Chapter 1:

Naruto blankly looked at Hinata. Her body was on the ground, limp. Pain was icily looking over at him, almost tauntingly. Naruto snarled. A malevolent aura of blood wrapped around him, bones being made from sheer chakra. As he slipped into the darkness, a six tail growing, he swore he heard a dark, taunting laugh from the Kyubi.

'SHUT UP!' Naruto screamed in his mind. The laughing didn't halt, but rather grew louder. ' pathetic.' Naruto coldly stared ahead. He looked into the eyes of the fox, tears rolling down his face. "She loved me..." Naruto said. The Kyubi howled with laughter.

"So that's why she left you." the Kyubi cruelly said. Naruto snarled, staring at the seal on the cage surrounding the fox. It seemed like it was burning away. "Soon, I'll be free kit. And once I get out, I'm killing every damn one of your 'precious people'." Naruto twitched. He looked deep into the foxes eyes. "No."

The kyubi smiled. "No? What can you do?" Naruto grinned ferally in response.

"Once I kill Pain, and the rest of the damn Akatsuki, I'm commiting suicide."

The kyubi growled. "Like you would do that." Naruto laughed.

"Well, I could finally see my mom and dad that way." he said coolly. The kyubi laughed. "Well, at least your mom. Your dad sealed me in here with the Reaper Death seal, or something like that, so you won't be seeing him." Naruto growled deeply. "But, your dad was a strong one, admitingly. The 4th Hokage or something." the kyubi continued. Naruto gasped.

"The...fourth? The yondaime?" he stuttered. Kyubi rolled its massive eyes. "Yes, kit. Why the hell do you think I would be consent to stay in you if you weren't at least powerful among humans?"

"Um...because you have to?" Naruto sarcastically said.

---At the fight---

"Now you know true pain...but not pain as great as mine." Pain said in a monotone. Naruto just growled in response. The resulting shockwave pushed away a lot of rubble. His skeleton quivered with excitement. Pain raised up one lone hand. "Bansho Tenin."

Naruto howled as he was thrown at Pain. He raised an arm, firing a ball of bloody chakra. Pain quickly dodged it, stabbing Naruto simulataniously. Naruto screamed, his skeleton shooting a blade of bone into Pain. Pain seemed to wince, and let Naruto go. Pain looked at Naruto, his rinnegan eyes blankly staring ahead. "We shall meet again, Kyubi. And when we do, all six of my bodies shall drag you back and seal you. Then, true peace shall reign." He slowly walked away, but then Naruto shot a beam of bloody energy at him (like the 4-tailed one).

"Shinra Tensei." Pain said, not even bothering to look back. The blast still scorched him. He continued walking. Naruto panted, his skeleton and tails receding back into him. He colapsed on the ground, words haunting echoing through his mind: "I love you." As he faded into unconsciousness, Naruto thought blearily 'I love you too...Hinata...'