Chapter 36: Not in Blood, but in Bond


Leah darted faster and faster through the woods, and I hunched low over her back, her soft fur cushioning the fierce pace of her movements as we raced through the trees and higher and higher up the mountainside. Eventually, we past out of the trees and she leaped nimbly from rock to rock, higher and higher until our breath froze in the air and snow crunched under her paws.

Finally, we reached the sparkling summit that I had flattened and widened. Leah and I had come up here almost everyday after the fight in the south, and I had trained myself harder and harder until I was almost back to normal. I had carved a huge perfectly circular clearing out of the top of the mountain, like the bottom of a footprint. It was the perfect place for us to hide away in. Leah and I were up here to celebrate the fact that I had finished it just yesterday.

I jumped off her back at almost the same time she changed back, and she dug quickly through the small backpack we had brought along with the bare necessities she needed, considering I needed nothing. She quickly pulled on the long underwear, her pants, boots and socks, and then a thermal long sleeve shirt. It was freezing up in the mountains, a normal human would die, but thanks to her 110 degrees body temperature, she only needed fall clothing instead of a down thermal parka. She also didn't need to carry oxygen, because her lungs were stronger and bigger. She grinned at me and unpacked the rest of the bag, supplies to start a fire, the tent, the huge collection of fleecy comforters for us to sleep in, and then of course, a huge amount of food.

We spent most of the day having a snowball fight in-between Leah munching and insisting on kissing me. Sometimes we played tag or wrestled (her as a wolf of course) and despite my obvious disadvantage, we were almost evenly matched. Later that night, as Leah happily made s'mores by the fire, sitting on my lap, Happiness that I have never known filled me up. I had eternity to do this. I could do this everyday if I wanted to. Of course, I still missed Phil and Mom, and I felt especially guilty for being the second daughter of hers to mysteriously disappear. But I knew that this is where I truly belonged.

"Are you alright?" Leah's voice brought me back down to earth. I smiled lovingly at her as she moved sideways on my lap to see me better, then kissed the side of her head.

"I'm perfect, at least with you here." I said, and Leah just smiled at her s'more that she was assembling, leaning into me, and then out towards the fire to roast it.

"You looked so…deep in thought." She commented a moment later, after neatly eating her 30th s'more. Still amazed at the diet of a werewolf, (diet as in sheer size of food obtained and eaten) I answered truthfully.

"I was just having some deep, sappy thinking time. But I think I've almost trained myself to stop doing that." Leah laughed. She knew I hated extremely sappy and well, deep emotional thinking in general, but I always tended to do it. It drove me crazy, but she thought it was cute.

"Maybe I should just take your mind off of things." She said in a tantalizing way, but focused on burning off the marshmallow on her stick.

"Maybe you should. Or you could keep enjoying yourself. If I didn't have to puke it up later, I would have a s'more too." I said, and Leah shot me a look saying, 'oh, great eating conversation.'

"I'm done anyway." She insisted, putting her stick ontop of a newspaper and then wrapping her long legs around my waist and kissing my neck. I rubbed her long muscled back and when she pulled away for air, I kissed her forehead, her nose, each cheek and cheek bone, then finally her lips. Leah took off, moving closer, entwining her hands in my ponytail, taking it out. Smiling against her lips, I picked her up, darted over to the tent, managed to unzip it, and then lightly threw Leah onto the massive pile of fluffiness. I took off her boots before she had time to complain about being thrown around, then was lying next to her.

"I love you," She said, curling up next to me, her drive suddenly gone. I put an arm around her, and she snuggled deep into me and almost across one side of me. I felt her breathing slow and deepen, meaning she had fallen asleep.

"Love you forever." I whispered to the air, then closed my eyes.

I'm so sorry for leaving this story randomly hanging, and then starting others…it's been a huge mess. But I wrote you all a little ending that you hopefully already realized and will be happy with…Thanks for reading and reviewing!