There are so many brilliant movies out there that just inspire fan fiction and send plot bunnies into a frenzy. The challenge for this venture is to take a blockbuster movie and turn it into a Sparky fan fiction, using the plot as inspiration and adding our own twists and turns.

Authors Note (Hannah554): This was such an awesome movie and I remember having a million plot bunnies dancing around my head when I first watched it so natually it was one of the first movies I wanted to Sparkify. I hope you enoy it!

Mr. and Mrs. Sheppard

By Hannah554

Chapter One

It was easy enough to get through the lower floor of the building. Crowds of people were moving from one place to another so once he'd gotten through the bathroom window it had been easy. No one had paid any attention to one more face in the crowd. It was now, as he stepped out of the elevator on the third floor, that he was going to find things more difficult. Security was much tighter up here; guards patrolled the halls and anyone who looked out of place was going to get stopped.

So, John made sure he looked in place; walking through the corridor in his suit, briefcase at his side and with a confidence that suggested he'd walked this same, plain white hallway a hundred times before. He got a few glances from the guards, they'd never seen him before, but he just smiled and nodded his head to them and they let him pass without much hesitation. The office wasn't far from the elevator and he managed to reach it without incident - a victory in itself.

There was no point in knocking; being polite was really beyond the point of him coming here so instead he walked straight in. The man he was looking for was sat in his chair. Niam Jones was a corporate tyrant who'd made his fair share of enemies and it seemed one of those enemies had enough money in their pocket to do something about it.

"Can I help you?" Niam questioned, annoyed at the unannounced interruption to whatever work he was doing.

John thought for a moment, he could come up with an excuse for why he was there, ensure this went down without any hiccups but in the end that was just gonna delay the inevitable. He pulled out his gun, the silencer on the end muffling the sound of two gunshots. The bullets hit the surprised Niam in the chest, before he could even call for help, and seconds later the man slumped in his chair dead.

Checking the man's pulse to be sure he was dead John smiled at a job well done. "I'll see myself out."

He turned to head back to the door when there was a knock on it and he cursed inwardly. With the only exit to the room blocked there was only one thing to do: create another exit. He opened the briefcase and took out the C4 he always kept with him for emergencies, this definitely counted. He stuck it to the wall, putting the detonator in quickly and moved to the other side of the room.

The explosion ripped a hole straight through the wall into the next office and John went through the cloud of dust just as the door opened and two guards stormed in. There were several shots that tried to follow him through the hole but they bounced harmlessly off the wall. In the office was another man lying sitting in the corner with a superficial head wound.

"Sorry about that," John said as he left the office and moved quickly down the corridor. One of the guards spotted him and John quickly fired two bullets, killing him almost instantly and allowing John to pass through to the stairwell.

The ground floor was in uproar, the explosion had probably been felt even down here and guards were scrambling to find out what was going on and evacuate everyone. John slipped into the crowd walking out of the building with them, then splitting off and leaving the area.

She had been given this assignment a few days ago, but rather than risk carrying it out when there was a high chance she'd be caught, she'd waited. It had taken sometime, and a lot of homework, but she'd come up with a plan that was pretty minimal in its risk. Michael Andrews was a wealthy man with a private guard detail that followed him around everywhere, and whenever they were away from his home they were never more than a few steps away from him. For that reason she had waited until he was at home. The guards were everywhere but she could get closer to him here and guarantee no interruption.

Elizabeth rang the doorbell of the huge house, the door opening only seconds later and she was met by the stern face of a guard. A big guy who probably spent the majority of his free time at the gym and was likely packing a few steroids in there too. He looked down at her and she gave him an innocent smile, lacing it with the seduction she was going to need to pull this off.

"Hi, I'm here to see Michael Andrews. I hope I have the right house," she told him putting the same seduction into her voice and brushing back the blonde hair of her wig.

"Who are you, do you have an appointment?" he questioned and she figured the guy must know that Michael didn't have any appointments at this time because she doubted all visitors got this greeting, especially the important ones.

"Well, if I had an appointment it wouldn't be much of a surprise now would it?" she questioned, keeping her smile in place as he looked at her both suspicious and expectant, waiting for an explanation. "I'm a gift, from Steve, his birthday present."

The guard raised an eyebrow but allowed her to step into the house. It had been impressive from the outside but inside was ten times more extravagant. The entrance hall alone was huge, with polished wooden floors and beige painted walls, covered with expensive art, and intricate woodwork on every side. A chandelier hung from the ceiling, crystals hanging from it and refracting the light. She could honestly say she was impressed by the house, it was just a shame about the owner.

"You wait here," the guard told her before he left through a large archway. There were three more guards in the room and she knew there had to be plenty more throughout the house. She gave them a smile and went back to admiring the house.

