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Meanwhile back in the locker room it was almost time for Matt to go out in the ring and talk about burning Jeff's house down and here he was sitting there with a major hard-on because a certain brother wouldn't leave him alone. Jeff, sitting in Matt's lap was grinding against him as he kissed up and down Matt's neck. "Jeff we've got 15 minutes! I'm supposed to go out there looking evil how can I do that with a stiffy?" Matt moaned as he rubbed himself against Jeff helplessly.
Jeff licked around the shell of Matt's right ear and said "15 minutes is plenty of time. Just watch and learn" he purred causing Matt to breathe heavily with anticipation. Jeff slid off Matt and went to unbuckle Matt's pants ."Jeff we can't!" Matt insisted.
"Shh just let me help ya Matty" Jeff replied, pushing Matt's hands away.
He unbuttoned Matt's pants and freed Matt's cock, which was already leaking precum. Matt groaned loudly and closed his eyes as Jeff licked the head of his cock and then popped it into his mouth. "Oh yeah... Jeffy!" He sighed. He opened his eyes to check the time and realised there was almost only 9 minutes left. "Shit Jeff 9 minutes"
Jeff just sucked Matt harder and Matt gave up trying to stop him. He grabbed the back of Jeff's head and forced himself into Jeff's mouth even deeper, watching as his glistening cock slid in and out of Jeff's mouth. Jeff started to hum a tune and Matt gasped and bucked against him. "Fuck so good! Just like that Jeff... just like that" Matt panted. Jeff let his tongue piecing swirl around the underside of Matt's cock as he sucked so hard his cheeks hollowed out. He moaned, loving the taste of Matt. He wanted to draw this out but realised they were running out of time and so he slid Matt out of his mouth and said "Cum for me Matty all the way down my throat" Matt panted for breath and as Jeff sucked him back in he climaxed, cumming in a series of spurts. Jeff moaned around him as he swallowed every drop and then quickly did up Matt's pants. "3 minutes Matty you better run for it" Jeff grinned.
Matt growled and kissed Jeff hard on the mouth. "I'll get my revenge for that don't you worry" Matt replied before he took off.

After the show both couples were walking out to the car park to their cars, holding hands and thinking how great it was everything worked out for everyone. Matt watched Adam and Dave walking away and wondered if Dave would be the one to finally tame Adam. An idea came to mind and he yelled out "Hey guys!" causing Adam and Dave to turn around. "Wanna go out for dinner with us tomorrow night? Like a double date thing?" Adam looked at Dave who shrugged "Up to you" he said.
"Okay Matt sounds good. See you then!" Adam replied with a wave.
"Matty do we have to?" Jeff asked as Matt waved back at Adam.
"What? I thought you didn't mind Adam and Dave"
"That was before Adam was dating you" Jeff replied.
"Aww baby you're so cute when you're jealous" Matt chuckled.
Jeff stuck out his tongue and got in the car. "You know you've got nothing to be jealous of. I love you Jeff" Matt re-affirmed as he sat in the driver's seat.
"I know" Jeff sighed and kissed Matt's cheek then added "Let's head back to the hotel. I'm beat"
"Not too tired I hope. I've still gotta get some payback" Matt reminded, running a hand over Jeff's thigh suggestively.
Jeff's eyes lit up. "I suddenly feel wide awake again. Strange that" He replied.
Matt laughed and started the car.

The next night they met at the hotel restaurant at 7 and it didn't take long for Matt to work out that Dave was in love with Adam. He was totally attentive to all Adam's needs and couldn't stop sending him loving glances. As for Adam well he'd have to wait and see as the meal progressed.

Adam had something on his mind. It had kept him up all night and he was exhausted. He leaned against Dave, who had his arm around him as they sipped their drinks and waited for their food to arrive. Dave glanced down at him again and their eyes met. Adam wasn't really paying attention to the conversation which was a good thing because as soon as Dave looked at him he lost all train of thought. His heart beat fast in his chest and he looked away. This was happening so fast. Somehow he'd fallen in love with Dave. He didn't even realise it had happened until last night when they'd gone back to the hotel and he'd been lying wrapped in Dave's arms like a big warm blanket after they'd made love and had felt happier than he'd ever felt in his life. It had hit him then like a lightning bolt and he'd been unable to think of anything else ever since.

