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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 1: The Toad Sage ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As Naruto walked down the streets with his head down, he could hear many jeers and insults being thrown at him. Along with several projectiles.

" Get out of here Demon Brat! " yelled one of the store owners

" Someone should teach you some manners! Showing your face here is just shameful! " said a female civilian

" A boy like that would never have any manners Dear." said her husband looking at Naruto with disgust

Naruto didn't even flinch at these comments. He had heard it all before. Then he felt something smashed into his face. He looked down and saw a broken eggshell and some yolk, and realized that he was being attacked. He bolted, and a crowd formed behind him. Although this wasn't new either, this was the part he hated. The villagers chucked anything they could find at him. Rocks, sticks, and even the occasional dead rat were sent flying past Naruto, who just ran faster. And then he froze. A man with long black hair, stood in front of him wearing some standard shinobi pants and a jounin jacket and both his eyes were looking at him in a glare.

" I won't let you hurt anyone else Demon! You killed too many people, and it ends here " He roared angrily.

Naruto didn't have any idea what he was talking about. The man moved his hands so fast that Naruto could only see blurs. The man's hand came down and there was a kunai in his hand. Naruto started to run away from the man as fast as he could. He knew what people like this man were called, for he had heard the word many times before. Ninja. Naruto had never met one before, but this was not the way he had thought he would.

Jiraiya was coming from outside the village, coming from meeting with all his different spies over the past years. Since his student died ten years ago, he only came to the village every time he had something to report to his sensei in person, he regretted the fact that he couldn't be there for his sensei in his roughest of times. He came back a few years ago hoping to adopt his student's son but the old council people wouldn't let him, not wanting him to train the boy. This time he wanted to take the boy with him again, and if they wouldn't let take him away he would train the boy here for a year before he had to go outside the village again. The sky was dark and cloudy looked like it was going to start pouring anytime now, Jiraiya made it to the gate of the village and handed the two guards his pass to enter the village. He walked in the village and was heading toward the Hokage tower to see his sensei when he heard a bunch of people screaming " Get him " he walked toward where the noise was and saw and bunch of civilians, genins, and chunnins running after a little boy. He took a look closer and saw who that little boy and he just lost him mind, he ran toward the group at full speed hoping to make it before they harmed his sensei's only son. The group say a man with long white hair running toward them with inhuman speed so they started cheering thinking that he old man was running to kill the demon with them. Jiraiya made it to the group and he immediately killed the five chunnins of the before releasing a killing intent that had everybody around on their knees. The Third was in his office when he felt the killing intent, he started sweating knowing that Jiraiya was in the village and he wasn't happy about something. Jiraiya looked at the civilians on the ground and then looked at the young boy who was on the ground fearing for his life.

" Does this look like a demon to you " yelled Jiraiya taking out some kunais pointing at the young ten years old Naruto on the ground but nobody answered him.

" Answer me, does he look like a demon to you " he yelled again walking toward the group, but still no one answered.

" Then why the hell were you demons trying to kill him " he yelled walking back toward Naruto

" He killed our hero " yelled one of the civilians on the ground.

" Don't you dare call my student your hero, because if he was really your hero you would respect his wish of seeing this young boy as a hero for holding that thing " yelled Jiraiya focusing the killing intent only on the man.

" Are you all right Gaki " asked Jiraiya smiling at the crying young boy.

" Yes, thank you old man " said Naruto wiping some of tears flowing down his cheeks.

" The name's Jiraiya gaki " said Jiraiya ruffling the boys yellow hair

" Lets go pay a little visit to the Hokage now huh " Jiraiya said with a smile

" Jiji, I don't want the old man to see me like this " said Naruto trying to clean his clothes.

" Why is that " asked Jiraiya raising an eyebrow

" Because he's going to ask me what happened and I don't want him to worry about me " answered Naruto looking at the old man.

" Let's go " said Jiraiya smiling at the young boy.

Jiraiya was now walking toward the Hokage tower with Naruto besides him. He looked around and saw all the dirty looks that were being sent toward the young boy. Jiraiya was getting angrier by the second when he saw how the people treated the young boy. He walked inside the tower without even looking at the secretary and walked straight in the office, Sarutobi was getting ready for what was about to happen since he saw what Jiraiya was mad about with his crystal ball. Jiraiya told Naruto to wait outside while he had a word with Sarutobi for a moment.

