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Chapter 6

Plan A was definitely out the window and Elizabeth didn't seem all that eager to go onto Plan B. John had watched her pace their new motel room for the last half an hour, she hadn't said a word, just paced. He finished cleaning his gun and turned to look at her as she sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at him. He knew what she was thinking before she even said it and there was no way he was agreeing to it.

"No," he said before she could open her mouth. "No Elizabeth."

"I don't think we have a choice John," she replied adamantly. "Ronon was right, if we run together they'll kill us, separate we stand a chance, not a big one but a chance."

"I told you before, we're not splitting up, we'll find another way," he told her and she sighed.

"John..." she began but he cut her off.

"We'll find another way," he repeated firmly.

"Fine, what do you suggest?" she questioned.

"We tried it your way, it didn't work, now we try it my way, plan B," he stated and she looked at him with a raised eyebrow. He met her gaze evenly; he wasn't going to back down from this.

"Alright, we'll try shooting everyone but if it doesn't work... we split up and run," she offered and John had to think for a minute. He wasn't prepared to split up but the truth was if this didn't work one or both of them would probably be dead so it really didn't matter.

"Deal," John agreed.

"So how do we do this?" she questioned and John smiled, he'd already thought about that.

"We can't keep picking them off a few at a time; we need to take them all out at once. We lure them all somewhere, get them all in one place and take out as many as we can, hopefully that'll be enough people that the firms will listen to us," John told her. Elizabeth looked uncertain; she bit her bottom lip and nodded her head slowly.

"This is a really bad plan," she said even as she nodded.

John moved to sit beside her on the bed, he brushed her hair away from her face. "It's the only one we've got," he stated as he kissed her neck. She let out a breath and turned her head to kiss him, it felt too much like goodbye to him and he couldn't help but think that maybe it was. The thought made him kiss her harder, pull her tighter against him.

This had to work.

They'd used Elizabeth's credit card at a store and then made their way to the warehouse being sure that they walked into the path of several security and traffic cameras along the way. Both firms would have tracked them down with just a little bit of work and whether they suspected a trap or not they'd send squads in to take them both out. John and Elizabeth had armed themselves as best they could; Elizabeth had a semi automatic in her hands, several spare magazines, a handgun tucked into her pants and several knives in various places. John had strapped the shotgun to his back and grabbed the grenades as well as the semi automatic, Elizabeth had rolled her eyes at that, the messier the better as far as he was concerned.

They were hidden in the warehouse; the firms would be monitoring radio frequencies so they'd opted not to use them. John was hidden behind some shelving at the other side of the warehouse; Elizabeth had climbed up onto a pile of boxes and flattened herself across the top. She wished the firms would just hurry up and get on with this, she wasn't the type to get nervous but she'd be lying if she said she wasn't a little concerned about this one, the odds of both of them surviving this were stacked against them.

The warehouse was pretty dark considering it was the middle of the day. The only windows were high up on the wall and covered in dirt, not much light made it through to the inside of the building. That was probably why the door opening was so obvious immediately; it bought with it a new source of light near where John was hidden. She couldn't see him or anyone else passed all the boxes that were piled up everywhere but she could hear the voices of people coming into the building and a minute later the gunfire started.

She resisted the urge to go and help John, remaining where she was until two people appeared around the side of the boxes. They were trying to take cover, firing towards John with their backs to her. She fired at them, taking them both out quickly and revealing her position. Bullets came her way but were stopped a moment later, probably by John. She needed a better view so she carefully stood up keeping her eyes open for any other Agents as she jumped and grabbed the metal beam that ran across the top of the warehouse. She pulled herself onto it; it was wide enough for her to be able to walk along it quickly without risking falling off.

Moving over to where John was she could see at least twenty Agents inside the warehouse and the shadows of more outside. She kept some distance between her and the fire fight, kneeling down on the beam and firing from where she was. It took them some time to pin point where she was and in that time she was able to take out several of them.

Bullets once again came flying in her direction, she tried to duck down but wasn't fast enough. She felt a sharp pain hit her, the force of it knocking her off balance and she fell.

John continued to fire at the Agents, he knew Elizabeth had moved, she was on the beam above them now and was taking a few of the out from up there. Another man came running through the door and John shot him before he could even become another threat. He fired at two men who were standing close together, taking them both out quickly before aiming at someone using a metal case as cover. John waited until he lifted his head slightly above the case before he fired and the shooter was dead with just the one bullet.

The Agents made Elizabeth's position and fired on her, John tried to take some of them out but he saw Elizabeth fall from the beam. She landed behind the huge pile of boxes in the middle of the room but it wouldn't take long for the Agents to get to her... if she was alive.

He came out from his cover and fired a constant spray of bullets as he ran around the boxes. Elizabeth was pushing herself up from the floor and John ran over and grabbed her arm pulling her up quicker. He ran around the back of more boxes and quickly tore part of his jacket. She'd been hit on her arm, the wound was bleeding a lot but it didn't seem too bad. Elizabeth covered them as John tied the torn piece of fabric around her arm.

"I'm fine," Elizabeth told him when he finished and looked at her. A few Agents came running around the corner and they fired on all of them before they could have the chance to react. John moved over toward the edge of the line of boxes, there were more people coming their way. He grabbed a grenade and pulled the pin, waiting just another second for the Agents to get closer before he threw it and ran back over to Elizabeth. He ducked down, shielding Elizabeth's body with his own as the explosion ripped through the boxes.

"That was a bigger bang than I was expecting," John said as he stood up, the warehouse was eerily quiet.

