the evils she was giving me' she said making me laugh, 'well yeah she is kind of pig-headed' I said between suppressed laughs. 'Kind of' Bella exclaimed which made me laugh even harder.

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