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~To Make The Sun Shine Brighter~
*a Christmas story*

She sat with her knees pulled to her chest, her arms wrapped tightly around them. Her entire body shook with shivers. The cold.....it was so cold. Her tears froze to her cheeks after only seconds of being exposed to the world. Gentle sobs made her shudder, and she pulled her thin, worn blanket around her.

People passed on the streets, all clad in poorly made coats. None of them noticed the little girl huddled in the alley corner. She watched with large green eyes as each person passed her, hoping, wishing really, that one of them would see her, know her, tell her who she was. Tell her her name, where she came from, why she was alone.

But no one noticed her, or even threw her a glance. Her sobs were quiet, as she had cried herself out weeks ago. The tears were normal for her, they had been on her face for almost as long as she could remember.

" Little girl? Little girl?"

The girl looked up eagerly. Someone was calling for her, they had to know her!

An old woman leaned close to the child, who was watching her with eager, pleading eyes. The woman held out a yellow flower. " Would you like to buy a flower?"

The girl's hopes were shot in an instant. The tears started to flow again.

" Oh, dear, don't you like yellow?" the old woman asked.

" Ye-yellow's pretty," the girl whispered through shaky breaths.

The old woman nodded. " Yes, it's the color of the sun."

The sun. The girl hadn't seen the sun in days. She let her eyes wander up to the old woman, and she took the flower from her ice cold hands. " Thank you," she said softly. She hestitated, then handed the flower back. " I've go-got n-nothing to pay you w-with-"

The woman's eyes were soft and blue, understanding. " That's okay. We all need a smile sometimes." She blew the girl a kiss. " The good Lord loves you....uh...."

" Baialyn," the girl whispered. " I'm called Baialyn."

" The good Lord loves you, Baialyn." The woman smiled sweetly. " You have a very pretty name."

A smile crept on the girl's face as she held the flower close to her heart. It faded not long after the old woman left. The girl's tears fell onto the flower's petals, rolling off them, freezing before they hit the ground.

A/N: This chapter is short, I know, but it's like the prologue. Okay, so it is the prologue. The rest of the story will be from either Oliver's POV or Baialyn's. I hope to keep this one going, if nothing else continues. If I break this promise, hit me, okay?