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Prolouge: Mother and Father

The king of the vampires walked down the halls. The kings' name was Alesandro. The vampire queen had just given birth to his heir not that long ago and she was currently supposed to be resting. Alesandro was on his way to see his son. He had the perfect name already picked out for his son. Duzell. As he entered the room, he saw Gwendolyn, his wife, holding their son.

"You've finally arrived. Want to hold him?" She held his son out to him, gesturing for him to hold Duzell.

"I thought up a name for him. How about Duzell?"

"Duzell.....Its perfect." Gwendolyn smiled at him.

"Gwendolyn you should be resting. The healers told me the child birth took its toll on you." He was now holding Duzell.

"Oh Alesandro, they only meant that it would be best for us not to have any more children. Thats all." Gwendolyn rolled her eyes again.

"Gwendolyn you have to take the healers seriously. From what I've heard, you almost died! I'm not going to put you through that again. We have Duzell don't we?" Gwendolyn sighed in defeat.

"Yeah I guess your right, Alesandro. I guess that's all we really need, right?"


~6 years later~

"Duzell get over here young man!" Alesandro yelled after his six year old son. Gwendolyn came up behind Alesandro.

"Oh Alesandro he really knows how to get you all riled up, doesn't he?" She chuckled. Duzell looked mostly like his father, but he got his hair color from his mother.

"Gwendolyn! You can't always side with Duzell! He needs to be trained so when the time comes, he can rule over the vampire lands as a great vampire king. And so that the many generations of vampires after he himself is long gone, remember him." Alesandro started stalking down the halls, trying to find Duzell. Gwendolyn only sighed. That night was when she and Alesandro had left to go for a stroll in the town.

"Alesandro when was the last time we just took a stroll in the town alone and together like this?"

"Too long Gwendolyn. You were only 3 or 4 months pregnant when we did." Alesandro had his arm around Gwendolyn's shoulders and they were on their way back home.

"Alesandro when Duzell becomes of age, we have to take him onto strolls like this. He'd love them, wouldn't he?"

"Yes Duzell would. He really loves animals. He is such a sweet boy, just like his mother." He and Gwendolyn then kissed. When they parted, Gwendolyn sighed.

"We should get back now. Duzell will be wondering where we are by now." At the gates to the castle, the humans then appeared.

"Humans! What is your purpose here!?" Alesandro yelled.

"King Alesandro isn't it obvious! We are here to kill you!" Gwendolyn gripped Alesandro's arm.


"Its alright Gwendolyn. Humans leave now!" Alesandro glanced at Gwendolyn, the castle, and the humans. 'I have to stop them from entering the castle. They cannot find Duzell. The humans don't know that Gwendolyn had a son. I prefer it to stay that way.' Before he knew it, someone had thrown a stake at Gwendolyn's heart.

"ALESANDRO!!" She cried out before falling down.

"Gwendolyn!" He caught her body before it touched the ground. "Don't die!" She then lay motionless and Alesandro stood up. He turned and glared at the humans.

"Men there's only one left! Kill him!"

"Die VAMPIRE!" After many attempts they finally killed Alesandro and he landed right next to Gwendolyn. His last thoughts were 'A vampire must have told these humans that Gwendolyn and I were returning at this time from out little stroll. Duzell......be a great king.......my son.....' At that moment was when Duzell had ran back inside the castle, hiding from the humans. He would never open up to people again.

~9 years later~

Duzell watched as the humans who attacked his parents and killed them 9 years ago, were hung or beheaded. He was now the vampire king and he would carry on in his father's place. First he would not trust all that much of people in his vampire kingdom. Second, never give someone his heart. Thirdly, he would have to find the vampire who told those humans that his parents were returning from their stroll.

"King Duzell the humans are dead now my lord. What do you want us to do now?"

"Ready my horse. I go to seek a counsil with St. Phelios of Pheliosta."

"Yes my lord." (A/N: Oh and in this prolouge you find out why Duzell and Phelios in this story are at war.) When the man returned with Duzell's horse, he climbed on and rode off towards Pheliosta.

~At Pheliosta~

Duzell rode up and he recieved many glances and smiles. No one at first reconized him as the new vampire king.....yet. He walked right into Phelios' chamber.

"St. Phelios I have come here to request a counsil with you."

"Vampire King Duzell. Its a pleasure for you to seek a counsil with me. Diaage, please get a seat for our guest."

"Yes Phelios."

"Now Duzell what can I help you with?"

"I need help to figure out which vampire helped a dozen humans kill the previous king and queen." Phelios sighed and stared at Duzell.

"King Duzell you must understand that such a matter is not likely to be figured out." Duzell gaze turned into a glare.

"Are you saying you won't help me?!"

"Pretty much. Yeah I guess you could put it that way."

"I here by claim that Pheliosta is at war with the vampires! This war will not end until I have found the one responsible for the king and queen's death!" Duzell then stalked out of the room. On his way out Duzell, hissed at everyone who smiled at him. "I WILL DESTROY THESE LANDS THAT ST. PHELIOS LOVES SO MUCH!!" He yelled as he climbed onto his horse. Then he rode off.

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