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He's a pretty bright kid, given the way he was treated or maybe because of it, he has this amazing ability to see right into you. Deep inside to the truths even you can't see. I am well aware Naruto knows exactly what is going on between myself, Kakashi and Iruka. He may not totally understand us, but he accepts we are happy and that is enough for him. He knows his world is in balance and if Iruka and Kakashi believe he doesn't know and hiding makes them feel better about it…well he's perfectly happy to indulge them to keep his world in balance. He is far more aware than we give him credit for. Maybe he is more right than anyone else, to recognise happiness and peace even if it's not 'normal' to be so accepting.


Iruka opened his eyes sleepily, he could see across from him the silvery grey spikes of Kakashi's hair and he smiled. No matter how many times he woke up to the sight he still smiled like a teenage girl every time. He pressed his nose gently into the pillow inhaling the faint scent of Obito that had lingered from the previous day. He'd hate to admit it but he yearned to wake up and see the black mop of hair next to the familiar silver one. What had started as a way to excite Kakashi and make him happy, had turned into was felt distinctly like a relationship, he couldn't quite remember when Obito had become such a fixture in their lives, but he had been around for about six months now. That in itself was a record for Obito who rarely stayed anywhere longer than a month. Iruka furrowed his brow, the more he though about it the more confusing it because, over the last six or so months Obito had been over almost every night, and he hadn't noticed any strange people coming and leaving the Uchiha house. This had lead him to the conclusion several times that Obito had actually chosen to remain faithful to him and Kakashi, which troubled Iruka, it was highly out of character, and more to the point it changed their entire arrangement. Their relationship with Obito was based on the fact he showed up every now and then wanting some easy sex with people he trusted. Then he left, Iruka and Kakashi carried on being family and Obito popped back a few months latter and spiced things up a bit.

"I can feel you thinking all the way over here" Kakashi rolled over smiling softly at the trouble brunette "what you thinking about?"

"Obito" he replied without thinking, he'd never had any reason to hide things from Kakashi he wasn't going to start now

"Should I be jealous?" he teased pulling Iruka closer

"He's been around a long time this time hasn't he?"

Kakashi sighed "If you're worried don't be, you'll always come first"

Iruka looked at him "I'm not questioning that, I'm a little offended you think I could be insecure"

"Then what, it's clearly bothering you"

Iruka sighed and rolled to face him "he's been around for what six months? He hasn't to my knowledge slept with anyone except us, he hasn't disappeared off or had anyone odd come over to his. It's like he's finally chosen to settle down, and he's picked us"

Kakashi thought for a moment "I guess"

"Ever helpful"

Kakashi laughed "I stopped trying to figure Obito out a long time ago, he'll tell us when he's ready"

Iruka chewed his lip "would it be so bad?" he asked quietly

"Hmm?" Kakashi sat up slightly sensing this was important

"If he has chosen us, would it be so bad? I mean…" he tailed off unsure how to finish

Kakashi stared for a moment before breaking out into a grin "you like him" he laughed and flopped back on the bed

"No need to be so rude" Iruka said grumpily

"Sorry, it's just funny, you used to hate the guy"

"I never hated him, I was just...concerned"


Iruka ignored him "I guess I've got kinda used to him the past few years, I miss him when he's not here" he paused remembering the morning "I guess waking up with him as well wouldn't be so bad"

Kakashi sat up again "you've really though about this haven't you?"

Iruka blushed nervously

Kakashi thought for a moment "I suppose I could be convinced to share you, if you wanted to"

Iruka stared at him and Kakashi sighed,

"Look, I was in love with Obito before I even knew what the word meant, but he's Obito, you don't fall in love with him. He did break my heart, and you came along and you patched me up and here we are. I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, and yeah I've already admitted I'll never stop loving Obito. So do you really think the possibility of having both of you would be rejected?"

"You don't think it's weird?"

Kakashi laughed "Iruka, honey. We are two gay men living together with our adopted son. We regularly engage in threesome sex with our neighbour, who we both appear to be quite infatuated with" he reached over and kissed Iruka "We are the very definition of weird, so why change anything now?"

Iruka smiled softly against the warm skin, "What about Naruto?" he frowned

Kakashi laughed "Hate to break it to you, but he knows more than he lets on"

Iruka sat up, worried "Kakashi?"

The man sighed and pulled Iruka back down onto his chest "I think he'd be happy if Obito became a bit more of a fixture, they've got on well ever since they first met"

Iruka smiled remembering the day they took Naruto shopping and met the dark haired Uchiha, the blonde had loved his 'uncle' ever since then. Obito's easy going personality and childish disposition easily breaking past the barriers Naruto had up

"We need to talk to Obito" Iruka said making the decision

Kakshi nodded "later" he grunted burying his face in the pillow

Naruto hadn't moved, his entire body was stood stock still. Sasuke closed his eyes and stepped back, disappointment and embarrassment obvious across his face,

"I'm sorry" Naruto's voice was soft and Sasuke's head snapped up

"Why? I'm the moron who broke into your bedroom and molested you, I know you well enough not to cross that line" he looked at the floor

"It was a surprise, I'm not used to physical contact, you scared me"

Sasuke gritted his teeth "I'll leave" he said quietly and turned, a gentle hand on his wrist stopping him from leaving

"It was strange, for the longest time only Iruka and Kakashi could touch me, then you were allowed close, but never to much. I thought about kissing you, I dreamed about it and it scared me. When I thought about it was never nice, it was always forceful and…" he looked away "I wanted it to stop. But when I dream about you, you're so kind and…" he looked up and Sasuke was shocked to see he was crying "It's nothing like I remember"

Sasuke stepped forward wrapping his arms around the blonde, Naruto very rarely admitted to remembering his past, and even less often did he talk about it

He hiccuped trying to stop himself from crying "I-I wanted to try it for real, so I kissed you and it was nice, but it didn't feel right" he shrugged "I just thought maybe it's only nice in dreams"

Sasuke wiped his face with his thumb, licking the salty liquid as Naruto laughed weakly at the childhood gesture neither had had a use for in many years

"It hurt's when you touch me Sasuke" he whispered and pressed Sasuke's hand against his stomach "It feels like everything's moving around"

Sasuke smiled "I feel it to, that's how it's supposed to feel"

"It feels like I'm burning"

"Does it feel good though?" Sasuke asked smiling when Naruto nodded hesitantly "can I kiss you again then?"

Naruto bit his lip before nodding again, Sasuke leant forward and captured his bottom lip gently sucking it into his mouth and sealing their lips together. Naruto sighed, relaxing into Sasuke's arms and he mimicked the actions, shivering and tensing when he felt a gentle tongue push against his lips. Slowly he opened them letting Sasuke in, he opened his eyes watching Sasuke watch him and smiled pulling away,

"It's a lot nice when I'm expecting it" he said and Sasuke blushed

"Well if you're quite done teaching my son all the things we were hoping to keep him away from I'd appreciate your presence downstairs"

They looked up to find Kakashi standing in the door way an amused smirk on his face, there was an awkward silence before Kakashi sighed and shook his head "don't let Iruka see, and can you please come downstairs when you've stopped being that ridiculous shade of red" he left, sauntering down the hallway slowly

Moments later the two boys followed him making sure to keep a reasonable distance between them as they walked into the front room.