" What the hell sensei, I come back and the kid was about to get killed by a group of shinobies and civilians " yelled Jiraiya looking at the old man.

" What, you wouldn't happen to know their faces right " asked Sarutobi softly calling in three of his anbu members

" I killed the five chunnin that was in the group and the rest is on the groung in the middle of the streets " said Jiraiya smiling at the old man. The anbus immediately went to find the rest of the group that was trying to kill the young boy.

" So how long you here for " asked Sarutobi looking his former student.

" About a year, before I have to check on my spy network " said Jiraiya still looking at the old man angrily.

" What do you plan to do with Naruto " asked Sarutobi smiling at his student.

" Train him and look after him, I can't believe Minato trusted these fools with his only son " said Jiraiya angry at the last part.

" They'll see, I'll turn him into a legend " yelled Jiraiya striking a pose, Sarutobi sweatdroped at the pose.

" Where is Naruto " asked the old Hokage looking at his student.

" Hey Gaki, come in here " Jiraiya called Naruto in the office, the yellow head ran in the office and jumped on Sarutobi's lap.

" OK, where do you live Naruto " asked Jiraiya looking at the young version of his late student.

" In the orphanage of course " said Sarutobi looking at Naruto who just put his head down.

" Gramps they kicked me out of the orphanage two weeks ago, I've been living in the forest since then " said Naruto crying

" What...... " yelled Sarutobi and Jiraiya at the same time with their killing intent rising through the roof which had everybody five blocks from the Hokage tower frozen.

" They did what " yelled Sarutobi looking at the young boy angry

" Bear, please take who ever is in charge of the orphanage to Ibiki for me " said Sarutobi to the masked man in front of him

" Hai, Hokage-sama " said the anbu member disappearing in a swirl of leaves.

" Sensei, please give me the keys, I'll leave the rest to you " said Jiraiya looking at the old man.

