arg damn plot bunnies xD anywho whilst trying to finish generations and writing another naruto one shot and a bleach long shot i though of this. a fuller explaination is after the story as i felt putting it here would ruin it slightly.

the first few chapter will be short as they will each cover a section of naruto's life as he grows up in sort of small 'memoclip' type chapters before the 'real' story starts. updates are as usual when i can ^^ i have a life and at the moment limited internet access...

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The beginning

Iruka looked at the small boy, messy wild hair covering his face. He sat in the corner knees drawn up to his chest, silent. The social worker saw him looking and turned to him,

"I wouldn't if I were you" she warned gently "he's been brought back here three times already for his behaviour"

"What happened to him?"

She sighed "You really want to know? It's not nice"

Iruka nodded still looking the boy

"His mother died when he was born, his father shortly after nothing else much is known about them. The people who found him as a baby kept him in a room with his twin brother they used to push food in every so often, but other than each other they had no contact with the outside world"

"What happened to his brother?" Iruka said still not taking his eyes of the kid

"Died, they think he stopped eating to give Naruto enough food, when they found him his brother had been dead for about 18 months"

Iruka looked up finally in shock "18 months? They left a four year old boy with his dead brother for a year and a half?"

She nodded "They weren't exactly mentally stable, they killed themselves, that's the only reason he was found, the neighbours had no idea there was even a kid in the house, they never developed speech beyond basic noises to communicate with each other and soon learnt no one came when they cried. If it hadn't been for his brother, Naruto would be far worse than he is now"

Iruka looked at him he found it hard to believe it could get any worse

"There is a nice boy here, half English but speaks fluent Japanese, very polite" she said trying to usher Iruka away from Naruto

"No" he said walking over to Naruto slowly "I'm taking him home"

The woman sighed, knowing she would be seeing an angry Iruka throwing the kid back at them in a few weeks or months time. 'Well' she thought 'at least he's out of here for a while'

"Hm it says here you have a partner? Did she not want to come today?" she enquired politely, technically they weren't allowed to foster out kids to one parents, but in Naruto's case she doubted anyone cared

"He doesn't like these places, he was here as a child"

The woman nodded "okay just sign here" Iruka scrunched his eyebrows up, this seemed awfully easy to just foster a kid, but then he supposed he was in one of the worst area's of town, in one of the worst foster homes.

"Do you want to take him now, or have us drop him off sometime?"

"Oh no, he can come with me now, unless he has things he needs to pack or something? We live out of town so it's quite a long drive, I can come back tomorrow is that's better for him"

The woman raised an eyebrow "he doesn't really own much" she said

Iruka looked at her and decided, the sooner he took Naruto home the better "where did he come from before he was here" he asked as they walked back to the living area Naruto was in

"The birth certificate his father filed says 'Konoha' but they found him in a town a few miles away, I don't think it's there anymore"

"Konoha? Hm I guess he's coming home then" Iruka smiled, more and more convinced Naruto was the only choice he could have made

The woman smiled pleasantly, "I'll just go get this things, you wait here"

Iruka nodded and walked over to the boy, kneeling down beside him "Hi Naruto-kun" he said quietly reaching out to touch the boys hand gently "I'm Iruka-san, I'm gonna take you home today"

Naruto looked up bright blue eyes out of place on the otherwise pale and washed out complexion "I have no home" he said clearly and stared at Iruka, gaze unwavering

Iruka smiled "You do now" he ruffled Naruto's hair gently, he flinched at the movement and scrunched back up into a ball.

"Umino-san, his things are by the front door whenever you're ready…"

Iruka stood grasping the thin almost weightless Naruto in his arms "he can talk" he said almost accusatory

She smiled "he only knows four words"

Iruka slumped slightly "still better than nothing. I'll be going then, are you sure he has nothing else?" he asked surprised as they came to the single bag sitting by the door

"He didn't own much when he arrived here, he doesn't seem particularly attached to anything and things always going missing in foster homes"

"Yeah, but not even extra clothes?"

She shook her head "Everything here is shared, we don't have enough budget for things like that"

Iruka sighed and grabbed the bag slinging it over his shoulder he opened the door and took Naruto to the waiting car, strapping him into the child seat he really shouldn't have to use on a six year old child, but scared Naruto's body simply wasn't big enough to be in a regular seat. He turned to wave at the social work only to find she has already shut the door, glaring at her Iruka silently promised Naruto he would never bring him back here or to any foster home again.

phew right now for the explaination.

for starters i sugget reading this is not very long http://www[dot]colchsfc[dot]ac[dot]uk/psychology/Genie[dot]htm

Those of you who study psychology will proberly have heard of Genie, she's a girl who lived the first thirteen years of her life in a room by herself with no contact from her parents or anyone else. when they found her she looked like a 6 year old child, had no speech, could barely walk and didn't understand how to eat properly.

I'm basing the facts of the above on this, not the entire story ^^ so most of what Naruto does etc will be based on truth. Naruto of course had his 'brother' there which another case study shows makes privation a lot more bearable.

So this is just for those people who read the story and think oh a kid would so never do that or behave this way...obviously with artistic lisence XD there will be some over drama and perhaps some un realistic recovering but most of it is true^^

also for those of you who think no one could be that cruel a child...just goes to show really doesn't it?

anyway depressin bit over as i said up above the nhext few chapters will be shorts covering each year of naruto's life until he gets to about 13/14 ^^