The guard returned with Michael in tow. The man of the house looked at her, his eyes roaming up and down her body. He walked over to her with a smile that would make her skin crawl if this hadn't been a job, if this wasn't about business.

"It isn't my birthday until next week," Michael said and Elizabeth turned to him seductively.

"Wait until you see what he as in store for you then, I'm just the appetiser," she told him, and he grinned at her and gestured for her to follow him. This was definitely a man who thought with his lower head but she'd known that, she'd also known that with a credible story she'd get in easy.

He led her up the stairs to a large bedroom which, if possible, was more extravagant than the entrance hall had been. The bed was large enough to fit him and several women in which she didn't doubt had happened several times before. The carpet was a rich red and the walls exactly the same. The furniture was all dark wood and the artwork that adorned the walls was probably one of a kind, some of it slightly disturbing though. There were windows across one wall and a door in the centre that led out onto the balcony.

"So how much did Steve have to pay for you then?" Michael questioned and she looked at him with another small smile.

"More than most people get to see in a whole year," she informed him and his grin widened.

"You must be worth it then," he told her leering at her; she swallowed back her disgust and unbuttoned her coat, which until now had kept her covered, and threw it onto the bed. Underneath, she was wearing a mini skirt, a very mini skirt, knee length boots and an unbuttoned shirt tied together above her stomach. The leer changed into all out lust, a hunger that she had been counting on to get her in here with zero chance of being disturbed.

She grabbed a fist full of his shirt and pulled him toward the bed, pushing him down onto it. She knew what this guy was like; he would want to be in control here so she only had a brief window in which to pull this off. She climbed on top of him on the bed and kissed his neck keeping him distracted as her hand went into her coat, finding the feel of cool metal she'd been searching for and pulling it out.

She got back off the bed quickly and pointed the gun at him, the expression on his face changed quickly from the clouded look of pleasure to one of fear. She would have felt bad for him if she didn't know what he'd done: beaten his sister into a hospital after she confronted him about the illegal operations he'd been running. It was his sister's husband that had hired her to do this. Normally she wouldn't know that but the man wanted Michael to know who had sent her.

"I may have lied," she told him, "Steve didn't send me, Joel did."

She allowed the shock, anger and terror to sink in for a moment before she pulled the trigger, a few bullets to the chest and it wasn't long before he was dead. The silencer kept the guards from hearing what she'd done, and they wouldn't come to check on him for a while which gave her plenty of time to slip out. She put her coat back on and went to the door. Below the balcony was the pool area and beyond that was the outer wall. If she timed this right she'd be out with no extra bodies behind her.

The second floor wasn't too high up and she was able to jump down from the balcony onto the nearby table and then onto the floor. The guard was coming around so she hid herself behind the table watching as he passed by before making her way to the wall. She was up and over it in less than a minute, disappearing down the street.

The report was handed in, brief as it may have been but all his reports were that way, and other than the occasional complaint about the lack of detail, no one had ever seemed overly concerned with it. He parked his car in the garage of his house, closing the door and heading inside where the smell of food greeted him as always. His wife always had dinner on the table at the same time, usually minutes after he got home; she was a stickler for routine.

"You're late," Elizabeth said as she put the last dish on the table and took her seat. She really did hate it when he was late.

"Sorry, I ran into some traffic on the way home," he lied; the truth was it had taken him forever to write the report on his assignment; he just hadn't been in the mood to do it. He dropped a kiss on her cheek before sitting down opposite her at the table.

"Did you have a good day at work?" she questioned, and he nodded his head as he tucked into his food.

"It was interesting, one client made things a little difficult, gave us a tough task but I managed to pull it off," he told her. It was only half lying and whenever possible he kept it to just half lying, there was no need to be any more dishonest with her than he had to be. "Never a boring day in the construction business. How about you?"

"I had a tough assignment as well, I've been working on it for the last few days but the deal came through today," she said. He nodded his head. "Big pay out for the bank which they'll be pretty pleased with."

"How about that trip you said you might have to take, the one the bank was going to send you on?" he questioned. They were always sending her places to do various business deals and transactions with some of their more important clients. He was sure she travelled more than he did even in his line of work.

"It was moved down the priority list and given to someone else, I had some other deals to take care of," she informed him and they fell into an almost uneasy silence. At the beginning of their relationship, even at the beginning of their marriage, they had never run out of things to talk about. Now they constantly had to find ways to fill the silence.

"Dinner's good," John said and Elizabeth smiled and hummed her thanks.

When dinner finally ended Elizabeth went to do her paperwork and John went to watch some television, he figured after a job well done he deserved some down time.