"Earth to Adam Matt asked you a question baby" Dave said, kissing Adam's forehead.
"Hmm? Sorry Matt I was thinking"
He replied when Matt repeated the question but felt like he was on automatic pilot. When the food arrived he ate it robotically but didn't have a clue what it tasted like. What was he going to do about Dave? Dave was amazing. He didn't deserve to be with someone like him. But he didn't want things to end either. "Are you okay baby?" Dave whispered in his ear and he shivered, getting hard under the table.
"Um yep. Just fine. Little tired that's all" Adam squeaked. Dave looked at Adam with concern before going back to the conversation and his food and Adam breathed a sigh of relief. But then he felt Dave's hand move over his thigh under the table and he almost groaned aloud. Oh god. Nobody else made him so hot so quick. He was scared his dick was going to burst out of his jeans he was so hard.

"Are you okay Adam? You look kind of weird?" Jeff asked between mouthfulls. He'd been watching Adam with curiosity for most of the meal. He was acting so unlike himself. "I'm fine! Why is everybody asking me that!" Adam snapped, slamming his fist down on the table. Everyone at the table turned to look at him and he blushed. "I'm just tired alright. I didn't sleep well last night" He sighed, running his fingers through his hair. "I think we'll skip that dessert Matt. I better take this one up to bed" Dave said with concern as he got up and placed some money on the table. He was dying to find out what was wrong with his baby.
"Okay well goodnight guys thanks for coming" Matt replied. "Night" Adam said with a half-hearted wave as he followed Dave out of the restaurant.
"Adam's in love" Matt said, turning to Jeff to grin.
"Really? I thought he looked sick or something" Jeff mused.
"Love sick" Matt laughed. Maybe Dave was the one for Adam after all. Matt smiled at the thought.

When they got back to their room Dave led Adam over to the couch and made him sit down. "Alright what's going on baby you were like a zombie down there" Dave asked, looking into Adam's eyes with concern.
Adam looked down at Dave's hand in his and marvelled at how right it felt, and yet how wrong. He didn't want to ruin this! He was so happy - damn him he wanted to be selfish and keep Dave all to himself even though he'd probably end up hurting him. Mine! Was the word repeating over and over in his head.
"I can't tell you" Adam finally said, looking away, his jaw tense with stubborness.
"Why not?" Dave asked.
"I just can't alright! Just drop it! It's nothing!" Adam yelled, standing up to pace the room.
Dave had had just about enough. "Fine baby we'll do this my way. You're gonna tell me what wrong because none of your problems are just 'nothing' to me. I care Adam and I'm going to show you just how much" He threw off his shirt and unbuckled his belt, his trousers quickly falling to the floor.
Adam made a run for the bathroom but Dave caught him from behind, lifting him and throwing him on the bed as he struggled to get away. "Dave don't!" Adam begged.
"Tell me what I want to know and I won't" Dave growled as he started removing Adam's clothes. "I can't!" Adam moaned with regret.
"Then you'll be punished" Dave responded. Soon he had Adam naked on the bed, thrashing about as he tried to get away. Dave flipped him over so he was on his stomach and quickly lubed himself up and prepared Adam for his entry. He thrust inside and Adam sobbed with bliss. Oh god that felt so good. Dave pushed Adam down onto the bed, and covered him, kissing the back of his neck. "Tell me what's the matter Adam" He whispered softly in Adam's ear.
"No!" Adam shook his head.
Dave plunged in to the hilt and bit Adam's shoulder. "Dave! Oh god!" Adam cried. Dave nuzzled Adam's neck and said it again "Tell me what's the matter Adam"
"No no no!" Adam moaned.
Dave withdrew and Adam cried out at the loss, begging Dave to fuck him. He felt Dave's hand go over his cock and gasped when he realised Dave was placing a cock ring over him. He went to remove it and Dave slapped his ass hard. "It stays" Dave demanded and Adam moaned longingly. He needed release. He needed Dave to take him hard and fast. "Please!" Adam moaned as Dave just continued to rub himself against Adam's asshole. "Tell me what I want to know" Dave demanded.
"Please don't make me!" Adam begged.
Dave growled and slammed back inside Adam causing him to yell "YES!" in ecstacy. "I can do this all night long baby you know that. But you won't be cumming until you tell me what I want to know" Dave purred huskily in Adam's ear as he pounded his ass.
"Fuck!" Adam yelled with frustration.
"Mmm so good baby. Always so tight, so responsive" Dave moaned. His hands roamed everywhere but where Adam wanted them the most and Adam knew he was almost at the point where the pleasure would become pain unless he gave Dave what he wanted.
"I'm not going to tell you!" Adam shouted "There's nothing to tell! Oh god Dave let me cum!" Dave ignored him and continued to take him, although he was just as desperate for release as Adam now, sweat pouring down his brow as he tried to last long enough to get the confession he wanted. He started slowing the pace and Adam beat his fists against the mattress with frustration. He writhed beneath Dave and kept repeating "please.. please...please"
"No baby!" Dave growled and slapped Adam's ass again.