Jiraiya walked out of the office with Naruto following him close behind him. They walked for a few minutes until they made it to a big compound next to the Hyuga compound. Jiraiya opened the big gates and they walked in, the inside looked like a little village itself with a big house in the front and a bunch of other houses not as big as the main one down the street. There was some training grounds in the back of the compound but they were going to use them the next day. Jiraiya and Naruto walked inside the main house and it was filled with dirt and dust from 10 years without any cleaning. Jiraiya decided that they would clean it the next day since it was really getting late for that. Jiraiya went to sleep inside the main house for the night but he had his own house in the compound which he use to use when Minato was still alive.

~~~~~~~~~~ The Next Day ~~~~~~~~~~

Naruto woke up and took a shower with some hot water for a change since when he was in the orphanage they use to turn off the hot water when it was time or him to bathe. Jiraiya was still in bed when woke up but when Naruto finished taking a shower. Jiraiya walked down the stairs and saw Naruto with an orange jumpsuit on ready to go to school, he walked up and stood behind him looking at the jumpsuit.

" Why do you wear this " asked Jiraiya looking at the yound kid.

" That's all the store owner would sell me " said Naruto looking down. Jiraiya looked at his again and took out something from his scroll.

" Take your shirt off Gaki " said Jiraiya looking at the boy, Naruto took off his jacket and Jiraiya looked at his body laughing.

" Do you ever work out Gaki " said Jiraiya laughing.

" No " said Naruto looking at the man. Jiraiya put a seal on his chest looked at him.

" What is this " asked Naruto looking at the man

" Its a gravity seal, its meant to make you stronger and faster " said Jiraiya looking at his godson smiling. Naruto started walking but he felt his body heavy as fuck so he couldn't move like he normally did

" My body feels heavier than usual " said Naruto confused

" You'll get used to it, now hurry up and get to school. Don't take shit from anyone " said Jiraiya walking back upstairs.

" Don't tell anyone about me or the gravity seal " said Jiraiya looking at the spiky head kid

Naruto walked out the compound walking slowly toward the ramen stand before going to the academy. Naruto made it to the ramen shop in about five minutes when it usually took him two minutes to get there. Along the way the villagers were glaring at him calling him names so he started trying to walk faster to get used to the weights faster, Naruto ran to the academy as fast as he could but he was still ten minutes late. He opened the door to his class and saw everybody laughing at him.

" Naruto, you're late " yelled Iruka looking at the young boy.

" Its not my fault " said Naruto going to the back of the class were Shikamaru, Choji and Kiba sat, he walked by Sasuke's desk and Sakura put one leg out and tripped him making everyone laugh at the boy.

He made it to the back of the class and sat down besides Shikamaru who was sleping and Choji who was eating his chips loudly. He tried to pay attention to the class but it was getting very boring to him, so like Shikamaru he fell asleep as soon as he did Iruka walked up to their desk and woke them up with his scary head jutsu. Naruto woke up and Shikamaru did the same so they started talking about the class. It was time for they taijutsu and throwing practice outside.

" Naruto you will go up against Sakura in the taijutsu practice " smirked Mizuki

' I don't want to fight Sakura, I love her ' thought Naruto

" Cha. Easy win " yelled Sakura looking at Sasuke with hearts in her eyes

Sakura got in the academy style and Naruto got in the style that Mizuki taught him and just stood there waiting for Sakura to attack him. He still couldn't move at his usual speed since he was carrying half his weight in the seal. Mizuki saw that Naruto got in the style that he taught him and was laughing even though he didn't let anyone see him laughing.

" Go " said Mizuki smirking at the yellow head

Sakura ran toward him with a pretty pathetic speed and punch him in the nose getting the head start, Naruto held his now bleeding nose though it was not easy for him to even move his hand, since Naruto couldn't really move all that fast yet. " That's for annoying me asking me to go out with you " said Sakura punching him in the face once again, he fell to the ground " But Sakura-chan what did I ever do to you " said Naruto looking at the girl and Sakura kicked him while he was on the ground, he tried to move out the way but with no success, she kept punching him in the face and his face started to get swollen. Naruto got up and tried to punch her but he still couldn't move his muscle all that good, so she punched him again and he fell to the ground once again, Naruto got up and continued to fight even though he couldn't attack or defend himself from the assault. " That's for not respecting Sasuke-kun " yelled Sakura before she kicked him in the stomach. She was about to continue her assault but Iruka stopped the match.