"How many people did you kill with that?" Elizabeth asked as they looked around the warehouse.

"Not that many... at least I don't think it was," John replied. "There's probably more of them outside."

"Alright, so we shoot our way out and hope we've done enough?" Elizabeth questioned and John glanced at the blood on the fabric he'd wrapped around Elizabeth's arm.


They made their way to the door and before Elizabeth could step through John threw another grenade. He waited until he heard the explosion before they moved, as he'd hoped, some of the Agents had been killed and others were picking themselves up from the floor. He and Elizabeth fired in opposite directions, running quickly through the middle of their 'would be killers'. They'd left their car nearby so they'd have a quick method of escape; they just had to get to it without being shot.

The assassins recovered enough to return fire, bullets following them as they ran and John felt one graze his leg. He knew it was a superficial wound so he ignored it and kept running. Elizabeth was still beside him when they made it to another warehouse where they'd hidden the car. They ran inside and started the car, John drove straight through their attackers nocking over a few in the process as Elizabeth continued to fire out of the window until they were out of sight.

Less than a mile later they stopped and ditched the car, stealing a new one to take them to the motel. John just hoped they'd done enough to get the firms to back off.

It rang several times before anyone picked up, the woman on the other end answered cheerfully with a fake name. Elizabeth looked at John, this was the moment of truth, if plan B had worked or not, they were about to find out and if it hadn't John had already agreed to Plan C, split up and run. She didn't like it anymore than he did but at least it would give them a chance and maybe they could meet up again somewhere down the line, when it was safe.

"This is Elizabeth Weir, put me through to the boss," she stated knowing the name would get immediate attention.

"Just a moment," the woman replied, faked cheeriness gone and nervousness in its place. There were several beeps on the phone line, the call was being traced, it didn't matter, either this worked or both she and John would be long gone by the time anyone got here.

"Miss Weir," came a new female voice, she'd only heard it once before when she'd been given a big assignment. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"By now you've made a body count and I know some of ours were there, how many did you lose?" Elizabeth questioned and there was silence on the other end of the line for several moments.

"Enough," the voice replied.

"Here's the deal," Elizabeth told her, the longer she was on this call the longer they had to track her and send a team in. "You leave us alone and we leave you alone. If you send anyone else after us we'll kill them and then we'll come after you. You know my record so you know that if I wanted to I could find you and have a bullet in your head before you even knew I was there."

"What makes you think I couldn't stop you?"

"Want to try?" Elizabeth asked but didn't get an answer. "We end this now and no one else has to die, do we have a deal?"

Elizabeth could practically feel the tension coming off John at that moment and it only made her own worse. Everything hinged on this moment, whatever the boss said next would decide everything and she crossed the fingers of her spare hand as she waited for an answer.

"We have a deal, the firm will leave both you and Sheppard alone; in exchange you leave us alone."


She hung up the phone and John continued to look at her expectantly, waiting for her to tell him what the answer had been. She looked him in the eye and she could tell from the look on his face he was assuming the worst. She smiled slightly and decided to put him out of his misery.

"They agreed," she told him and he let out a breath of relief and kissed her. "Now we just have to get your firm to agree and hopefully we'll be home free."

"Hand me the phone."

They were still decorating the new house, the old one had been trashed both by their fight and then by the firms. They'd decided moving would be better anyway and so they'd bought a new house at the other side of the city. The firms had both stuck to their end of the deal, no one else had been sent after them in the last month and they were finally reaching the point where they weren't looking over their shoulders every few seconds.

"Elizabeth, what the hell are those?" John questioned as he walked into the room.

"They're curtains," Elizabeth informed him.

"They're hideous," he replied giving them a disgusted look. "We are not keeping those."

"Yes, we are," she told him. "You said you didn't want anything to do with finding furnishings so you don't get to have a say now."

"No," John said. "You told me I wasn't allowed anything to do with finding the furnishings and I said you could do it by yourself then."

"I only said that because you were just picking everything at random," she reminded him and John sighed.

"I was getting bored with looking at colour scales and tape measures, it doesn't all have to be perfect Elizabeth," he pointed out. He wondered if this argument was ever going to get old, it didn't matter what they were fighting about specifically it always came down to her planning to much and him not planning enough.

"It has to look right though, we can't have light wood tables with dark wood chairs," she stated.

"You know what," John began and walked over to her. He picked her up and headed out of the room toward the stairs. "I don't care; have the room however you want it."

He dropped her on the bed in the bedroom and kissed her. He figured it would be him backing down more often than her in their arguments but if it saved them another round of bickering then so much the better.

"I can think of far better things to do than argue about curtains," he told her and kissed her again, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer mumbling something about winning. He thought about going back to the argument just to stop her being smug but then she deepened the kiss and started unbuttoning his shirt and he decided arguing could definitely wait.

The man was wearing an expensive suit, a very dark blue with barely visible lines running down it at regular intervals. His hair was gelled back and his face showed signs of plastic surgery, a bid to look younger than he actually was. He sat on the other side of the desk, his back straight and his eyes focused on them. He was a confident man who knew he was offering something that would appeal to both the people in front of him.

"I understand you'd be reluctant to trust us, recent events have given you every reason not to but we're not like the other firms. We have no gender preference and your personal lives our none of our business. Our only concern is that you do the jobs you're given and you do them well, from what I've seen and heard there's no one in the business who does that better than the two of you," the man told them. "Mr Sheppard, Mrs Sheppard, what I'm offering you is positions in our firm doing exactly what you were doing before, exactly what you're good at."

John and Elizabeth looked at each other and smiled. "Where do we sign up?"