Finally Adam could take it no more and when Dave slammed into him hard once more he shouted "Okay! Okay! I love you dammit! I love you I love you I love you!" Adam rambled. Dave smiled and removed the ring. Adam came all over Dave's hand an instant later and Dave came with two more thrusts. He pulled Adam into his arms and licked the cum off his hand while Adam watched, moaning at the erotic sight. He placed a quick kiss on Adam's cheek before he got up to grab a wash cloth from the bathroom, returning to cleaned them both before throwing the cloth to the floor and pulling Adam back into his arms.
"So you love me ha?" Dave asked.
"Yes" Adam admitted, burying his head in Dave's chest. Dave brought his face back up so he looked Dave in the eyes. "Then marry me"
Adam shook his head and tears gathered in his eyes. "I can't! Don't you see! I'm going to ruin this somehow and then you'll hate me"
Dave laughed and said "How are you going to ruin it?" Although he knew what Adam was thinking.
"I'll cheat on you. I know I will I can't help it!" Dave kissed Adam hungrily. He was so adorable.
"You think I would let you cheat on me?" Dave smirked.
"They don't call me the ultimate opportunist for nothing! You turn you back, relax your guard and I'm doomed to let you down" Adam said sadly.
"Not going to happen baby" Dave insisted. "But you'll work that out for yourself. I love you Adam"
Adam took Dave's face in his hands "I love you too.
They kissed tenderly and then Adam lay his head down on Dave's chest to go to sleep.
Dave lay there with a smile of victory for some time.

2 weeks later Dave was getting sick of waiting for Adam to realise just how good they had it and set up a little scenario. He trusted Adam completely to do exactly what he expected of him. Dave pretended he had an interview and wouldn't be able to come to Smackdown that Friday night, leaving Adam alone in the locker room to prepare for his match. Adam was feeling kind of lonely without Dave around and sat there moping for a while when Randy walked in. "What are you doing in here all by yourself? Where's your bodyguard?" Randy asked, looking around.
"Hello to you too. I got here early since Dave's busy tonight. Figured I might as well hang around backstage"
"All by your lonesome. I bet you're lonely ha? Want some company" Randy asked as he circled Adam, licking his lips.
Adam rolled his eyes. "Not that type of company" Randy trapped Adam against the wall and rubbed his erection against Adam "You don't know what you're turning down Adam. Maybe you should think about it for a moment" Randy inhaled Adam's cologne and Adam pushed him away. "I know exactly what I'm turning down. Someone that's not my boyfriend" Adam growled and stormed out of the room. As he left he realised with shock that he turned down the offer of sex. That it hadn't appealed to him one bit because it wasn't Dave. It didn't matter that Randy was hot. It wouldn't even matter if Randy had a bigger dick all that mattered was that it wasn't Dave and he hadn't been tempted - because he loved Dave.

Feeling proud of himself he entered the hotel room with a cock swagger after the show. Dave was lying on the bed and raised his brow at Adam's attitude. "What's got you strutting around like a rooster?" Dave asked with a secret smile.
"I didn't cheat that's what! The opportunity was there but I didn't take it! I didn't want to because it wasn't you!" Adam said as he jumped on the bed and crawled on top of Dave.
"I told you" Dave pointed out.
"I didn't believe you. I guess I had to figure it out for myself this is really it" Adam said with a huge smile.
"Ask me to marry you again" Adam insisted.
"Marry me again" Dave said and Adam slapped him.
"Will you Marry me Adam? Better?" Dave laughed.
"Yes! Yes I'll marry you" Adam covered Dave with kisses.