"Matt you have to pull out right now," Jeff said anxiously. "Something's not right."

Matt looked at his younger brother in exasperation. "What do you mean something's not right? This is the only chance we have today to do this and you're choosing to waste our time by whining?"

"It's not in right Matt! You put it in wrong."

"How could I put it in wrong? I've done this a thousand times. It is not wrong."

"You have not done this a thousand times you liar. And you did too do it wrong. I tried to tell you before but you just stuck it in and started moving it around like it was nobody's business."

"Well I did it better than you would have."

"No, I would have done it right. I have experience in this area. I stick things into other things all the time! This isn't any different."

"Sticking a fork into the electrical socket just to see what happens does not give expertise in this area Jeff!" Matt growled. He was starting to get really angry at his little brother. "Now quit bitching! I'm almost done."

Shannon walked in at that moment. "What in the hell are you two doing?"

"Matt put it in wrong Shannon and he won't take it out!" Jeff whined.

"I did not put it in wrong!" Matt yelled. "Shannon, come here and look. You can totally see I did it right."

Shannon shook his head. "I can't see anything when you're in that position."

Beth walked in now. "What is going on in here people? You guys have been yelling like crazy. You're scaring the dogs."

"He's not listening to me baby," Jeff whined. "Matt put it in wrong."

Beth sighed. "Matt, I told you to let Jeff do it. He's good at it."

"Oh, like I'm not?" Matt snapped. "Can you people please leave? I know what I'm doing."

The new pipe Matt had been trying to install in the sink popped off and water started going everywhere, nearly drowning the older Hardy. Shannon and Beth screamed and vacated the room. Matt pulled himself out from under the sink and coughed and spat out water. He looked like a giant wet dog.

Jeff grinned smugly. "I told you you put it in wrong."