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Chapter 1: Opening up

As Duzell walked back into the room, he heard Ishtar release a sigh. It had been three days since he had brought her back into the past, and he had been constantly trying to solve their battle against Pheliosta. But St. Phelios was not answering any of his messages.

"Duzie can you tell me why you and Phelios are fighting?" He looked at Ishtar and had to stop himself from gasping almost. She was looking at him with irresistable eyes.

"Phelios would not help me find the vampire or vampires who helped those humans kill my..............parents." He said the last word softly.

"What happened?" Ishtar's right hand was in a weird position........to Duzell.

"My parents were ambushed by humans and then slain. No one knows that I am the heir from them. But those humans are dead. I made sure of that." He stared off into the distance remembering that night. (A/N: Now you guys know what he was remembering.)

"Duzie.......how old were you?" He glanced at her eyes without her knowing. He could tell from that one glance that she was seriously curious.

"I was only 5 or 6. I can't remember my actual age." Duzell sat down on his bed and sighed. Ishtar's next question surprised him completely.

"Do you miss them?" He looked at her.

"Huh?" 'What is she trying to ask me?' Duzell gave her a strange look.

"Your parents. Do you miss them?" 'Oh. My parents.'

"I did as a little kid. When I didn't understand what was going on. All I understood was that I couldn't open my heart up to anyone or trust anyone in the castle." He saw Ishtar look down at the ground and he knew EXACTLY what she was thinking. Looking at her, he said "You don't have to pity me, you know." Ishtar's head shot up to stare at him

"I wasn't pitying you! I was just...."

"Yeah right. I know you were pitying me. I've seen people do that when my parents had died. Don't ever look at me like that." He glared at her.

"Duzie its just that your life sounds like it was so hard on you." He looked at her normally.

"It wasn't that hard. I mean my father had trained me ever since I could crawl basically. I knew what I needed to do to run the Kingdom of Vampires." He closed his eyes.

"Duzie.....what was your father like?" He opened them again.

"I don't really remember what his personality was like."

"Oh. Your mother?"


"Oh. That must be hard."

"Not really. I've just moved on with life." Duzell saw that she was gazing sadly at him.

"Duzie if you want you can release the entire pain and suffering that you've been holding in all this time." She had placed her hand on his shoulder. Reacting quickly, Duzell flipped over so that Ishtar was on her back, he was above her and his eyes were red. Plus he made his fangs come out.

"Ishtar you would not be able to handle the pain and suffering that I've been bottling up inside me all this time, you would simply die because of it. But I can give you an experience similar to that of which of how I feel. Do you want to feel the pain?" His mouth was next to her ear, almost her neck. He knew his breath would feel cool against her skin.

"Duzie what do you mean?" Her voice was filled with curiousity and Duzell couldn't help but think 'Curiousity killed the cat. In this case, Ishtar, you are the cat.'

"You may look vampire, but I can feel the flowing of fresh blood rushing through your veins, Ishtar." 'Shit. This is too much. I don't think I can stop myself any longer.' He had sniffed her neck and was groaning now. it is simply turning me on. I haven't had fresh blood in I don't know how long." He felt Ishtar stiffened beneath him and he knew that she knew what was going to happen now.

"Duzie....." She had whispered his name and he sensed that her eyes were closed now. He waited for her to open her eyes again. When she did, he heard her gasp. 'My eyes must be completely red if she's gasping.' When he was sure he had her attention, his head went straight towards her neck. (A/N: You guys I'm not going into details on what Duzell feels during the process of drinking Ishtar's blood alright? All that you need to know is that he has a thrill cause Ishtar's a virgin remember?)

~Few hours later~

Duzell was standing by the window, gazing at the setting sun. He heard Ishtar stirring so he looked at her.

"So your finally awake." He walked over to her.

"What did you do to me?" Duzell sat on the bed next to her. 'I guess I better explain it too her now, or else I'll be in some deep shit later.'

"Ishtar I turned you into a vampire. I hope you can forgive me." He looked down at the ground. "Its just that when you touched my shoulder, I felt the fresh blood flowing through your veins. You'll understand eventually. In fact, why don't you have your first feed on me?"


"Yes me. I turned you, so therefore in order to be able to let you forgive me, I have to let you drink my blood as well. It is a law my father created." He saw her eyes widen after nodding when he had exposed his neck. "Bite any where along my neck." He saw Ishtar nod at his instructions and crawl over and starting to drink his blood.

Duzell had a sad smile on his face when she was looking at him.

"Why did you turn me?" Duzell gave an inward sigh as her question left her mouth.

"Well, now that we have both had each others blood, I can now reveal more stuff to you. Because now I will know if you are lying or telling the truth." He saw Ishtar's eyes harden as he talked to her. 'Crap.'

"So you mean YOU COULDN'T TRUST ME!? OH! That's the last time I ever trust you Duzie!" Duzell suppressed a grimace. 'She doesn't have to yell that right in my face. Ow, I think she blew one of my eardrums.'

"Ishtar you've got it all wrong. I didn't mean to imply that I didn't trust you. This was just so that I would know if your keeping an important detail from me. That is all." He had his eyes closed and his right hand over his heart. He heard Ishtar release some of her air.

"Fine. You lucked out THIS time Duzie. Next time you probably WON'T be as lucky." As she stalked out of the room, he started to chuckle to himself. 'And I thought she was easy going. I never did think that she could explode like that.' He heard her loud and clear when she yelled back to his door "I CAN HEAR YOU DUZELL! STOP CHUCKLING!! NOW!!" When he heard her door slam shut, he walked through the halls, still chuckling to himself.

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