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Edit (April 2016): I wrote this story 7 years ago, at a time where my creative writing skills were still in development. I admit that some ideas were good, but upon a re-read, I cringed several times. For this reason, I've decided to rewrite the story. So what you're reading now is basically version 2.0 of this story. If you read it before, please consider reading this again, because hopefully I've modified it for the better.

Chapter 1-The question

It was a warm summer evening, and Gwen and Trent were sat at a table in their favourite restaurant, looking down at their menus and trying to decide what to order.

"Well, I certainly wasn't expecting this." Gwen smiled looking up from her menu.

Trent raised his head to meet her gaze. She could tell from the dark circles under his eyes that his workload had gotten intense in the past week. Still, he never complained about it.

"Why not? I told you yesterday that I want us to do something special today." Trent replied with a warm smile.

"Yeah, but I hope there's no underlying reason that I'm not forgetting..." She admitted, fiddling with her napkin nervously. "Your birthday isn't today, is it? Have I completely lost the notion of time?"

"No, Gwen," he laughed. "Just relax, okay? I just wanted to take a break from our busy routine, and enjoy a nice meal together. And maybe we can even talk a bit about us."

"Well, we'll certainly not talk about others." Gwen smirked. "Crap, I hope you're not here to suddenly break up with me, because doing it here would not be cool. At all."

She was trying to keep the humour of the conversation, but there was an obvious underlying concern. Trent tried to comfort her by taking her hand in his, and gently caressing it.

"Remember when we met?" he asked.

"How could I forget? We met ten years ago on Total Drama Island. I was the lonely Goth girl and you were the nice guy who played the guitar. It's like that Avril Lavigne song, but not really. Gah, I'm babbling..."

"Spending time with you was the only thing that distracted me from that hell hole of a camp." Trent continued, ignoring Gwen's nervousness.

"It was the same in my case. You were the only one I didn't find annoying on that island. Don't know if that still applies..."

Trent laughed, and she joined in, starting to feel more at ease. He seemed too relaxed to drop the idea of a breakup on her, so she decided to shake off the negative thoughts.

"Remember when we tried to stay awake during a challenge and learned a lot about each other?"

"Yeah, those few weeks spent together in camp were amazing…Until Heather had you eliminated…" Gwen added, her tone turning bitter.

Trent lowered his gaze. The topic of Heather had always been a delicate one as it brought back painful memories for both of them.

"I'm still sorry for kissing her, you know..." He murmured. "I never meant to hurt you, but she fed me all those lies, and just like an idiot I fell for them…"

"It's okay, Trent." She cut him off. "It wasn't your fault. Heather really knew how to play the game. She had everyone wrapped around her finger, and she played the both of us."

Trent gently took both her hands, and gazed into her eyes. She couldn't help but smile. The moment felt to genuine, so warm. Even without words exchanged between them they knew that the past didn't matter anymore, and that every mistake was forgiven. She wanted to reach over the table and kiss him, but she hated public displays of affection so she chose to wait for a more private setting.

"Gwen, you're the only girl for me, and I love you so, so much!"

"I love you too! I hope you never doubted that."

"And I don't want to allow anything to come between us, so that's why…"

Trent rose from his chair, leaving Gwen looking slightly confused. He then got on one knee and pulled out a small black box from his pocket. Gwen gasped, tears threatening to make an appearance.

"Oh, my God!" Gwen whispered, as Trent opened the box revealing a small diamond ring.

"Gwen, will you marry me and spend the rest of your life by my side?"

Gwen managed to snap out of her momentary trance, and quickly wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. She gave a half-sob half-chuckle, and exclaimed: "Yes! Definitely yes!"

She jumped into her fiance's arms, fresh tears of happiness streaming down her face. Trent couldn't hold back his beaming smile, especially since Gwen kept muttering how she was being an embarrassing emotional mess.

"Well I think you're adorable." He chuckled, and kissed her wet cheeks.

Before she could reply, the entire room started applauding, clearly aware of the occasion.

"Oh, this is getting so awkward." She laughed.

"Stop thinking about it, and let me put on your ring." Trent said as he slid the delicate engagement ring on her thin finger. "I'm glad they got the size right."

Gwen marvelled at the ring, and grinned. She hated the cheesiness associated with weddings, but she was actually loving being freshly engaged.

"I guess we do have a reason to celebrate today." She commented.

"We sure do. So why don't we order some champagne?" Trent suggested, sitting back down.

"That sounds like a brilliant plan, Mr. future husband." She replied before leaning to plant a kiss on his lips.