" Winner Haruno Sakura " said Iruka raising the girls hand and all the guys started laughing at Naruto and so did the girls

" Naruto why can't you move " asked Iruka looking at the blonde

" I can't tell you Iruka-sensei " said Naruto getting up from the ground

" Why not " asked Iruka looking at the boy

" I just can't, leave it at that " said Naruto walking away from the man

The class went back inside with Naruto staying back as soon as everyone went back inside he left and went home. He walked down the streets with his body all bruise up and the people were cheering seeing him hurt like that. He wanted to get home faster but the gravitation seal was slowing him down, so he had to listen to every insult said to him and everything that they threw at him he had to take it since his body was so heavy.

" Where is Naruto " asked Iruka looking around the class

" I kicked his butt so he left the academy for good " laughed Sakura and the whole class started laughing except for Hinata, Shikamaru, and Choji.

" Something is wrong with Naruto " said Shikamaru to his best friend Choji

" Yeah, he was usually faster from anyone here, since he always use to pull all those prank " said Choji still eating

" I'm sure he'll tell us tomorrow " said Shikamaru going to sleep

Naruto got home and saw the house clean with Jiraiya sitting by the kitchen eating some rice and vegetable that he made. Naruto walked in with his clothes dirty with blood and dirt on them.

Jiraiya looked at him for a few minutes before asking " What happened to you "

" I was in a taijutsu match in my class and I lost " said Naruto putting his head down

" Was it the seal " asked Jiraiya looking at him

" Yes, and the fact that I don't know any taijutsu " said Naruto ashamed

" Didn't they teach you anything in the academy " asked Jiraiya looking at him

" Iruka-sensei use to help me, then Mizuki-sensei decided to teach but I did everything he taught me one time and I almost hurt myself " said Naruto looking at the old man in front of him

' He sabotaged the boys learning ' thought Jiraiya angry

" I guess I'll get you caught up " said Jiraiya looking at the yelllow head boy

" Run around the compound until you can't fell anything " said Jiraiya smirking.

Naruto did as his new sensei told him and started running. He ran around the compound five time and he couldn't fell his legs so he just collapsed to the ground. it was late when he finished running so Jiraiya took him inside and made him something to eat. Naruto ate his food and went upstairs to take a shower, he just stood under the hot water without moving a muscle until he felt clean. Jiraiya was making a schedule for his new training session in the compound. He was only going to work on physical and chakra control stuff for the next week to get caught up to the other kids in the academy. 6 to 9 a.m physical workout, 10-12 speed training,1-2 p.m target practice, 3- 7 chakra control, Next day for Taijutsu practice.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Next Day ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Naruto woke up at five in the mourning and started stretching to start his day. When Jiraiya told him that he wasn't going to go to the academy for a week to catch up with the other kids he got really excited. As soon as it turned six Naruto started doing push-ups, when he finished he started doing some sit-ups, then some pull-ups until it was his break time, His body felt numb so he went inside to get something to eat. He spent his break time in the house eating when it turned ten he ran outside and started running around the compound for his speed training.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Academy ~~~~~~~~~~

" Where the hell is Naruto " said Iruka looking around the class

" I told I beat his butt and he left the academy " said Sakura proudly

" I was awesome right Sasuke-kun " said Sakura waiting for a positive comment from her love.

" You are pathetic and Naruto is pathetic " said Sasuke in his usual Uchiha's-are-better mood

" But Sasuke-kun................ " pleaded Sakura looking hurt at the comment

" Troublesome, can't you see that Naruto couldn't even move in the fight " said Shikamaru going to back to sleep

" Now that you say that he really couldn't move his body " said Kiba looking at Iruka

" I'm still better than him, I would still beat that baka " yelled Sakura glaring at Kiba

" Whatever " said Kiba and Akamaru just barked

" Shut up " yelled Iruka using his big-scary-head jutsu

Sakura looked at Sasuke hurt because the Uchiha boy wouldn't even spare a glance at her, Ino was of course happy that her Sasuke-kun wasn't looking at Sakura but she was also hurt since he wasn't looking at her either.

