A/N: Cellphone scandals

Happens a lot in school

After a few secret texts during class

I came up with this idea~~

But I've been surprised

Just because Hiroki has a good arm at throwing chalk and books

Doesn't necessarily mean that he's unpopular

I mean, his total hotness makes up for that


Minami: Ne… do u think the professor has a lover?

Rumiko: Miyagi or Kamijou?

Minami: Kamijou of course

Rumiko: What do u mean of course?

Minami: Well… Miyagi seems to old 4 dating… more like he's married.

Rumiko: Hm… Kamijou's pretty good looking…

Minami: Rite?!

Rumiko: Hm… *smirk*

Minami: Shut up! But serious!

Rumiko: Shizuka and Yukino were also wondering

Minami: And…? I don't hang out with them

Rumiko: U know Yuki. She has a huge crush on 'im

Minami: So she says he's single?

Rumiko: Hm… yeah

Minami: Why the long pause?

Rumiko: Sorry. Miyagi was looking

Minami: Ah… What about Shizuka?

Rumiko: Taken

Minami: …Miyagi seems to look around a lot

Rumiko: Yeah. U wouldn't believe it

Minami: *sigh* Would Miyagi know if he's single or not?

Rumiko: Want me to ask him? xD

Minami: Shut up! I mean… there's a rumor those 2 r 2gether

Rumiko: …WAT?!

Minami: o.e Y? U didn't no?

Rumiko: Hang on…

"WHAT?!" Miyagi's outburst startled everyone in his class. Class work has long since ceased when the professor took over Rumiko's "secret" texting. It was a surprise when Miyagi hadn't confiscated the phone, but instead resume texting with whomever was on the other end. The only noise that was in the classroom was the phone's muted beeps and Miyagi's occasional chuckles, then his question, "What about Shizuka?"

But the exclaim followed soon after.

Rumiko: Hey, wat class r u in? Kamijou's, rite?

Minami: 0.o Um… yeah…?

Hiroki was halfway through chucking the piece of chalk at a student when the professor burst into the classroom, a girl blushing, standing behind him.

"Eh… kyoju… what-"

"Kamijou. Minami wa dare?" Miyagi cut in, standing in front of him with a few large strides. The girl lingered at the doorway, glancing at the hall numerous times, as if contemplating an escape.

"Minami…?" However puzzled, Hiroki answered the question. "You mean… Asakura?" His glance trailed up at the nervous looking brunette sitting on the third row of the left column.

Hiroki opened his mouth to ask, but then Miyagi had snatched the piece of chalk out of his hand. He could only stare wide-eyed when the chalk flew through the air and smack "Minami" right on the forehead. The girl outside jumped, then froze where she stood, understanding exactly how good the professor's aim was.

"There is no way in hell, you got that?"

Those were Miyagi's last words before he walked out the door, leaving behind a puzzled Hiroki, a blushing Minami, and the rest of the room full of surprised students at both their professor's aim.

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