As a paced back and forth waiting for the music to start, I couldn't help but to think how I got here, how all the little crossroads of my life affected me today. What would have happened if Jacob saved me that day in the meadow? What if I didn't meet any of my family, and I was alone for sixty years?

The music started to play, and Alice, Rosalie, Tiara, Emmett, Jasper, and Kaden all walked out.

What if Jasper didn't hand me that note so many years ago? What if Resa never met the Cullens?

It was my turn next. "Are you ready?" asked Bryan. "I think so," I replied.

What if Resa never convinced Edward not to love me? What if Edward never told her to go to Carlisle after it was all over?

I walked out the huge, decorated doors with Bryan by my side and looked at Edward. He smiled my favorite smile. I walked slowly down the aisle, but wanted to go so much faster.

What if I never said yes to a very special question Edward asked me a few months ago?

Now that my life has changed so much, I have noticed the people around me have changed also. Resa changed the most. She now lives with my old family. Carlisle sent her to Kaden. Apparently Carlisle and Kaden knew each other. When Kaden was young, he was very sick. Carlisle saved his life (without turning him into a vampire). Anyways, Kaden took care of her punishment. She is so much nicer these days, and she only uses her power for good. Bryan and Jacob have become extremely close. It's sort of funny how complete opposites are the best of friends. They always have the same idea. It's like they can almost understand what the other is thinking. I don't see my other family as much anymore, but we get together at special times like this.

I picked up the pace a little. When I finally reached him, I looked into his deep golden eyes. The priest started to talk. After what seemed like a lifetime, I said the two words I wanted to say for over seventy years now. I do.


That's the end. I hope everyone enjoyed!!!!!!!!! I know, so sad. :....(, but there is good news! I have started to write a new story! It's called "Walking Through My Nightmares". Check my profile to find it!