~~~~~~~~~~~ Naruto ~~~~~~~~~~~

Naruto finished running around the compound and felt his body get lighter from when he started running. He went inside and opened a few instant ramen cups for lunch after eating he went back outside and walked to another training ground which had some practice dummy. He started with his target practice.

Being exhausted physically and mentally after the speed and target training he took a small break just to let his body cool down. After more than twenty minutes and having regaining some of his chakra Naruto made his way toward the tree. Close to the little lake that was next to the training ground and he started walking on top of the up the tree. Difficult in the beginning but after an hour of falling on his butt finally started to get the hang of it. Proud of his new accomplishment he stared to jump around but lose some of his concentration and fell down the tree straight on his buttt. Naruto got up and walked up the tree once again this time with no problem.

Naruto and Jiraiya went inside after he finished the days training and they sat, ate, and laughed as they enjoyed lunch. Naruto was starting to see Jiraiya as the family that he never had since the man took his time to teach him. As they laughed, Jiraiya could not help but see himself in the young Naruto, he had never been a natural genius like Orochimaru or great chakra control expert like Tsunade. Jiraiya's skills was that he able to adapt in the heat of battle, and he could learn most ninjutsu through hard work and determination. However, this was not to say that he did not have incredible talents himself, as he did have a talent for seals that did shock his team. Since it was considered such a high level skill, most were suprised at how Jiraiya could pick it up so easily. Jiraiya saw that potential in Naruto as a shinobi, he may not be a great seal master, but he would work till he could do whatever was being asked of him. Jiraiya was starting to love the boy like he did his late student and he didn't even know him long yet. This was his God son, even though he didn't tell Naruto that yet. He was definitely sad that he had not been able to save Naruto from his childhood knowing that Sarutobi had doomed him to a life of suffering by refusing to let Naruto be adopted by Jiraiya. The greatest shame that Jiraiya dealt with was not being able to defend his Godson from those attackers and haters in the village in the first few years of his life. He prayed Kami would have mercy on his soul, or when he found his student's wife in heaven; he could look her in the eye and explain why Naruto was left to the horrible fate that he suffered as a child. He could not replace Naruto's past, but he would work to insure that the Naruto would be able to achieve whatever he wanted to be like his dad. He would be the greatest Hokage and by sheer force of will, he would make the world acknowledge him. This could be the only gift that Jiraiya could leave Naruto to make up for failing him as a child. With that final thought.

~~~~~~~~~~ The Next Day ~~~~~~~~~~

The next morning Naruto woke took a shower, stretched and started doing his physical work out. After doing his physical work out Naruto started running around the compound for his speed training after Jiraiya increase the gravity by 10 percent. After the speed training Naruto began his taijutsu training with Jiraiya, he was substituting the target practice and chakra control portion of his training with taijutsu training as Jiraiya had told him. Jiraiya created a clone so that Naruto could spar with after he taught him the ' Fox Style '. Jiraiya was the teacher who explained the katas of the ' Fox Style ' to the boy, and the clone was used as a sparring partner to allow Naruto to learn the motions of the style.

Initially, the constant need to keep his fist up to protect his body and to block attacks was very foreign to Naruto, who was taught the wrong way to fight at the academy. However, Jiraiya explained how this often left Naruto open to blows to his head area. By keeping his guard up, he reduced the openings. Additionally, the use of deflections and guiding the punches was extremely foreign. However, Naruto could see how effective it was. It was not about overpowering the fist or blow of the other person, but simply to deflect the energy away from the body. Every hand or fist was still connected to the wrist, so by attacking this joint you could force the fist away from the body. The style was to use the body and the user's speed to stop, dodge or deflect attacks

As they trained, the use of legs strikes to keep the opponent away from coming in close to the body was also very helpful. He had never thought about how his legs being a primary weapon, as Mizuki always told him to keep an opening to keep the opponent away. However, the Fox style used leg strikes, a lot of flips, and constant movement to overpower the enemy and viciousness like an animal to attack. They would strike the opponents body from head to toe. Hours of using his legs in such manner only increased the fatigue that Naruto felt from the gravity seals. Jiraiya made him repetitively strike a pole that was in the middle of the training ground to increase his leg power and harden his bones.

Naruto also worked on being able to anticipate blows from his enemies by simply doing some back flips and twist in the air for momentum. Jiraiya assaulted Naruto by kicking him or punching him, and the Demon Fox container would only be able to dodge, deflect and block the attack without fighting back. Jiraiya was doing this to increase the boy's reflexes making him able to act fast in case of an attack.

Naruto worked on this program the entire morning, and was glad when it finally got dark so he could get some lunch before going back to practice again.

He sat down with his aching legs. " Man, I did not know my legs could hurt so much after all the training that we have been through."

" Naruto you need to take cancel the gravity seal when using this style because as you saw it requires fast movement " explained Jiraiya looking at the boy.

" Ok " said Naruto looking at his new sensei smiling

" Naruto do not show off your skills for no reason, only show your skills when you're in a fight " said Jiraiya looking at him serious

" OK, I never planned to " said Naruto smiling at his sensei

" Get some rest tomorrow will not be easy " said Jiraiya smirking

~~~~~~~~~~~ The Next Day ~~~~~~~~~

Naruto woke up and stretched getting ready for the day, it turned six and he took off his jacket staying in only his pants and he started with his physical workout training doing some push-ups, then some sit-ups, and after that some pull-ups. After the three hours were over Naruto went inside to get something to eat, when he got in the house there was nothing in the kitchen so he decided to go to Ichiraku to get breakfast. Naruto got ten bowls of ramen for himself and his sensei and went back home making sure that no one followed him so that they wouldn't know where he lived. He wanted to make sure that no one knew where he lived because then they would mess up his sensei's house because of him, he was grateful that Jiraiya decided to help him improve his skills so he didn't want anything to happen to the man because of him. Naruto made it to the house with the food that he just bought for himself and his sensei.

Naruto ate the food with his sensei and went back to work doing the speed training for two hours before he got another break. The same thing went on until it was time for him to go to sleep.

To be Continued...............................