Summary: J&D are seen in the B5 garden by anonymous bystanders. Just after "The Summoning." K+ for crass speculation and mild language only.

Disclaimer: JMS, Babylonian, and Warner Brothers own them; I just let them out for air.

"Do you think we should run another scan on her, just to be sure?"

"No," said the woman, "It looks like the fracture is healing up fine, and I don't think she really wants to come back for another appointment."

"Yeah, you're probably right." The two medlab officers continued their stroll.

"So, how 'bout the Boss these days?"

"Who, Franklin?"

"Yeah – he seems to have mellowed out – I noticed you didn't even call him Cranklin."

"Well, I guess his little "vacation" must've ended up doing him some good. At least, once it was clear he was going to survive, that is."

Walking along, they continued their amiable chat. Suddenly the man blocked the woman's path with an arm.


He gestured to the arbor of vines to their right. "Maybe we better take this turn – wouldn't want to interrupt whatever is going on over there!"

The woman peeked around him. Indeed, there was a couple nestled together on the bench in the relatively secluded corner.

"Holy crap!" she uttered in a stage whisper, pulling her companion down the fork in the path.

"Geez, yank my arm off why dontcha?! I just didn't want to bug anyone, is all."

"No, it's the Captain! And, well, I guess the rumors are true. That's gonna go over real great with Earth and Minbar, for sure."

They made it around the bend, both apparently lost in speculation. Suddenly, the man laughed, spluttering, "So, how Human do you suppose she really is?"