Galactik Football- The Snow Kids' new signing…….Superman

The Snow Kids were sitting quietly down in the hotel lobby. Micro-Ice was fiddling with his jacket, Thran was playing on his video game (AGAIN), Rocket was staring into Tia's eyes and D'jok was smiling to himself. I don't know what the others were doing so don't ask.

Aarch walked into the room followed by his cronies "Settle down god dammit!"

The Snow Kids looked up at their evil manager.

"What is it sir?" D'jok said.

Aarch kicked D'jok in the face "LET ME SPEAK!!!!"

He examined the players with his evil eyes.

"Right, as you all know this team sucks big time! The team went balls up ever since Sinedd left," Aarch dictated.

Clamp nodded "God I miss him,"

"Well I have found a player who is better than all of you combined," Aarch smiled.

"Not hard," Clamp said.

Aarch nodded "No not hard at all," He turned to the door "Come here now!"

A muscular figure entered the room. He was wearing a skin tight outfit and his undies over his outfit.

"This is Superman;" Aarch explained "He is better than all of you,"

"But what about me, sir?" Rocket asked.

Aarch rolled his eyes "Purlease, all you have is a cool name and a dodgy beard,"

Rocket cried.

"Where is he going to be playing?" Micro-Ice asked.

Aarch laughed "He will be taking D'jok's place!"

D'jok jumped up holding his bloody nose "What?!"

"SHUT UP!!!! RAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Screeched Aarch.

Aarch grabbed D'jok and held him over his head. He spun round several times and then threw D'jok into a table. D'jok screamed as he collided with the table and then lay still.

"Sir?" Yuki said.

Aarch turned to her, his eyes glowing red "……Yes?"

"Well…sir…I was just wondering….well" Yuki stuttered.

Aarch put his face right up to her "Spit it out girl,"

"Is Superman from Akillian?" Yuki asked.

Aarch stood up straight "Valid question Yuki,"

Yuki's face lit up "Really?"

"NO!!!!!!" Aarch screamed at hit her in the face.

Yuki fell back off her chair. Aarch skulked over to where she lay and he put his foot on her head applying pressure.

"Aarch," Clamp spoke up.

Aarch took his foot off Yuki "What is it Clamp?"

"It's time that Superman went in the Holotrainer," Clamp said.

Aarch relaxed "Yes you're right,"

He gestured at Superman and his cronies, and they left the room. Aarch stayed behind.

"I'll be seeing you bitches later," Aarch grinned "Don't get into any trouble while I'm gone,"

He left the room and all the Snow Kids breathed a sigh of relief; except for D'jok who was still unconscious.

End of chapter one