Such warm hands. Such irresistibly warm sweet hands, loosened there grip from Lights shoulders. Sugar-coated lips that spoke the cold truth so many times, struggled to form the words they so desperately wanted to say.

L knew he was going to die someday. He knew his chance of dieing doing his job was great. And if he had to die in such a way, he was glad he died gazing into Lights distraught honey-golden eyes. Not the Light that had the blood lust of a million sharks, or a glare that pierced like glass. He was looking at the real Light, his only friend, his true rival and companion, and even the keeper of the raven-haired detective's heart. He would die happy knowing that for a few seconds, Light had cast down the dark spell of the death note.

The moment L closed his eyes an embrace so inviting engulfed him. He felt at peace with the world, his worldly fears subsided as he felt a cushioned ground underneath him. The weight of death brushed of his eyelids as he opened them. He looked around as he adjusted to the pleasantly bright light. After less then a minute of taking in his surroundings, L was met by a familiar face.

"Welcome to the land of justice L."