Summary: Post-Breaking Dawn. Bella is happy with her life with the Cullens. But 15 years later, she is not aware that Renee and Phil had a child! Bella's half sister, Lily, does not know about her vampire heritage, and is unaware that she has a very powerful piece of jewelry that a certain someone is eager to have. What will happen when they come for her, and how are the Cullens involved?

Chapter 1: Life Goes On…

14 turning 15 is a terrible age. Especially when your parents like to travel, and you never stay in one spot. So when your birthday rolls around, and your mom asks if you want to have a birthday party, who the hell are you supposed to invite?

Turns out, my birthday turned out quite interesting. But that's for later.

I sat at the table, pushing some of my mom's cooking around my plate, as she and Dad talked all about how fantastic my birthday party was going to be. Just me and family. What fun.

"Honey, what do you want for your birthday anyway? Its tomorrow and you've given me nothing to go on here." My mom said, not even eating her own cooking.

"A camera would be nice. Jewelry. The usual." I said. She rolled her eyes.

"But that's so boring Lily! Don't you want something a bit more interesting? Never mind. I'll find you something that you'll love." She said, and went back to talking to Dad about baseball.

Both of my parents were kind of disappointed that I never really got into baseball as a sport. They thought track was kind of, well, boring.

My parents are all about 'more extreme sports.' This usually makes me laugh. Baseball is nothing like an extreme sport. Of course, I always fire back that if they aren't happy with track, I could consider my photography as a sport.

I cleared away my dishes, and went up to my room. If only I could go live with Charlie…

But mom said he was too old. And when she was going to say something more, she broke down crying and locked herself in her room for the rest of the day. I felt stupid after that. There is only one rule in this house. Never mention Charlie or Bella.

Bella had died when she had gone up to Forks, and mysterious accidents had befallen her before her death. I knew absolutely nothing about her.

With a sigh, I pushed aside my lavender floaty curtains and looked out my window at the darkening sky of Jacksonville.

Why was I so unhappy? My birthday was tomorrow. But I could not lift my spirits. I felt like something was missing. Besides my lack of friends.

I decided to learn more about this mysterious Bella, because of lack of something to do. I snuck up to the attic and dug through the small box of Bella's stuff that made it down here to Jacksonville. I swatted at my short blond hair, and then put it up in a pony tail. The attic was sweltering. Summer in Jacksonville.

I pushed away some clothes and found a book at the bottom. (This is from the Twilight movie) It was a small navy book with a cool symbol on the front. It looked old. I repacked the box swiftly and crept back to my room.

This book was about the Quilites, a Indian tribe up near Forks. Bella had written in this book with pencil. As I read further, it was mostly stuff about these 'cold-ones.' Intrigued I read the whole book. I peeked at my clock and groaned. It was 2:30a.m.!

I slid the book under my bed and found my way into a restless sleep, about wolves, vampires, and Bella.


"WAKE UP SWEETIE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" My mom crowed, and threw open my curtains, letting the warm sunlight stream in.

I groaned and shielded my eyes with my arm. My mom plopped onto my bed with Dad.

"Open this one first!" she said, and thrust a present in my direction. I blinked a couple times, put on my black, square framed glasses, and tore off the paper.

It was a professional Kodak digital camera! Actually happy, I gave my mom a huge hug. Usually she gets me pretty girly things.

"Oh my god, this is perfect! Thank you so much!" I said. Phil handed me a long rectangular box.

I lifted the lid and was silent. It was a beautiful, delicate silver necklace, with an amethyst tear drop shaped pendant.

"It's gorgeous." I said, still staring at it.

"I told you she would like it. I got it at the coolest store too. Some old, gothic place, it's been around for years." He said, looking pleased with himself.

"Thank you both! Will you help me put it on?" I asked as I gently removed it from the box. Dad helped me with the clasp, and I hopped out of bed and went over to my mirror.

"It's perfect guys. I'm gonna go take some pictures!" I said, turning on my camera.

"Hold your horses. I want some pictures of us, as a family." Renee said. I set the camera and it took a few pictures of us.

Then, after I was dressed in a light purple tank top, jeans shorts, and flip flops, she dragged me to IHOP. This was actually nice, getting to eat a real, well cooked breakfast.

As the day went on, it wasn't that bad spending my birthday with my family. When we got home from the beach, it was nearing twilight, and I finally got to try out my new camera on scenes I wanted.

I swapped my shorts for navy cotton pants, and my running shoes.

"Don't be out to late Lily. Take your cell phone." Mom said, and pressed my cell phone into my hand.

"Yeah, I'll be back, don't worry." I said, and jogged down the street, holding my camera securely to my side.

I slowed as I entered the park, and got some great shots of the swings in the fading light. Then, I sat on one, and watched the stars appear.

Wait a second. Stars? I jumped up, and was bathed in moonlight.

"Shit." I muttered. I began to jog out of the park.

"Not so fast." A cold voice said from the darkness.

I whirled as a human figure jumped off of the top of the play set, must have been 20ft, and landed on his feet. Maybe not human.

As he began to stride toward me, I whipped out my cell phone. And then, it was in his hand, a cool breeze chilling my bear arms.

I backed up further, into the dark. As he stepped out into the moonlight, I froze.

He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, except for his eyes. They were blood red. And he sparkled, like a faceted diamond.

"You…you smell like her!" he said, pinning me against a picnic table, a hand on either side of me. The dark shadowed the long angles of his face as he glared down at me. If I could run fast enough away…

He lifted a hand and lifted my necklace closer to the moonlight, and his eyes widened. Then he grinned.

"Looks like I'm about to kill two birds with one stone. Bella's relations, and the necklace." He purred. Purred?

"Bella's dead." I gasped, and whirled away from him, and broke into a dead sprint across the park. (She's in track, remember?)

I heard him, above me?! And I stopped, and hide in a slide, holding my breath, my heart in my throat. Suddenly, a cold hand grasped my ankle, and pulled. My camera clattered out first, then I was upside down, and he was glaring down at me.

I cried out as he increased the pressure on my ankle. I kicked at him, but he just grabbed my other leg.

"That's what you've been led to believe." He said, and lifted my necklace into the light again.

I screamed as loud as I could into the night. With a snap, he broke my ankle and suddenly I was upright, him grabbing my forearms, squeezing.

Then I was flying. He had me in his arms, flying through the night, faster than any human.

The speed. The cold. The eyes.

"Vampire." I choked.

He smiled down at me, cold eyes flashing.

"Very good." He said.


I bolted upright next to Jasper, and he was up next to me in a second. I didn't realize that I was gasping for breath until he put a hand on my back

"What is it Alice?" he asked worriedly, rubbing my arm.

"Get Bella and Edward and Reneesme. We've got a problem." I said.