The Kidnapper

Summary: When Amu walks home one day she crosses paths with a black cat. What happens when he kidnaps her? Who will save her? And why is Utau dressed up as a chicken? Amu + Ikuto

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Chapter One:

Walking Home

"Be careful walking home, Amu." Mama said as she stirred the pot of soup. I sighed and slipped my shoe on. "I know, I know. You tell me everyday." She smiled and kissed my forehead. "That's because I love you."

Walking home now was lonely. The sun was high in the sky like a heated oven as I began to sweat. 'Maybe a ride with Rima wasn't such a bad idea.' I turned the corner on the dangerous part of town, the part a 14 year old girl should not be walking, especially alone. The houses were old and abandoned with squeaky gates and starved dogs. I looked at the animals with pity. 'Who would do such a thing?' The sun blazed more and my clothes felt clingy, the feeling I hated the most. I took off my black blazer and stuffed it in my back pack.

"Hello, cutie." A rough, sinister voice called. Goose bumps ran up and down my spine. No one was EVER on this rode. I walked faster, hoping the guy would leave me alone. 'Maybe he was talking to the dog?' 'Yah, right…' My inner voice answered. "What's your name?" Asked the man, he sounded closer. Following me. I started digging in my back pack for my cell phone. 'Where did I put the dang thing?!?!' "Ah, slow down." The man called. I started moving faster. 'WHERE THE HELL IS THE PHONE!?!?!' "Stop." The voice called in my ear. He was right behind me, the breath warm on my ear. I felt a wave of disgust.

A brick wall was in front of me that stood 10 feet tall. 'Dang.' "Go…away." I said quietly. "Don't be like that." My heart pounded violently in my chest. 'Help.' "Why, what's this?" Asked a younger voice. It was teasing and playful, a voice that didn't sound helpful at all. Though, this guy sounded closer to being seductive than the man behind me. 'Wait, what am I thinking at a time like this?!?!?!?' "Scram, kid. Get your own girl." The man behind me hissed. I looked at my surroundings. A ladder was perched on the wall, three feet behind me. 'Maybe if I can climb up there…'

"Ah, and miss this show? No, I think I'll have to get involved here." 'Involved?' "AHHHHHH!" The man behind me screamed. I turned and gasped. He was on the ground with a bloody nose and twisted leg. His face held horror as he stared at the guy. "Get. Out." The boy said. The man scrambled to his feet and limbed out of the alley. I was frozen. The boy sighed and shook his head. "Men like him. They always aggravate me." I took this time to get a better look at him. He had midnight blue hair and light skin. He was tall, a whole head taller than me and covered head to toe in a black out fit. He seemed about 19. As I looked him over he opened his eyes and stared at me. I blushed and looked down.

"Y-You…saved me?" It came out as a question. 'He did…but.' He shrugged. "Not really. Creeps like him annoy me. I just taught him a lesson." He said turning around. "T-Thank you." My voice came out weak. 'Why was I stuttering???' He stopped and turned to me. His eyes were staring at me, in the way boys looked at me when after I kissed them. This scared me. He came up to me and I scooted away until I hit the wall. 'Why didn't I just leave when I had the chance???' "Do you want to know why men like that aggravate me?" He asked in a seductive tone. My face was heating up. His body was almost pressed to mine, and he smelled so good. A scent I could not identify. "W-What?" I asked confused. My head was spinning and I couldn't think straight. He leaned forward and my eyes widened. 'Was he going to kiss me?!?!?!?!' His lips were by my ear as my eyes were closed tight. "Why guys like him make me mad." His breath tickled me and my knees buckled. Without the wall for support, I would have fallen down.

"Men like him aggravate me because they never get the job done right." He stated. "H-Huh?" 'What is he talking about?!?!?!?!' He started chuckling and I listened hard. 'What a beautiful voice.' He stopped laughing and looked at me with a smirk on his face. "Well, bye now." He stated and walked out of the alley. My eyes were wide with shock. 'He. Just. What???' My knees gave out and I slid to the floor. 'He saved me…but he said that he doesn't like guys who don't get the job right? What does that supposed to mean???'

"Damn it, Ikuto. Stop messing around!" A forty year old man yelled. "This is hardly the time for seducing a young lady." The man said as a deep frown covered his face. "Whatever. What do you want anyway?" Ikuto asked as he grabbed his violin case. "The boss has a mission for you." He stated. Ikuto sighed. "Really, when will that man stop pestering me?" The man glared. "Now, Ikuto don't screw this up. You may even like this particular assignment." Ikuto raised an eyebrow, interested. "What's the mission?" The man smirked and pulled out a yellow folder. He handed it to Ikuto. "Here, boss wants you to kidnap a girl. There's no picture so you're going to have to guess right. The address and age is all stated in the folder." "And who exactly am I kidnapping?" Ikuto asked harshly. The man's eyes narrowed. "Amu Hinamori."

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