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An alternative course


Smoke rose from an apartment building as flames illuminated the dark night. Firefighters from neighboring cities had shown up as well, as Odaiba's own just couldn't hold their own against the massive inferno.

"Someone please! My children are still in there!" A women cried out, grabbing a firefighter by the shoulders. "Please, get them out of there!"

Off all nights that something could happen, why this one? Tai had volunteered to babysit his little sister, so his parents could have an evening to themselves.

"Don't worry ma'am, we're doing the best we can." The firefighter said as Yuuko let go off him. "Do you know where they are?"

"Fifth floor, nr 512." She managed to utter, her thoughts clouded by the thoughts of what would happen if they didn't manage to save her babies. "We'll find them." The man said, putting his mask on.

"Big brother. I'm scared…" Kari whimpered as the flames came closer and closer to her and her brother.

"I know Kari, just stay as low as you can." Tai vaguely remembered someone saying that before, that in case of fire you had to stick to the floors as smoke tended to rise. Or something like that, he wasn't really paying attention.

Off course, now he wished that he had paid attention. Seeing how the fire began to burn through the roof and walls made him wonder why the hell he didn't.

'Oh right, soccer practice.' That was the only thing going through his mind back then.

He was brought back to reality by the creaking sound of the building, along with the cries of his sister

"Don't cry Kari." Tai said, holding his sister close to him. "They'll come rescue us, I promise."

"You do?" Kari sniffed. Tai nodded, praying to whatever god was listening that that promise was one he could fulfill.

And then everything collapsed around them.

"No!" Yuuko yelled out as she saw the two top floors of her home collapse. Susumo had to hold her back as she attempted to run into the crumbling building herself.

"No don't!" He yelled. "Let go off me! Let go off me!" She struggled to get free but Susumo refused to let go off her. "Listen to me." He pulled her around so she'd look straight at him. "I know that you want to get in there and save them, I do too but we'd only get in the way! Let the professionals do their work!" He yelled that last bit louder then he had intended, showing that despite his relaxed façade, he too was having difficulty staying calm.

Yuuko's eyes began to tear as she threw herself into her husband's arms. "I'm just so scared. What if we never see them again?"

"We can't think like that." Susumo said, stroking her hair gently. "We have to keep faith."

Firefighter Sho Hida wasn't having a good day. First his car broke down and now he was fighting off the biggest fire in Odaiba in ten years!

But he promised that women something. He'd save her children. After all, he too had become father a few years ago. He didn't want to know how he'd feel if something like this happened to Cody.

'509…510…511…' He checked all of them for any other survivors but found none. Apparently 510 was still uninhabited and 509 and 511 weren't home when the fire broke out.

"512!" The door was partially blocked by debris, but nothing he couldn't move out of the way.

He busted the door open, only to find that the entire apartment was burning. Red and yellow flames consumed the humble home.

"Hello!" He yelled out. "Anyone here?!?" With a bit of luck they were still conscious.

No reply.

"Shit." He grumbled as he moved towards the closest door, kicking it in. No one there but fire, spreading throughout the entire room.

Same for the next door, nothing there.

'Well, third one's a charm.' He said to himself, kicking it open. Apparently this was the kids' room, seeing the remains of a bunk bed.

'Bingo!' He thought, seeing a huddled form in one of the corners.

The roof had partially collapsed, surrounding the children. Luckily it got stuck halfway, else they'd be crushed.

Sho quickly made his way through the flames, hoping his outfit would protect him from the searing heat. Heck, even if it didn't, what's a few burns against two innocent lives, right?

Picking the form up he noticed that the older boy was shielding his sister against the flames. 'Brave kid.' He thought as he swung both unconscious forms over his shoulder.

Sho managed to escape the residence with his two rescues. Once outside and back in the hallway, he pulled out his radio. "Captain!" He yelled, hoping that he could hear him over the roaring of the flames. "I found two children. I'm coming out now."

"Hurry up." The captain's voice cracked over the radio. "The entire building is about to collapse."

Sho made his way down, the same way he came up. Luckily the staircase hadn't taken much damage yet.

"Get an ambulance here!" Sho yelled as he exited the building. Paramedics immediately rushed to him, relieving him of his precious cargo.

"Tai! Kari!" Yuuko yelled, seeing the paramedics carry her children off towards an ambulance.

"Let me in there!" She yelled at a man who tried to block her way. "Those are my kids and I refuse to leave them alone!" The paramedic quickly moved aside, allowing Yuuko to enter the ambulance.

With flashing lights and siren sounding throughout the night it drove off towards the hospital.

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